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As US Backs Apparent War Crimes in Yemen, World Fails to Investigate


As US Backs Apparent War Crimes in Yemen, World Fails to Investigate

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The United States has been party to numerous apparent war crimes committed by the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen, yet—along with all nations responsible—is violating international requirements to investigate bombings of homes, schools, and refugee camps, Human Rights Watch (HRW) declared on Monday.


unsurprising, though, considering they don't value the lives of their own people, either. and who's going to mess with the US? Almost everyone knows the price of meddling with the US is "regime change" and destabilization unless you're internally strong enough to prevent it.
And people wonder why teh first wave of communist revolutions ultimately had to rely on police states. We tend to blame it on the contradictions of revolutionary systems, but it appears increasingly clear that at least as much to blame is the need to protect one's self from the United States and global capital.


The US arms and supports the Saudi dictators as it does the Israeli apartheid regime, all three guilty of crimes against humanity. The recent deal with Iran re: their alleged, but never proven nuclear weapons program, caused the US "leadership" to enter into deals with both the Saudis and Israelis (as well as Turkey to attack the Syrian Kurds) that essentially gave the green light to each to carry out attacks, often against civilians, and numerous violations of International law, as well as increased/expanded arms shipments, in exchange for not openly sabotaging the Iran/US deal. The motives and ultimate objective of the US is still not clear.

Yemen and destruction of the Houthis, primarilly Shia, was the gift to the Sunni Saudis and Palestinian territory via illegal settlements the gift to the extremist Zionist Israelis as well as total destabilization of the ME that diverts world attention from Israeli crimes, both SA and Israel kill and destroy any opponents with impunity and a blind-eye from any world body, such is the power of this cabal to intimidate and coerce. The conduct of US under the Obama Administration in world affairs is reprehensible, at odds with what used to be norms of humanity and decency, and utterly destabilizing, as intended......for-profit war, mass killings and millions displaced the cost



I often wonder. What would "compensate" me if, in the middle of the night, my home and the small shop below me where I make enough to feed me and my family are destroyed by a drone, My wife, son and daughter are blown to rags, and I find myself in the street, forced to flee as a refugee from my own country, my own city, my own neighborhood? If I pick up a weapon of any type to protect my home or family from an invading force of killers, I am a "terrorist" and am targeted by drones and shellfire.
* I am taken to an office where a man with stars or bars on his collar says, "If you can prove you and your family were not working for the terrorists, here is a payment of five thousand dollars compensation. Sign here, and keep your mouth shut."
* This happens to hundreds or thousands of people every day around the world, their homes and livelihoods destroyed, families turned into refugees who are wanted nowhere. Stealing for food, water or blankets for the family becomes a capital crime. (This even happened to poor people, after Katrina in the US Fourth Reich.)
* Apparently, the only satisfactory answer for the 0.001%, the Oligarchy that owns and controls the Reich and other suborned nations, is if these people around the world will just forget their own hopes and dreams, their own culture, and just kowtow to the Reich and do what they are told, they will know peace. If they do not, they will find the peace of the grave.
* There seems to be no empathy, no compassion, no charity left in the rulers of the world. Only endless greed and lust for power, at any cost, to others.
* And "we" are supposed to be celebrating the birth of the "Prince of Peace."
* My eyes burn from the shedding of tears...


I guess I just don't understand how wars are fought anymore. How are you supposed to get to people who hide and blend in with civilians without killing civilians? I say screw it! Go all WWII on their asses. We bombed Germany and Japan's populations and cities without mercy or regret. If you are going to go to war, then by God, fight it to win, PERIOD! Eventually the people will turn on these assholes and help in their defeat.


Can you detail to me when Yemen attacked the USA?


Abby Martin talks with retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, and assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. Youtube video of teleSUR program.
The Empire Files: 'This Ship is Sinking' Says Former Bush Official


Thanks for the link to Abby Martin's excellent interview with Lawrence Wilkerson, MountainMan!

This is an important viewpoint and should be viewed by all.....this is akin to the revelations by Major General Smedley Butler about war and profits that enrich a few at ultimate cost to millions!


There it is... just as you say. What if any of us had to endure the destruction of our livelihoods, our homes and possessions and the loss of family members (innocent of crimes as children always are etc.)? How would we feel if we were treated as they are treated?

Excellent post minitrue and goes to the heart of the matter. No empathy.

It is also a warning to the succeeding generation that empathy, compassion and charity are disappearing.

Ahead we may only be able to count on the >>>

Charity of those who are greedy ...

and the Compassion of those with a lust for power...

and the same lack of Empathy extended to others.


Because Dresden never happened. /s


Thanks. Yes, Wilkerson lays bare from his experience within The Empire what many of us have more or less figured out for ourselves, but with greater clarity and depth.

And he always reveals something. This time it's the 50 year plan for Afghanistan. In a previous interview he revealed then Sect Def Cheney flew to Riyadh in the runup to the First Gulf War and, with no intel to back up his claim, convinced the Saudis Saddam was planning to invade, thus getting permission to station US troops there to "protect" them.


What gives Saudi Arabia the right to commit wholesale genocide on the poorest country in the region?


Stop justifying the wholesale slaughter of the people of Yemen. Yemen didn't attack Saudi Arabia. It was Saudi Arabia that attacked Yemen. This is an illegal war that violates international law.


That war ended in 5 years cuz everybody went all in.

Today, ISIS, apparently has around 100,000 fighters (at the high end estimate). The US is complaining they are running out of bombs and missiles after using 20,000 on sorties against ISIS. Plus Russia started hitting them too as well as some of the arab countries when they feel like it. Now the question begs, what are all those missiles and bombs hitting if after 2 years ISIS is still occupying territory. If each one of those missiles killed two fighters they'd be at 50% losses now.

The US has been fighting wars half-assed since 1950. I'm kinda disappointed in Russia tho. I thougfht they'd have all that ISIS/Syria by now.


Throughout human history empires have raised and fallen, but have always functioned to get more power on the backs of the poorest and weakest nations. The modern day «Exceptional» US EMPIRE has been called the most murderous of all human kind by historians. Right now, as we write about it, it has military bases, personel, equipment, advisors, torturers, murderers in some 143 countries, roughly in 75% of all countries of planet Earth. The problem is not unsolvable, but it would have to be managed so the source$ of the ordering of such destructions, killings, suffering could and would be sued and punished for crime$ against humanity, in the same manner they're ordering them...


Those US/IMF/World Bank/NATO sanctions imposed on Russia for the US Ukrainian Coup, and the ever bottoming oil barrel price, thanks to the Saudis' on-purpose overproduction, have both hit Russia as it has made Russian oil too expensive to sell abroad... Now that Russia is busy using many of its expensive missiles and other ordinance, the lack of money to carry on the purge of terrorists is a definite possibility, especially since the NATO and friends' anti-terrorist program is a sham and leaves Russia with much more anti-terrorism attack work and less money to pay for it.


Excellent link there MM23- I have already sent it to friends far and wide-


I watched and downloaded it a few weeks ago for the purpose of disclosing its content to people still in love with the USofArmsandWars. I like Abby Martin for her intelligence and work, and her beauty is also a +++ wink: ...


Will the US ever do anything about the Saudi Arabia elephant in the Middle Eastern room problem?


The Syrian Government with their Russian allies have taken back around 40 percent of the territory onnce held by ISIS inside Syria. Since ISIS lost its Air Force they are in retreat .