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As US Attacks Libya Again, Peace Group Tells Obama: 'Stop the Bombing'


As US Attacks Libya Again, Peace Group Tells Obama: 'Stop the Bombing'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Citing the disastrous bombing campaign in 2011 that pushed the nation into political chaos and bloody violence, anti-war groups are calling for an immediate end to a new wave of airstrikes on Libya approved by U.S. President Barack Obama.

In an online petition sent out Tuesday, the U.S.-based peace group CodePink declared:


The day we see those two in the dock, together with W. Bush, Cheney, Blair and a few others, at the Hague or in some new version of Nuremberg, will be the day the world can breathe a sigh of relief and work for peace again.


Peace groups would have more success telling Obama to open up a unicorn zoo than telling him to "stop the bombing".


Can't they do a recall on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize??!!


On the one hand the US is bombing Asian Peasants back into the Stone Age, wait they still live in the Stone Age but that hasn't stopped a good bombing. Seems a little lopsided when your "enemy" is armed with stones and sticks and occasionally sacrifice themselves to stop the bombing and droning . On the other hand we have the North African Natives of Yemen where the US contracted out the killing to Saudi Arabia and fellow genociders. Now onto Libya where it is claimed the US has commenced to extend the slaughter because the "Libyan Government" gave permission. WTF...This is a failed state. Just pick a group like enny minney ...what the heck lets just shoot up the place. Strange is it not this new morality of asking permission. The Syrian's have a true functioning government but that did not stop the killing without permission.


No wonder the planet is overheating. Nothing heats up the atmosphere like war. The number one consumer of fossil fuels? The Military.

But that's what you get with a King. Too much power in one office. He resisted, apparently, Clinton's bloodlust, but eventually gave in to her and bombed the place back to the stone age.

This is what happens when you sell oil too cheaply undercutting the Seven Sisters and mess with the Kosher Nostra thinking you will make your own currency independent of their central banks. This is a lesson to Venezuela. Don't join the others who tried this: Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, BRICs countries...

And WHY are we doing all this? So a few tribes can charge US citizens interest for loaning them their own money (the FED).

It's insane. We are all slowly slipping into extreme poverty because of a few pigs. There's gotta be a better way.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I'm not sure I have this straight. The U.S. drops bombs to eradicate terrorists. These actions serve as recruiting propaganda for the very groups the U.S. is trying to bomb into non-existence. The more bombs the U.S. drops, the more people join "terrorist" groups. Therefore, recruitment into these groups continues to increase no matter how much the U.S. bombs. This "strategy" has only one end -- the U.S. must bomb everybody in the Middle East to death to finally stop recruitment into "terrorist" groups. Given that this is insane if one wants to eradicate terrorist groups, there are not many alternatives to attribute to the motives of the bombers. They are insane and merely enjoy killing, or they are fully aware of the futility of the bombing, but stopping terrorism is not truly the reason for bombing. I choose 1 from column B while acknowledging that the policy represents a different, more malignant form of insanity -- lives, all around the world, mean little when there are fortunes to be made in arms and killing. After all, unless the U.S. drops nuclear weapons, the supply of people to kill will be pretty much inexhaustible and the money will flow forever. Given his lust for killing, it's not hard to imagine Obama masturbating on his peace prize.


What if some country bombed us to get at the Mafia?


Obama blithely whales away on more Muslims, thinking a few more bombs will solve the problem Hillary created. They literally have no ideas about how to stop ISIL, when an obvious idea would be to stop pouring guns into the region, and especially cease giving guns to the friends of ISIL and Al Qaeda just because they want to overthrow Assad.

It's funny that this new Democratic initiative just came out:


I found this "Stronger America" on the twitter feed of my congressman. I guess he's proud to put more money into the FBI so they can harass Muslims in this country to either be snitches or get some struggling marginal people to supposedly commit terrorist acts. Looking at what is said about the Middle East in Stronger America:

"Combat global terror by working with allies in the Middle East and other countries, partnering with technology companies to combat online radicalization"


"Ensure that our military and the brave men and women who keep us safe have the resources they need to eliminate security threats"

Nothing new.

My congressman is considered a liberal but he never has staked out any independence from the Dem Party. Even though his district went for Bernie he refused to use his superdelgate status to vote for him. His twitter feed has been taken over by Bernie Sanders supporters criticizing him for not representing us at the Democratic Convention and for this Stronger America propaganda.


And Obama said, peace on you.


I think the next movement will have to be anti war because stopping US wars of aggression will free up cash for a green economy future.


Yes but huge demonstrations coupled with massive civil disobedience will also at the least drive home the idea. And who knows it might stop the war mongers and neoconservatives from considering to enter politics or e en think about running the country at any level.


No actually solving the problem is exactly what they do not want, please don't be naive or under any illusion that the United States government under.corporate direction is interested in peace in the ME or anywhere else on earth. War = profits.
Try to remember that phrase and never ever trust the US Inc. They are a bunch of Mafioso bandit inhuman sons of bitches to be placed.in the SHU where they now place petty criminals.


"failing to plan for the day after"

Seems to be a characteristic of USAian foreign policy since the first USAian intervention in Vietnam in 1956. Everything done ad hoc at the point of the bayonet, or drone these days.


As America approaches the 2016 federal elections we are faced with a stark, but largely unspoken choice for our nation's future -- either we continue the present drive to do what no nation in history has been able to do: establish a global imperial hegemony, a global empire; or to step back from the world stage, cut our bloated, wasteful defense budget DEEPLY, and use the ensuing "peace dividend" to begin to deal with the many screaming, unmet domestic needs here at home.
No one is talking about the 2016 federal elections in these terms, but America is at a crossroads -- either we continue with the current drive for unquestioned and unquestionable global supremacy or we pull back somewhat from the world stage and start dealing with the many neglected needs here at home. We can do one or the other, but even America, as wealthy and powerful as we are, CANNOT do both!


Yeah exactly, those Nobel committee members must be so ashamed of their decision but not so Obomber keeps on bombing shamelessly.


The neocon wet dream of full spectrum dominance is just that a stupid dream or nightmare for the rest of humanity. With nuclear Russia, China and north Korea the neocons are just full of shit to even pretend going to war with any of those three. Because after the first nuclear attack all hell will break lose in a frenzy panic.


Sorry to bust your bubble but another Obomber is waiting in the wings