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As US and North Korea Escalate Tensions, Saner Voices Call for 'Engagement and Dialogue'


As US and North Korea Escalate Tensions, Saner Voices Call for 'Engagement and Dialogue'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As tensions continue to rise following Pyongyang's testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and subsequent military exercises carried out by the U.S. and South Korea, anti-war voices are calling de-escalation and restraint, with one advocacy group charging Wednesday that "both sides are acting to escalate the crisis" and that only way forward is through diplomacy.


Trump, stop taking the Steroids and Male Hormones.

You do not want to wake, the Sleeping Dragon!

We know you don't give a lick about our children and grandchildren, but think about your own.


How many countries has North Korea attacked since 2000?
Repeat the previous question for another well-known country and some of its satellites.
One should be able to reach a decision about which country ought to be considered the "outlaw".



Trump is the perfect hybrid of hubris, willful ignorance, immaturity, and recklessness.

His base loves it.

In the meantime, the D-Party punches the hippies it claims it wants to unify with because they'd rather lose with an establishment-approved corporate servant than win with an actual liberal:



She looks like Satan's spawn.


I think you give him too much credit. I don't think he even cares for his own spawn either.


This is a pre-text: Sell weapons to S. Korea and Taiwan,, squeeze China banks, install missile systems and snooper-duper technologies in Asia, slap China with trade sanctions, send in naval heavy hitters in the China and Japan Sea transport lanes. Rinse, wash, repeat.
Your wasted tax dollars at work, again. Now, give me a big shit-eating grin. Thanks.:wink:


Right about now you can almost hear the regrets that Trump got elected which were once only being whispered behind closed doors among the Republicans now turning into shouts! It is one thing to let the crude dude absorb the flak that follows the Repubs oligarchic policies and his autocratic decisions that go against the grain of democracy but even the Corporate Coup and the Ogres of Oligarchy billionaires feeding at the trough around this corrupt and anti-democracy administration are regretting that so unsuitable a person as Trump holds the nuclear keys!

Right now the Mitch McConells and the Paul Ryans along with all the lockstep uncritical Republicans who sign or oppose bills as their leadership tells them to automatically, ALL are feeling an icy chill of regret when the hear Trump blathering about North Korea. Real regret! Deep down regret because they know him!

Just like the regret we all felt and in fact the world has come to feel that a person like Trump could ever have became President! So suddenly do we ALL, including the Republicans, now see so very, very clearly just why it is that Trump should not be the President of the USA.


Speak for yourself. There's a lot more going on here than simply Trump's stupidity; and, if you read the article; or, know anything about North and South Korea, it's been going on for some time. Reread the Martin Hart-Landsberg paragraph and the one that follows. During treaty negotiations, the U.S. has always refused to let go of its war games provocations in that area, which directly threatens N. Korea. When I was stationed there during the early '70s, were were continually provoking them, to gauge their military capabilities; but, when N. Korea complained, we lied to the American public, saying that N. Korea's complaints were groundless. Same thing that we're doing all over this earth, still, today.


So true and well-written! Thank you.


"Blub, blub, blub....please help me, I'm drowning...I'm in way over my head.." Ambassador Haley, yet another useless tool in the trump tool/toy box.


Why is N Korea our enemy? Why is most of the world our enemy and the rest don't trust US? Does America have any friends left besides Saudi Arabia, the 9/11 perps?

Direct Democracy


Do you have a point? You seem to want to debate history as if prior stresses offer justification for current policy?

I think you'd best consider that in nuclear chess that checkmate makes everybody lose. It hardly matters that once the Soviets under Khrushchev and us under JFK nearly came to exchange pieces on the board. Do you see what I am saying there? It no longer matters what provoked or prodded or pursuaded any of it. The only point is that we got past it safely!

So to with what came before in this situation and with what leader or whether it was right or wrong. The only point is that we moved on successfully and managed to get past each potentially triggering situation without them or us pulling a trigger! There is only the now in nuclear politics and even worse, it is a very personal gamesmanship. Each country's leader's mental state and personality is a determinant factor which is unreachable for the public. We can only watch what decisions are made. We do not have a say in them. Two individuals with incredible power at their fingertips hold the world hostage!

Unfortunately, the game as it is presently being played is bound up in the personalities of 'princelings' who act in autocratic manners. Trump isn't a dictator (despite any preferences towards that end that he may secretly harbor) but his North Korean counterpart is a dictator. Therefore these two 'nuclear personalities' begin to act in anticipation of each other's presumed intent. There is the risk of risks - that one or the other guesses wrong about the intentions of the other.

The world is held hostage by two fingers only. Each on the nuclear trigger. We can only watch and regret Trump's unskilled bombast. We know the other one is what he is but a skilled politician should be able to defuse such tricky situations before they come to a head. Trump keeps making them worse instead.

By now most politicians are regretting that a narcissistic personality like Trump has a real world finger on the nuclear trigger because that makes two narcissistic fingers far too willing to risk everything just so that they won't come away from this looking bad!


While I agree that diplomacy is the solution and that Trump will make things worse I don't think it is productive to whitewash North Korea. They have been the main aggressor since the Korean War.


BRAVO!!! Well done.


Among WWII veterans, the Korean War was a war of choice while WWII was a war of necessity. Many felt that Containment was a bellicose policy that created further conflicts like what followed in Korea and the Southeast Asia. The non diplomacy inherent in Containment produced the conditions which fostered the Imperial Reach of the west and the Satellite conquests of the Soviet rim in the east.

To say one or the other side was the aggressor is to take that particular situation in isolation and to ignore the surrounding preconditions that encouraged conflict. People often forget or never realized that the US had virtually complied with disarmament after WWI and that it was only the Second World War that saw the creation of the massive and now permanent military.

If the USA decided that a communist regime must be contained or even supplanted then who is the aggressor if a conflict erupts because the two rubbed elbows where only one had the right to be? Thus were created the 'justification for intervention' states - first that of South Korea and then South Vietnam and several client states in South and Central America and others which developed as African states threw off colonial rule and became independent.


I can't help but think that NK is an easy target for world bullies. That doesn't mean that NK is not a naughty and potentially dangerous child. But its small size and compromised population make it a perfect pawn for egos like Trump & Co. to threaten when they can't get China to submit to their point of view. It's just like school . . . bullies pick on the smaller and weaker and avoid confronting those their own size.

I'm not implying that Trump ought to go against China either, but notice how he picks around the edges when it comes to that nation, committing smaller provocative acts and nagging them diplomatically. Trump has made all sorts of negative comments re. China's behavior. But how convenient it is to have a small naughty nation with nuclear arms to pick on. He can play pretend general now.

As the article claims, there are so many other possible ways to peacefully go about things with NK, which has itself historically given us ideas about how to bargain with it. But the conservative right wing white male Republican is single-mindedly testosterone-driven. There are only two tactics where most of them are concerned: submit to our perspective; or be conquered directly or undercut subtly via regime change. Let's keep in mind the drive for war of those funded by defense lobbies, since "war is profit" is one of the Ten Conservative Commandments. They don't care whose dead bodies they step over to get there either.

There's little subtlety in these folks. No delicate maneuvers here, or awareness that when it comes to NK, we must deal with a petty tyrant with grandiose ambitions and a touchy personality. If they were aware of the dangers of that, they'd have never elected Trump.


Well done!


Just a hop, skip and a jump away is South Korea's main city. It is hard to start military action with your cousin who practically lives around the corner. It is also significant that the opinions of South Koreans on the prospect for war are not heard all that much in American media.


What can we the people do in such a situation? I feel like the only thing people can do is essentially stick their heads in the sand and hope for the best. I don't want this to be the only answer since it is cynical and defeatist but what else can we do? You can take these questions to be rhetorical if you want.