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As US Dodges Hospital Bombing Probe, Aid Group Calls Global Silence 'Embarrassing'


As US Dodges Hospital Bombing Probe, Aid Group Calls Global Silence 'Embarrassing'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

One month after the U.S. bombing of a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in Afghanistan killed at least 30 people and wounded dozens more, the Obama administration refuses to submit to an independent inquiry while the aid group charges that the lack of global outcry over the incident has become deafening.


"Dodging" reponsibility and not fessing-up to the truth is par for this administration and the Pentagon. Accountability and justice a foreign language for the Obama (and other) administration - the Commander In Chief is either complicit to the crime or a political coward..............

Where are the voice and video recordings from the C-130 that attacked the MSF hospital? The truthis 'classified" right? We are getting nothing in the way of truth from Obama&Co on this war crime - no doubt gov lawyers (and liars) are working overtime to come up with a grand cover-up.

The C-130 attack tapes must be released NOW!


Don't forget the numbers of deaths in the Mediterranean of refuges running from American and Russian smart bombs. Where is the news and the outrage!


Either smart bombs is an oxymoron or the strikes were targeted.


We will kill whomever we damn well please, because we are an exceptional nation.


Why are you dragging them into a story about the USA?



Obama is both a coward and complicit in this deliberate carnage. Israel gets away with Gaza bombing of hospitals, shooting at ambulances, bombing school building with children inside, bombing UN safe centers. Now really are the worlds most powerful terrorists? Answer: USA and Israel.


The deliberate targeting has already been established beyond a doubt, who will have the courage to drag the US's ass into standing trial is now the question. Imagine had Russia not stood between the US and Syria where would Syria end up? This terrorist empire must get it's face punched before it will act with civility. Watch how the US avoids confronting countries with nuclear bombs? Yankees are cowards.


The MSM operates on a need to know basis... and YOU don't need to know. Maybe that's also why we haven't heard of UK and USA aircraft shot down resupplying ISIS. And, Israeli officers captured in Iraq. There are so many things we aren't supposed to know.


There a very revealing Press conference given by a member of the US Government which is quite frankly embarassing to say the least. In it a woman speaking for the White House claims information that Russia is bombing hospitals in Syria. The reporters in the room then ask her which Hospitals were bombed and the spokesperson indicated she can not give out that information. They press her on this topic indicating how was it they learned that a Hospital bombed and she tells them that some of the NGO's on the ground made the claim. Again a particular reporter persists asking again if the spokesperson can give more details and again is rebuffed with doublespeak and a suggestion she ask Russia.

They do not give up and point out they have asked Russia and Russia indicated no hospitals bombed so once again ask which hospitals were struck.

The State department spokepsperson implies it a matter of national security but wull "review the matter and get back to them'.

Absolutely unbelievable. It non stop propaganda and lies. Organize a press conference and make a charge without any facts to support the charge.'Russia is bombing Hospitals"


You're over-reading something else into what they wrote, methinks.


Well we have Russia and China to thank for standing up to the US and Israeli criminal actions. I think that Russia has caused a shock withing US military/political circles by demonstrating decisive victory against the US backed ISIS terrorists. Russia went to work on upgrading their military technology especially since the Chechen wars imposed on them by the US proxies.


No,, not if the proponents have nukes


Well that is a great way to make an ass of US


We'll need another courageous Chelsea Manning - type of person to dig out the videos from the aircraft attack, and lay it out for all to see and hear.

I hope there is one. I fear they'll be "disappeared" before they can make the disclosures.


76 nations asked, 76 remain mute. Why? Are they complicit---or afraid?


Anyone want to discuss other bombings other than the US ones? Perhaps the ones in the Sudan never mentioned here or the Russian and Saudi ones of the week just past.

It is clearly an atrocity in Kunduz as it is whenever a hospital is bombed or a school, a place of worship a mosque or church. Of course it's easier to just fall in line with the articles published here than bother with any other atrocity not so easily available for members. Apparently, CD missed this one, but then it wasn't
perhaps important enough to bother with. Not the MSM or maybe the Guardian lies?


Very good Kassandra. At least now you are referring to Zionists instead of the Jews.

It makes no sense whatsoever that the State of Israel wants Russia to defend the Assad regime.


You really MUST supply a link.


Was it you who supplied the misinformation about the "White helmets" from Argentina a while back? It seems to me that you simply channel Whitehouse propaganda.