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As US Bombs Kill More Afghan Women and Kids, McCain's Plan? More War


Sadly timebr the likelihood of a majority US as conscious and conscientious people "rising-up to end war and the slaughter of innocents for profit is slim to not enough - we are raised, inculcated, and brainwashed since birth by TPTB, MICC for-profit war-machine, carny “religious” hucksters and psychopaths, the fantasy of “my country right or wrong” and “one nation under god with liberty and justice for all” deceit, that we must defend against the constant subversion of “our way of life” - taught since birth that we and capitalism are the pinnacle of life on Earth, the light of the world, and all moral discrepancies to the contrary are nothing to be concerned with - false allegations by jealous adversaries/enemies - commies and socialists.

We are the democracy and all righteousness sails with us - tragically that lie keeps us slaves to the depravity of those of low to zero moral compass and conscience who have learned to seize power and the direction of our republic and society - profits uber alles!..and the beat goes on…


Awesome, thanks so much for elaborating so eloquently
timbr :-}.


McCain will never have to worry about a heart attack, will he?


You first have to have a heart, I understand.


Point of accountability: no Afghans were involved in 911.
I would think the AlQueda/ISIL-Arabia-Israel-U.S. tie and the devastation wrought on Afghanistan is clearly a diversionary war conspiracy with years of the mainstream media being an accomplice. In part or in whole, it’s for the strategic geo-political aims, as well as resource plundering, and religious revisionism and hegemony imposed on the region.
. . . Americans don’t even ask simple questions anymore. The answer would be, no Afghanistan was not justified and you are not justified in that war and slaughter and destruction of so many and their ancient and unsupported culture, nor are you aware of what it’s for.
We are really out of control of our our country and certainly are not the moral beacon that many here consider themselves.
McCain was always ‘on the take’ as one, if not the most corrupt and counter to pragmatic needs of Americans regarding foreign policy and weapons-wars, and a few words about ‘humility’ don’t resolve what inhumanity and fanatical ideology he is actually an adherent of.


Does anybody know if TruthDig has been downed by hackers right now?


Hopefully, John McCain’s brain bomb will explode, preventing him from enabling more war. Senile old fuck. Retire.
On second thought, …bomb, bomb, bomb John Mc Insane’s bunker.


The US has cultivated a fanatical devotion to militarism, greed and racism and we in Australia have chained ourselves to the US ego in a spiral of groveling degradation. We are sick.


Lets not forget John McCain’s own bombing missions over a majorly populated city, Hanoi, Vietnam. Soooo Evil is John McCain, Soooo Evil is John McCain!


There is no way to “win” a war in Afghanistan, unless our war is now against Afghan civilians and not the Taliban, al Qaeda, or ISIS. We are certainly doing a good job of eliminating non-combatants.


It is citizens who create economies … and it is banks, financial institutions, our politicians and the wealthy
who manipulate our economies for the benefit of the few.

Those people are without morals – of course.


The US presence in Afghanistan has a great deal to do as well with drug-running by the US government.


Yes it has been called supply side economics, voodoo economics, trickle down economics, and now neoliberal economics. All the same same.


Like the Native Americans murdered for their land –
Like the Africans enslaved here for hundreds of years –
Like the many Nations which have been warred on by our insanely Imperialist US government –

We now watch as the Constitution used by our Founders to create and empower an Elite Patriarchy is
finally used to enslave the population.

Once again, the only tools we are left with is the surrendering of our own lives in a new movement
for freedom for all, equality for all - and peace.


I read way back when that Brzezinski wrote a book on that topic, wanted to become as famous as Kissinger.


Why Afghanistan is an endless war scenario: The drugs are just a customary wartime moneymaker and pass time. The endless, senseless killing is to appease the racist and religious nutwings running our military regime. We are there because it is the world’s biggest crossroads opportunity. Keeping Afghanistan chaotic prevents Russia from reaching India, Pakistan from easy access to China, China from going west into the Middle East, Iran from the Far East.
China is working on a more unified, peaceful, trading and traveling Eurasia. Afghanistan is pretty much Stage One.


Helen –

Drug trafficking by US government is a very serious issue …
American banks are laundering half of the TRILLION in drug money every year.

The “religious” overtones of the US invasion of Afghanistan (and later Iraq) were
made clear by W’s remarks re a "Crusade."
Don’t know what the count is now on murder of Muslims in ME by US, but it’s at least 1 million.

NASA pretty much has Russia and China surrounded and the propaganda campaigns have begun.
They desperately need a new Cold War.


The height of stupidity is to spend trillions on nukes that hackers can take control of and use them against us.


[Taliban/Al Qaeda] These were not and still are not interchangeable nor synonymous terms. That’s the story that slowly took hold in the media and added to create a sense of justification. One is an indigenous make-up, the other was post ninell. There was not justification when the war started other than to find binladen who ended up being discovered by a handful of seals in Pakistan, not Afghanistan. Bring home the troops and our dignity as a commonsense nation that knows when we’ve been lied to. America needs to figure out, as the case was in the ‘Contra’ hearings, why Americans are the last to know what their own CIA is up to around the world terrorizing and starting clandestine wars.


Truth –

Actually, AlQaeda was an ancient cult which had petered out and which was picked
up by the Nazis at some point.
At the end of WWII, AlQaeda was turned over to the CIA by the Nazis.
(See Operation Mockingbird and its companion operations: Paperclip and Gladio.

The US/CIA funded these organizations via ISI-Pakistan…even after 9/11.
See Brzezinski on that where US put troops into Afghanistan 6 months before the
Russians entered Afghanistan … “in order to bait the Russians into Afghanistan …
in hopes of giving the Russians a Vietnam-type experience.”

It’s more likely that Bin Laden was CIA and had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.

Americans are at the least 84% against these illegal wars of aggression by US and
also anti-MIC – and internationally the percentages are even higher.

The Iran-Contra hearings should have brought down the Reagan/Bush presidency.
It should have also prevented Bill Clinton from reaching the White House as he and
Hillary were certainly involved in Arkansas in protecting the drug/weapon flights in
Mena. And that may not have been the first involvement of the Clintons with the CIA.

Anyone who is not aware of the evils of the CIA should be interested in …
Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip and Gladio which were put in play before the end of WWII.
Estimates on ex-Nazis involved in Paperclip are at least as high as 200,000 used to found
the CIA here, funneled into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot” spots around
the world.

The CIA’s Intervention in Afghanistan
Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski,
President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser

Also see: http://www.tenc.net/articles/jared/jihad.htm