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As US Opens New Embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli Snipers Open Fire on Gaza Protests, Killing Dozens


As US Opens New Embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli Snipers Open Fire on Gaza Protests, Killing Dozens

Julia Conley, staff writer

Israeli forces have killed dozens of people and wounded hundreds in Palestinian protests against the new U.S. embassy, which was officially moved to Jerusalem Monday.


Yet another Crime Against Humanity that will remain uninvestigated, unprotected and punished. Being the tale that wags the Big Dog of the USA guarantees perpetual immunity and insures perpetual impunity.




I am sure the M$M will show this as proof that Israel is under attack and merely defending itself. I am guessing, as I retired my TV well over a decade ago. Red pill good. Yum…


Another appalling act piled up previous appalling acts by the Israeli government.

It is as if they have forgotten the Holocaust and have no empathy for the victims of violent oppression they inflict.


Palesinins have found the right path to freedom and return of their land however bloody. Israel is digging it’s own grave by killing them.


Please explain.


I’m sure Jared and Ivanka are having a wonderful time, as the Palestinians are murdered.


Did you ever understand KARMA!


Kent State massacre is alive in Israel.


Ouch…kinda glad you didn’t write the headline but maybe you should have. Apply within.


What? Apples and Oranges.


70 years ago Israel’s Nakba dispossessed the Palestinians. Within another 70 years the Earth’s Nakba will likely render the whole area uninhabitable by humans. Think about that.


So if Israelis do this against protestors it little more than the “right for Israel to defend itself”. If Russian, Venezuelan, Syrian, Iranian , Chinese or other such Government forces did this to peaceful protestors it “a crime against humanity and a justifiable reason for regime change and UN censure”.


The formerly oppressed has become the oppressor. The irony…


Stockholm Syndrome. They identify with the Nazis, so their untermenschen are the Palestinians.


What can be said? Save for a few tiny fragmented leftist Jewish groups like B’tselem, Gush Shalom or Jewish Voices for Peace, and lone prophets like Norman Finkelstein, Rabbi Lerner, and Noam Chomsky, the Israelis and Zionist Jews - which to say probably at least 90 percent of all Jews, have become the fascist Nazis who once oppressed them.


Your comment gives now meaning to “Pollyannaish”.

Sometimes, maybe most of the time, oppressors prevail over the oppressed unless the oppressed fight back with arms. Even Gandhi recognized this. Of course, with Israel’s overwhelming military might, backed by the worlds most powerful military superpower, the Palestinians fighting back is utterly futile too.

It’s hopeless.


A cold blooded fascist act. Shoot down unarmed folks. Every dog has its day israel.


Trump should be trying to get a peace agreement to stop this carnage rather than moving the US embassy to Jerusalem to provoke even more violence than was already occurring.


I think the point that notwistalemon was making, was that it may just be a matter of time before this massacre comes home to America. We could see Kent State on a much larger scale, if the situation warranted it.