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As US Officially Quits Paris Accord Amid Election Uncertainty, Progressives Say 'Make This Disastrous Decision Temporary'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/us-officially-quits-paris-accord-amid-election-uncertainty-progressives-say-make

It is interesting how there is such a focus on a climate agreement which is terribly inadequate.

The US has undermined every one of these agreements and left toothless toy tigers which we are

supposed to think are some kind of powerful system of controlling ourselves. The refusal to

respond adequately is a bipartisan,corporatist dominated phoniness.

If you think corporatist Joe Biden re-joining an inadequate charade is something hopeful, then you

are operating on a similar level to the supporters of Trump.

Most of the Keystone pipeline was built during the Obama Biden scam. The pig Trump is not

inclined to pretend. That is the real difference between those two losers.


It’s of vital importance that, when Joe Biden takes office in January, he immediately returns the USA to this toothless, weak and non-binding treaty, thereby committing the nation to do as little as it can get away with in combatting this existential threat to human life. After all, capitalism is depending on him, and that’s what matters to Joe Biden.

Neither Trump nor Biden are losers by the standards of most people. In the long term, of course, we all lose by their actions and inactions. At least Trump didn’t pretend to be doing anything.

No. You are utterly consumed with cynicism, and buying into the fake narrative that ‘at least Trump is not pretending’: Trump is wholly and utterly inauthentic - I don’t think most US people can acknowledge or see just how vacant he is: He has no insides apart from his gut-brain… no inner (never mind outer) morality, no passions, no ideology, nothing. He really is that sick (-an extreme narcissist) and that empty inside. People seem to like (1) that he is allowing / encouraging people to be unpleasant; & (2) they believe he is doing some good for them! He does/cannot care about them or anyone else! If he self-cared, really, all his inane activity and deception-speech would come to a stop!!

Joining the Paris agreement with the others. all these countries are informed that they have to do Significantly, Radically more: it is an issue that can only be solved internationally, as what we do in one part of our world affects it all.
This might be a slight gimmick, but just as a symbol, it is the -as they say -‘base camp’ of what needs to follow.
But there really need to be an international Body ordering countries, for we have no time left to delay anything but radical action. If most people were aware, most of them would be up for radical change, since they want their children to have some sort of life!
As Extinction Rebellion inform us, it is that Governments and media have utterly failed in their duty and responsibilities in informing people about the safety or not of what’s going on in the world. The situation according to the excellent climate science, is really dire, but we can save ourselves -probably at this last hour, given political will. The average person does not know this! It is beyond outrageous.