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As Vegetarian Giants Rapidly Disappear from Earth, 'Empty Landscape' Threatens


As Vegetarian Giants Rapidly Disappear from Earth, 'Empty Landscape' Threatens

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The world's plant-eating giants—including hippopotamuses, elephants, rhinoceros, and gorillas—are being rapidly wiped from the Earth, warns a new scientific study, and if habitat loss and human hunting continue unabated, these iconic species will be replaced with an "empty landscape."


The human race seems to be an equal opportunity destroyer.


I get the danger of losing animals all over the world, but I don’t understand the statement that there are no large herbivores left in the US. To my mind, bison, moose, caribou and elk are all quite large.


Perhaps the author is claiming that they are not endangered. Otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever.


Actually, it should read "by 2050 climate catastrophe will leave many thousands of species extinct. No potential, no fudging or understating the numbers. Just devastating collapse of ecosystems we depend on, all over the world, from multiple attacks by civilized humans.

I notice also the point in contention from several commenters about large herbivores in Europe and the US has been disappeared. The article is now so short as to be not much more than a press release from the authors with a link to the study. (that’s still there, right?) Maybe a look at other views, or even just a more complete view from the study, and a little bit of research, would have improved this.


So, what is it… that those in power do not seem to know anything about climate change… I say this because if they did … they certainly would know that we must begin powering down right away… I mean, here we are, still debating whether it is even true that climate change is happening and that it is humans causing it… and I DO NOT MEAN THE SCIENTISTS ARE DEBATING IT… those in congress are doing so… enough to stop us from saving this planet… AND… THEN ANY ONE WHO DOES UNDERSTAND THIS… IS STILL, SO STUPID AS TO THINK WE HAVE TIME TO SCALE UP… IN REGARDS TO RENEWABLES ETC… and A FANSTASY TYPE OF TECHNOLOGY… THAT ISN’T EVEN FULLY DEVELOPED YET… CARBON SEQUESTRATION…
I am very tired of this stalling and dangerous B.S…EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT PASSES GETS US CLOSER TO RUNAWAY CLIMATE CHANGE… .


The inertia and resistance to change is all the more damning as the days of debate carry on. Senators like murkowski, cruz and inhofe have been bought out and/or gain lifeblood support through the fossil fuel agendas they represent. This produces the stranglehold on opportunity to go beyond the dialogue of whats already been determined. Lots of big melting mountains in Alaska but the politicians here choose to keep the climate conversation as small talk.