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As UN Climate Chief Urges Immediate Action to Save Planet, Extinction Rebellion's New Book Gets Rushed to Press

As UN Climate Chief Urges Immediate Action to Save Planet, Extinction Rebellion's New Book Gets Rushed to Press

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hurry it up.

That's the message from both the United Nation's climate chief and a climate mobilization group as they sound the alarm on the catastrophe that awaits if the world continues its business as usual.

In interviews with the Associated Press, Patricia Espinosa, who serves as executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said that "the window of opportunity" to avert catastrophic global warming "is closing very soon."

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Enough said! But since MOST OF the world leaders and the greedy fossil fuels industries are still in denial, it seems to me, we are not only going towards a catastrophe, it is just a matter of time, UNTIL WE HAVE A WORLD WIDE CLIMATE CATASTROPHE.

It’s only 5% of humans that own 95% of the wealth and resources .
Most folks are just trying to get by.Millions upon millions are living day to day with little access to the basics .
A very few have more than millions of others put together enough for a hundred lifetimes but still want more .
It all stems from a separation conciousness and not believing there is enough to go around for everyone.

More wars will appear first.
Even the Pentagon has acknowledged what Republican and ‘centrist’ neoliberal Dems won’t - publicly
I remember seeing articles like these in the early 2000’s - cant find them right now


Thank you for the link and your reply.

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But is it too little, too late?
We have the protest in place, but when and where does the investment start to gather. It will take billions if not trillions to save the planet. If we believe all of the science.

Hi. I read an Ann Landers column years ago where a woman wrote in and asked if it made sense to get a college education in view of the fact that she would soon turn 50. Ann’s answer was she was going to turn 50 with or without a college education.
The simple answer is Do It, just do it.
I look around and wonder what the delay is? Are people too fat and complacent? Are they in mass denial? Do many feel it is too late, we are all doomed anyway? Is it self punishment? Do the rich and powerful think they can escape the extinction process?
The propaganda machine is breaking down as more and more people are affected by fires, flooding, massive storms, die offs, lack of water, etc. We need world wide leaders and governments to ban together to try to stop and correct as much damage as possible, and rebuild our world based on environmental respect. What we don’t need is world wide rebellions and chaos. (Extinction Rebellion excluded).
This crisis is real and advancing rapidly with destruction and death in its path. Let’s work together so the light at the end of the tunnel glows brighter.

Well said…thanks.

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