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As US-Backed Saudi Airstrikes Continue, Sorrow and Rage in Yemen


As US-Backed Saudi Airstrikes Continue, Sorrow and Rage in Yemen

Jon Queally, staff writer


The " Spice " must flow!!


Who are our allies and enemies in this one? I need a scorecard.


ISIS is drooling over the recent events in Yemen…they gain footholds in places in ruin and chaos without any functioning governmental entity (Yemen’s president fled the country). Destruction, loss of life, wounded, and cessation of supplies bring the people to their knees and ISIS swoops in to “save” them…veritable avenging angels. Their zealotry motivates them to perpetrate any cruelty or offensive action in the name of Allah even if it means the loss of their own lives.

And just who is the biggest “ally” of the Saudis…yup, the U.S. Who manufactured and delivered the Saudi’s aircraft unleashing/firing the bombs/missiles, etc.? You guessed it…made in the USA.

What a wicked web we are weaving in the Middle East…strange and ever-changing bedfellows.


In a related but unnoticed item…global oil prices rise 6%. This is a negative externality of the attack on Yemen: oil companies including shale oil will be celebrating an increase that will eventually justify expansion once again in what was temporarily a shrinking industry…


This has to stop. We all know that ‘America’ is the root cause. It has to be radically changed.


I honestly had to give a wry laugh when I read your comment, because it comes close to my own feelings about those two, but also other of our “leaders.” But having lived in Ta’izz, Yemen, and taught English there, I came to know a lot of families, and was welcomed into them – despite the fact that I was “American.” And Yemenis even then were not inclined to welcome us with open arms. I saw most of the people I met as almost like my grandparents. Poor, proud, traditional – and hospitable, courteous and generous. I have lots of good memories from my time in Yemen, and actually zero bad ones. There were some moments when I was confused about what to do on the rare occasions when “cultures collided,” but I figure I did okay, since when I left, there was a caravan of students and their families escorting me to the airport, and a whole lot of tears and hugs. And to respond perhaps a bit more directly, I constantly wonder if anybody in power considers “blowback.” It seems like a totally foreign concept to them.


Nice thought and wishfull thinking,on our part…as long as there’s money to be made and power to have …America…land of the Free will continue putting it’s nose in everyones business!..really nice to have been lied to all these years!..we’d all be amazed how many here in this country still don’t get it!..and we’re feeling it as well…gotta love those who blame one side here…when its both sides!!,…just do the best we can to live out our lives ,take care of our families…we’ve several bleek options ahead of us!!


Give it a rest!..those at the top are all to blame doesn’t matter what political party they are…they’re the puppets running things!


Ye gods, I feel like I’m reliving the thirties again. Hitler taking adjoining countries for Lebensraum, then Czechoslovakia and "There will be peace in our time." Then Poland and the world said "Enough!"

  • Meanwhile Mussolini took Ethiopia and the League of Nations did nothing.
  • Nowadays, the United States Fourth Reich makes war around the world, wherever there is a potential for profit. It slaughters families, bombs villages, tortures captives, then accuses those who fight back of terrorism, and use that to widen the wars and increase the slaughter, to make more enemies, to have an excuse for more war.
  • That tiny group of billionaires and trillionaires who bought and control the Reich make most of that billion dollars a day spent in making war. It goes right back to the arms industry.
  • War is the most profitable business on the planet, and every time peace breaks out somewhere, the profits fall, so another war is trumped up.
  • There is something like a hundred and forty or fifty people that own or control more of the world’s wealth and resources than all the rest of the people combined, and they want it all!
  • And We the People of the World just let them do it!
  • It is time that people stand up and throw these merchants of greed and war out! Their ill gotten gains can heal much of the wounds thay have caused. Reducing the Fourth Reich’s Wehrmacht to an actual defense force would also put many billions back to the people.
  • Or, we can all sit back and get used to the idea of being serfs to the Uberrich, begging for crumbs from their tables to keep their families from starving.
  • A long time ago, when the old United States was being formed, with a Constitution and Bill of Rights, a man named Patrick Henry said, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty, or give me Death!
  • What do we want now? A new IPad or Smart Phone.
  • Millions, perhaps billions, of people on this planet want a meaningful job so they can feed their families. They want a home where the roof doesn’t leak. They want clean water, decent food, a chance to educate their children and to worship God as they wish, in Peace!
  • People want to live in a world where they don’t have to cringe to the sound of bombs and rockets falling. They want to walk down the street with a smile and a wave to the people they meet.
  • I, too, would like to see that again before I die, but it is going to take a lot of housecleaning. Is anybody up to it?


Peace is profitable. Much more profitable in fact. But the MIC brigands keep reaming us and stopping us from feeding. They need to be defeated and dismantled.


If we could only switch the propaganda to make war against bad things like catastrophic climate change and disease and poverty and find or invent products our military industrial complex can make for us to use in such a war–maybe we could at least distract them from war against terrorists for a few decades.


Bulldoody. The entire Middle east has been the US/European powers’ colonialist playground since before WW1. To suddenly draw the “interference” line at the most recent round is typical US exceptionalist BS.

And Iran is somehow “supporting” the US by taking on the CIA-created ISIS in Iraq.

This is just more US-backed “if you can’t steal it, break it” mentality at work.

Cue the US-propaganda freedom and democracy hand-wringing, when US drones in Yemen have been killing citizens for years.