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As Us Death Toll Hits 100,000 People, Here's a Simple Guide to the 12 Things Trump Did To Make Covid-19 Much Worse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/us-death-toll-hits-100000-people-heres-simple-guide-12-things-trump-did-make-covid


ABC poll claims 39% approve of how Trump is handling the pandemic?! I know that many of the RPG’s ( Republican Party Goons) love Trump, but enough to risk having their families die from Covid-19 JUST BOGGLES MY MIND!


Labeling Item 1 “He didn’t prepare” implies that Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP simply ignored the potential risk, when evidence shows that they actively thwarted the gubmit’s ability to respond to ANY medical crisis and/or financial downturn.

The GOP’s track record from January 2017 through the end of 2019 include dismantling of public health infrastructure, cutting taxes and therefore revenue solely for the purpose of enriching the 1% at the expense of the 99%, and other regressive actions thereby reconfirming that the GOP went out of their way to compromise the ability of the gubmit to respond to the medical crisis and resulting financial crisis when COVID-19 struck


He failed to mobilize manufacturers.*

It seems like most people are missing the point here. If we had a Not for Profit Healthcare system in this country, we wouldn’t need to mobilize manufacturers.

The issue is our Capitalist Healthcare System! “IT” needs to change.

But where are the protests about that?


Well remember when he said he could murder someone in the middle of Fifth ave and his followers would still believe in him? The 39% are all of those camo costume wearing, AR15 carrying morons. If he took all his “followers” to the Grand Canyon and said “jump”, you know what they would do. Exactly the same kind of people that followed Hitler, Mussolini, Bolsonaro and Guaido. What can I say?


And what should scare the hell out of any progressive is ( true or not) Trump claims to have 80 million Twitter, followers! By the way, one of Mussolini’s campaign slogans was: Make Italy great again.


But even twitter are beginning to see the light:



It must be remembered and added to the “guide” list of trump’s criminal negligence and culpability in thousands (?) of deaths.

  1. trump decided "in 2018 to dismantle a National Security Council directorate at the White House charged with preparing for when, not if, another pandemic would hit the nation.

  2. Cut funding to the CDC, and actively undermined and bad-mouthed and denigrated science and removed experts in various fields including the health and safety of all residents and arguably even foreign nations…

A dangerous moron and delusional fool by any standard!


“Let Trump be Trump!” We must remember that this point in history is not just the idiocy of one individual. It is craven disregard for civilizing forces by a culture that has grown accustomed to watching people launch themselves through the air wearing velcro vests in hopes of sticking closest to the bullseye on the television show. We have to turn many spadefuls of dirt in our garden to get rid of our pests, I think.


This cretin needs to go–willingly or not.

Again while shopping in a major grocery store I witnessed all too many shoppers expressing their “Liberty,” by not wearing face masks neither to protect themselves nor their neighbors. Hence, “Freedom” in America has come to mean, in the age of global pandemic and Donald Trump, “Go fuck yourself!” As a Norwegian woman exclaimed in the documentary, “What Country We Should Invade Next," addressing us Americans, “I don’t want to be your neighbor.” And there’s the rub. If Donald Trump wins the White House for a second term that attitude, more than anything else, will explain it!–Neil J Smith

Here in my small corner of Northern VT a shooting nearby…


Probably why Trump is threatening to shut twitter down!


Props to Larry Kramer rest in power.


Just look at any geographic distribution of Covid-19. The poorer neighborhoods are very disproportionately affected. That means black and brown communities and essential workers are taking the brunt of the risks. With job losses skyrocketing, the new uninsured population has grown exponentially, also disproportionately affecting those communities.

The Nation is a partisan hatchet organization that glosses over the failings of the Democratic Party. If Obama had not taken the “public option” (Medicare for those who can afford it) off the table, we would not have shortages of everything.

Nader’s former Public Citizen has also strayed far from their original objective, thoughtful analysis and has become another arm of the DNC.

Capitalists to their Bones - Warren, Biden and most of the other candidates have also taken MFA off the table during this pandemic. Trump actually extended MFA to cover testing during the pandemic.

Trump’s stupid comments were only influencing his base. He might have caused delays in social distancing in Republican states. However, most of the Covid-19 cases are in Democratic states with Democratic governors - California, Washington, New York, etc.

Trump’s delays in responding were influenced by delays by Fauci’s pronouncements and Wall Street wishes. Trump did Wall street bidding to control profits from Covid-19 tests and treatments.

Not only did Joe Biden say “Nothing would fundamentally change”, but Biden also has not disagreed with Trump on any matters of substance in real-time. Hindsight is 20-20 which makes it easy for Biden to complain much after-the-fact and pretend he would have done differently when he also reports to the same Wall Street interests.



  1. Trump did all of the above as payback to a nation that dared to support his Impeachment, and, threaten to dirty his family name and brand.

I’m not sure where the “death toll hits 100K” of the headline comes from. Nothing like that in the story that I can find. At any rate, the headline-writer appears to be jumping the gun, as USA’s death-rate slowed down a bit just shy of 100,000, last I saw:

99,915 deaths / 1,707,946 cases = 5.85% case-fatality, 30.19 per 100,000 residents
One of every 3,313 residents of USA have perished, so far.

I checked out the new-deaths chart to scrutinize the recent slow-down more closely, and it’s not unusual. According to the stats I see, COVID-19 consistently gets about 30% less deadly on Saturdays and Sundays – all over the world. That hump day, though, is murder.

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Death toll in u.s. up a lot today. How accurate was that lull over the weekend?
In Wisconsin people are acting as if it isn’t a problem, was never a problem nor will it ever be a problem.
Glaring at me for wearing a mask when I go out------ which is not often.


Oh the Grandiose Oligarch Protectors surely went out of their way to cause the maximum amount of suffering to a country they perceived embarrassed them with a Russian, then Ukrainian story for the ages.

Political retribution in spades.

I’m less suspicious of that lull after reviewing how the stats behave, but after all it doesn’t actually make any biological sense for a pathogen to ease up on weekends, so something peculiar is going on with either deaths or the reporting of them all along.

California just hit a new high in daily new-cases on the 25th, along with Virginia, which also set a new high on the 24th. Cases is the leading indicator, obviously, while deaths is a more reliable metric – more difficult to obscure (but certainly not impossible).

Wisconsin looks to me like its surge in new-cases is as bad as that of any state, as bad as Virginia’s:


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Here in Canada over 70 percent of all COVID 19 deaths have happened in Long Term Care homes for seniors. While the virus is especially dangerous to Seniors a lot of these deaths could have been prevented. The Military was tasked with going into these homes to help the staff and issued a scathing report as to how they were run. Most were understaffed , unsanitary from the get go and the staff was found to be grossly underpaid.

A short study in Ontario found that City run long term care facilities had a much lower death rate then those that were for profit and privately run.

This is raising quite the stench at the Provincial and Federal levels with people demanding answers as to how those for profit facilities were monitored and inspected. In Ontario Doug Ford has indicated there would be a wide scale investigation and at the Federal Level Trudeau has indicated that policies on these care homes would be subject to review.

It my belief that these for profit facilities , in order to generate higher profits cut back on staffing , cleaning and inspections and oversite. It my hope that this leads to the NDP pressuring the Government to include Long term care homes in the National health care program. It my hope that if for profit facilities remain , regulations and oversight of the same be increased dramatically. Whether these commissions being formed to investigate this arrives at the same conclusion or whether they just run cover for the for profit model suggesting meaningless changes remains to be seen,


“If we had a Not for Profit healthcare system in this country, we wouldn’t need to mobilize manufacturers.”

While I whole heartily support a “not for profit healthcare system”, it doesn’t mean manufacturers wouldn’t have been needed to be encouraged to produce much more PPE. I use the word encourage, after reading a story weeks ago where the last manufacturer of medical masks in this country(according to him), offered in January to start-up two lines in his plant outside of Dallas, that weren’t being used, to produce an estimated 7million masks per month. He was told by a WH spokesperson not to bother.