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As US Votes to Curb GOP Destruction, UN Biodiversity Chief Warns Humanity at Risk of Self-Annihilation


As US Votes to Curb GOP Destruction, UN Biodiversity Chief Warns Humanity at Risk of Self-Annihilation

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the midterm elections once more being described domestically as "the most important elections in history," it might seem trite until you receive on the same day a warning from one of the world's foremost experts at the United Nations that humanity's willful destruction of the planet's natural systems is fast pushing the species towards the brink of its own annihilation.


So much faith put into the damnocrats. Makes me want to puke! The “D” voters are voting AGAINST yet again, instead of FOR. Well, folks, the "party of incrementalism and LIES are NOT going to save the planet. Wake up to that REALITY!!!


I agree with Noam, the republican party is one of the most dangerous organizations in human history. I voted today and what I noticed was the glaring lack of alternatives. There was ONE opportunity, on my ballot, to vote Green. Sad.


There are three buttons. One gives you white milk for nutrition, one gives you chocolate for nutrition, the third gives hope but no nutrition but no nutrition, which one do you choose?


It’s why I scream GREEN to find it is just a scream in the dark.


None of the above.


Liberals have to be thinking in terms of DRAFTING a candidate of our own for the presidency –

Anyone want Biden – or Hillary again?

And BOTH parties will continue to move to the RIGHT with their choices of all of their candidates!!


Did you take that opportunity?


Ready to throw up your hands and then puke?


Beto is available. How much would he cost?


That’s my feeling too –

But don’t discount celebrities - keep an open mind – and maybe more options will occur to us.


I think Hugin spent $16 of his own money; who knows what more he got from GOP/Koch/corporations?

Across the nation, I think we all gave Bernie Sanders $400 million – in very low donations; not much
more than $27. By 2019 - there will be many more Americans who will not have really been familiar
with his 2016 campaign and all the issues and he’ll have to start from scratch. Will he have the stamina?

We could probably double that – or even triple it – but combined Elites - including internationally – could meet that in an hour.


That would be a nightmare. If I were a Democrat I would run a ticket with Tulsie Gabbard/Joe Kennedy. 2020 Democrats need to retake the Senate and Presidency. Too many have been courting the “moderate” (are any Eisenhower Republicans left?) Republicans, after 2020 we need to organize for a National Eco-Socialist Party. No more wars of choice, restore/renew the ecosystems so our youth can have a future. Forgive student debt and pass publicly funded education, pass single-payer, massive Federal jobs program to rebuild the new green infrastructure would be a start and pay for it all with removing the tax benefits for the wealthy. Next, remove the cap on social security–if the rich don’t like it send them out into space on Bezos space ship. Restore international relations, pull out of the ME–no weapons to either Saudi Arabia or Israel, strengthen the UN. Solidarity!


Roberto, I did the puking yesterday, literally. Today, we begin the reversal.


How about a James Hansen/Bill McKibben ticket?


Giovanna –

Your comments caused me to reflect on FDR and whether anyone involved the NEW DEAL
thought to label it “socialist” which is a big deal word right now – and where some have pointed
out that the DSP isn’t as “socialist” as we might imagine it to be!

Does anyone recall reading that Democrats in the 1960’s who were funding support of the nation’s
infrastructure or public schools with taxpayer money were being labeled “socialists”? Why should
we be thinking that way today about candidates or Congress?

The only people in Congress now are right wing – there is no LEFT –
CIA’s NRA took out the last of the liberals and moderates in both parties in their targeting of those
who wouldn’t support violence in our societies by moving to a reversed 2nd amendment.
Those liberals and moderates were the representatives who would have challenged the CIA and
held it to some accountability. They were the liberals and moderates who would have responded
to Global Warming. That’s why they’re gone.
And according to “Dark Money” - 10/1/18 PBS – the GOP is now moving to “ULTRA” right candidates
because their right wing representatives are seemingly too “squishy” at moving the right wing agenda.
In other words, GOP is calling in the goons, thugs – real criminals - to serve in Congress.
A Gestapo.
All of what you’re calling for could happen very quickly if we continue to target right wingers in Congress
and ensure that we put true liberals into Congress. But every election must be a great push to the LEFT.


Unfortunately, according to polls, climate change and species extinction were NOT in the top four issues cited by voters as reasons they voted. Neither was the other threat to our existence, nuclear weapons.

I don not expect the House Democrats, so many of whom are still beholden to corporations, to focus on the existential issues I mentioned above.


Yes, I did. I know all about the debates concerning voting for the Greens or any other underdog but it’s got to start somewhere. I vote my heart and mind against the status quo and for the only party with a peace platform.