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As US and Russia Spar Over Global Empire and Military Footprint, Putin Dares: 'Draw a Map and See the Difference'


As US and Russia Spar Over Global Empire and Military Footprint, Putin Dares: 'Draw a Map and See the Difference'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Responding to ongoing brinkmanship between the United States and his country, Russian President Vladimir Putin dared reporters to publish a map of the two nations' global military footprints and then "see the difference."


Ye Gods! I remember when Russia was our ally and friend in WW-II.

  • I remember when suddenly Russia was the enemy.
  • I remember when the US encircled China and the CCCP with bases.
  • I remember all the brinksmanship, the enormous buildup of arms and missiles to “combat the ‘Communist Threat’.”
  • I remember the dissolution of the CCCP, and the world breathing a sigh of relief for finally “peace in our time.”
  • I remember the panic amongst the arms merchants and the Legislature over the loss of profits because there was no threat.
  • I remember the black op of 911 and the huge buildup of arms and fear and surveillance to curtail the “Muslim Threat.”
  • Now, with the most powerful Wehrmacht the world has ever seen, the US is starting the Cold War all over again to keep those arms profits coming in. Now, we are pouring trillions into building more nuclear weapons.
  • Now the US is so poor it cannot help its own people. Hunger, fear, police brutality, homelessness are making the usually docile people a bit restive, so the Police State grows as the fears grow amongst the 0.001%.
  • I’m sure glad I am an old man. Couldn’t live through this cycle again, but I sure feel sorry for the youth of this nation, the youth of the world.


“Flexible, long-range, global strike capacity.” So that’s what they’re calling mass murder these days.


North Korea 2.0


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Our enigmatic President Obama is continuing to up the ante in the U.S.-engineered conflict with Russia. To me, it’s refreshing to see President Putin speak truth to power.


First he’d lie; then he’d engage in another coup like he did in Honduras and Ukraine.


Putin is absolutely right. Please read the attached article to see what the Evil Empire is doing all over the world.

“Peace Negotiations or War Preparations? Colombia, Iran, China, Cuba, Ukraine, Yemen and Syria”


What ridiculous doublespeak!


Goodness Gollly:-
Red Herring? That the USA spends more on its miliitary than the entire rest of the world?
Red Herring? That the USA has 1000 military bases in 200 countries around the world?
Red Herring? That USA bases encircle Russia?
Red Herring? That the USA has overthrown or invaded more than 60 countries?
Red Herring? That the USA commands the propaganda in most countries?

No those are not red herrings. Those facts spell EMPIRE. The only one on the planet.


Thank you for reminding us of the hope and the good sense that used to, sometimes, prevail.


Just google “troll farm” to get some info on how Russia employs army of internet trolls to shape news and information.

And like US isn’t doing the same thing, only on a larger scale. Who knows you be one of those sock puppets.


hmm. so they are learning from the US and Israel then?


They just annexed Crimea and are occupying parts of eastern Ukraine.


I don’t think Israel existed when the Russia occupied half if Europe. Nice try tho…


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The US started out as a marginal agrarian country with a population of a little over 3 million. By the end of the nineteenth century, it had grown to close to 100 million, and along the way had captured a huge chunk of what was then Mexico,and had largely destroyed most of the indigenous population ( or settled those people on reservations)-all of this by wars of aggression, large and small. This was the beginning of our Empire.In 1898, we had a nice little war with Spain, in which we took the Philippines,Guam,Cuba and Porto Rico.Of course, rewqski, you could say this was a long time ago, and that therefore it doesn’t count.I don’t know from troll farms, but rest assured that if the Russians have them, we have them. We would be stupid not to. Illegal and immoral activity is not okay if done by Russia, the US, or anybody else. It’s just that nobody much cares what the Albanians do.Yes, Ukraine and Poland are both excellent tank country.

  1. They don’t have to annex territories. Ukraine is a perfect example. Just spearhead a violent Ultra rightwing group, train them and supply them with weapons. And them have them overthrow the
    Democratically elected government. Then install a puppet government that responds to Washington’s demands.
  2. I’ll leave a link for you.
  3. When a country like the US, violates international law each day, and allows Ukraine, Israel and Saudi Arabia to commit gross human rights violation and genocide. It not only allows this but it gives the weapons that are used in these war crimes. This sets a bad example for nations that want to follow the rule of law. The people of Crimea choose to become part of Russia again, can you blame them…
    Because of extremist right wing government the US installed in Kiev. It was also a matter of national security interest. That Russia secure Crimea.