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As US Secretary State Meets With Saudis Over Khashoggi Murder, People Asking Pompeo: 'What Are You Smiling About?'


As US Secretary State Meets With Saudis Over Khashoggi Murder, People Asking Pompeo: 'What Are You Smiling About?'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With unconfirmed reports swirling that the Saudis are going to finally admit what the world has a surmised for over a week and what Turkish authorities have alleged from the outset—that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by a 'hit team' inside the Saudi consulate building in Instanbul two weeks ago—many people are asking this question on Tuesday morning: What is US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo so happy about in images and video footage that showed him meeting with high-level members of the Royal Family, including King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).


I find it ironic that even though the US has the world’s dominant military, banking system and economy, it still does the bidding of two theocracies: The KSA and Israel.

I’m sure the volunteers are lining up to go die in defense of MsB and Netanyahu.




From the article:

“…look at the smiles here. Look at the body language. Look at the demeanor. They are talking about the apparent murder and dismemberment of a Washington Post journalist!”

Now imagine how wide those grins would be if the victims were named Assange, Manning and Snowden.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
–George Orwell


When there is not integrity and there are no principles people are capable of almost anything. The US has chosen to sleep with the devil where ever he is around the world. We are living in a country with a rotted compromised government that has a history.


There is a hidden world of deceit and intrigue of which we know little. We just see waving flags, parades and other things they want to feed us. Whether or not we could handle or even do anything about it - if we knew the truth - is another question. We see where things are going and, I think, it is out of control because we have never been included in what is really going on. To have real change, we need to know the truth…the ugly truth about the small group of men who have imperiled the world and cast billions into unnecessary suffering.


Once again, we should take this opportunity to thank the Trump thugs for displaying, in broad daylight, the extremism which describes itself as centrist politics.
Dismissing the horrific and brutal murder of a journalist and dissenter, a key target of Trumpians, while making clear the economy of weapons is what is really important, Trump lays bare the constructed world order which demands our compliance in its dark language.
Also remember, that pre Trump presidents have also supported this deranged, nihilistic ‘intelligence’ that has corrupted society and politics.


Hitler just rolled over in his grave laughing until tears ran down his face.This was just some rogue outfit in two private jets and a bone saw. They were just suppose to question the guy, but it went terribly wrong. Hey my Republican neighbors will believe this. But then they believe in the tooth fairy. As a matter of fact one told me he just saw her this morning at Walmart. Far fetched? Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait. I just listened to one of these IQ deprived idiots on NPR from Kentucky who called in complaining how Trump and the Republicans were being abused by “the angry Democratic mob”. I could have sworn I saw a rainbow last night around midnight, or maybe those were the southern lights.


It isn’t hidden at all. It is in plain view, It is so ridiculous as to challenge logic, yet a large segment of us believe it and elect idiots like Trump and McConnell. I use to believe in the good judgement of people like Sue Collins, yet she slid over to the dark side with Kavanaugh.


Under new GOP rules - you will go to prison unless you believe in the tooth fairy or anything else they tell you to believe in.


When someone who supports the people in power that subvert everything to supplement their greed, and then tell you , if you don’t like it move, I have a suggestion.
I say it’s time to tell them that we would like them to leave.
This is a suggestion to the politicians, other than the rubes: Speak out in public against these aberrations of a democratic society so we can support you and begin to repair the damage.


On TEEVEE this morning they ( MSNBC young men ) interviewed registered Democrats from Staten Island, N.Y. who’d voted for Trump. One old battle axe decked out in Trump regalia said, " I’ll go out and speak for him; …if you don’t like him, move to Venezuela ".
The murder of Koshoggi, the murder cover up by Trump & Co. ( gov’t endorsed ) and the House of Saud genocidal maniacs responsible, are not the problem. It’s the " socialist mobs of unpatriotic men and women " who don’t like Trump that pose a clear and present danger to MAGA MEN and their power grab. Unbelievable and scary, really.


If you wear a suit with an american flag in the lapel, you can lie, cheat , steal and murder and it is ok. Stand up in protest against the degradation of the environment and humanity - you are bad and must be punished. Why would slaves want to be free of their “kindly” masters?


Sadly, disgusting “Rubes” don’t surprise me any longer. I quit watching c-span because all of the “Rubes” are either hate mongers, war mongers, are steeped in right-wing propaganda, or are just plain ignorant. It’s a shame because they seem normal otherwise, except for their value systems.


Actually I support your last line." It’s the socialist mobs of unpatriotic (to Trupian values), men and women who don’t like Trump and pose a clear and present danger to MEGA MEN and their power grab." Love it.