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As Vice President Calls for Mueller to 'Wrap It Up,' Video Mash-up Shows Pence Echo Nixon on Watergate


As Vice President Calls for Mueller to 'Wrap It Up,' Video Mash-up Shows Pence Echo Nixon on Watergate

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Why write original material when Nixon can write it for you?" remarked cable television host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday.


Of course Mike Pence wants Robert Mueller to ‘wrap it up.’ As the toxic swamp that is Dump World becomes more obvious, his level of complicity grows exponentially to the point that if Toupee Fiasco & crew wind up doing jail time (a very big ‘if’), he is amongst those scheduled for a stay in a federal lock up.


Hopefully one of the drivers of Mueller’s investigation taking so long is recognition that just as it was essential to push out much of Nixon’s inner circle (thereby pushing Nixon to resign to avoid impeachment) it is essential to push out Trump’s inner circle, especially Pence, before putting Trump in a corner.

POTUS Pence would be an apparently lesser evil, but a more effective evil compared to Trump.


Agreed…The whole thing about what Flynn said to Pence and what Pence told the US Authorities…

There is an Agnew ending in there.

I can’t imagine Cohen’s files…what must be in them…oh boy.

Where are the Tweeting Twit’s informing comment’s? Kinda, outa words are we…


Not a “lesser evil”. You underestimate his evil. He’s every bit as dangerous and demented as every other sociopath/psychopath, narcissist that makes up our rethuglican cult party. Fact.


I stand corrected, thank you.


I see that George Will thinks there’s one guy worse than Trump: Pence.


I support Greens and loath the establishment that owns the two parties of equal evil.
The Dems could well have avoided Trumpism by riding and developing the popular Bernie Sanders platform. They could well beat Trump today with such policies, but instead they grasp at Russiagate which, if anything is an insignificant issue compared to issues of poverty, money in politics, Wall Street predation, failure of democracy, worker and union representation, war, tax, healthcare, climate and sustainability (things an otherwise major left party can defeat the GOP and Trump with).

In fact, whatever you think of whatever underground business collusion between Russia and the USA their maybe, its got to be tempered with the benefits of a close relationship avoiding WWIII, a fear that is yelled about every month or so.

If cheating on an election is enough to bring down a President then the DNC with Clinton/ Wassaman Shultz / Brazil should at least be faceing criminal charges for the party’s rigging against Bernie Sanders.

The serious evidence surrounding Watergate was a publicly understood from day one of the excellent investigative journalism at the Washington Post (truth and journalism long gone from there). If Muller has anything like it he sure has a great way of teasing us.


The concept of creating a global war to hasten the second coming of Christ is a great deal more than a lesser evil. It is so abhorrent to a reasoned individual it is hard to wrap one’ head around it. Don’t get me wrong, if a bunch of souls are so misguided then who am I to spoil their rapture. But when they want to drag the rest of the planet along with them for company? I say, bugger off!


I am not sure if intra-party political shenanigans is criminal. Wrong and immoral, definitely–and ill advised given the results. But is it criminal? I just don’t know. Sure as hell should be.


Someone needs to tell Pence that if they want to end the investigation, all they have to do is come clean with all the crap they’ve been doing. It isn’t difficult. Just go in there. Confess to all the ways you’ve screwed the country over. Plead guilty. Go to jail. And it will be all over.

What does it say that Hillary Clinton was able to go through countless investigations without whining, but these twits can’t even last through a part of one. How long did they take investigating a real estate sale in Arkansas and finally had to settle for a stained dress? And this wimp is complaining?! Is he really strong enough personally to be in any position of government?


Primary rigging is a serious legal issue of fraud having monumental public consequences. I argue it’s criminal and in violation of the Constitution not only because those party elections are publicly funded but the special heavy importance they have in the public domain and for democracy.


Do not forget we have a conspiratorial congress plus a dangerous judicature.


The entire cabinet of the Trump white house is a nauseating group of Republican Party insiders. I am as old as Trump and I remember Nixon, and the Trump administration is even worse.


But whatever we do, we cannot let Chuck Schumer control the Senate floor schedule after 2018. Progressivism will only win after two more years of McConnell and Trump stacking the judiciary.


I hate to say it, but I’m getting more and more afraid, that the way this country is really going, it seems that Trump and Pence and all the worst aspects of Trumpnazism may actually succeed to take over this country, instead of a blue wave washing away this Republican abomination. I fear that the republicans will keep the House and the Senate, so that even if Mueller survives to finish the investigation, that the final Mueller report will be thrown in the circular file.

If democrats do not win big in November, I sincerely fear for the future of our democratic republic. The authoritarian tendencies evidenced by Trump and his administration and the complete embrace of every violation of all of the norms and ethical responsibilties of good Democratic governance and the total hyperpartisan willingness of the republicans in Congress to facilitate every misdeed committed by Trump and his cronies, the destruction of every one of our democratic institutions, even the assault on the rule of law and the DOJ and FBI headed by republican Trump appointees are all extremely dangerous and unprecedented. The antienvironmental Trump administration and its absolute and total devotion to the interests of the fossil fuel companies is coming at a disastrously critical time in this earth’s history when we should be decreasing, rather than drastically increasing CO2 pollution. The almost complete republican reversal of any support for Robert Mueller and the Russia Investigation from unanimous support to almost complete opposition is stunning. The constant barrage of right wing propaganda and claims of “witch hunt” and “no collusion no obstruction” and “fake news” and “deep state” rhetoric must be taking a very great toll.

If democrats do not win big in November, it will then be too late to stop what may truly become the worst nightmare that America has ever faced. Big democratic losses in November will drastically embolden the republicans and their insane authoritarian agenda comprised of austerity, bigotry of every kind, massive deregulation, right wing nationalism, environmental plundering, destruction and pollution of every kind, financial bankrupting, warmongering, and other right wing extremist goals that are harmful to our national best interest. In the event that the worst should happen we may expect something like the following if we are not careful:

The DOJ and FBI will be purged of anyone who ever voted or donated to a democrat unless they pledge loyalty to Herr Trump and the Republinazi Party. Torture and rendition will be started on Immigrants and American Muslims to make them confess that they are really cells of ISIS or members of MS-13 so we can lock them up in for profit prisons at $60,000 per person per year, and the immigrant and Muslim children will be put in good Christian indoctrination homes for foster care and made to do household chores for evangelical Christian families to help these children find Jesus and God.

We will massively plunder and extract all the mineral wealth from our public lands and national parks and monuments by “benevolently” fracking, drilling for oil and gas, and mining as we extract America’s wealth for our God and for the good of the nation, in order to protect and preserve our environment, and we will build more and more pipelines to transport this wealth and distribute it all over our country for the good of all. If there are any oil spills, chemical spills, nuclear accidents, polluted water or air, or train wrecks, plane crashes, or other disasters or workplace accidents (that happen because of mismanagement or excessive deregulation) the liberal terrorists responsible for these evil acts will be found and tried and executed as enemies of the state.

There will be more wildfires and more hurricanes and tornadoes that will be sent by God to destroy all the evil liberal democrats, gays, transgenders and independent women and feminists, and uppity black people because they offend our God. These evil people will receive no government disaster relief or assistance unless they live in red states like Texas because the good people living in red states could not possibly be responsible for these disasters and must be helped so that they can keep America strong.

Trump/Sinclair TV will fill our local TV News with administration approved truthful news and real alternative facts so that everyone will know that apples are really bananas and so that everyone will understand just how wonderful and successful that our beloved leader Herr Trump and the patriotic republicans have made America become the greatest it has ever been. All fake news and unauthorized evil left wing propaganda will be removed so that every American can finally see the real truth without all of the left wing lies that used to confuse us. All unapproved media will be shut down on the internet, radio, and television, and any unapproved media’s broadcast licenses will be revoked for being fake news and for national security reasons.

Protest will be a serious crime, punishable to the maximum degree possible and every activist will be on the terrorist watch list and under constant government surveillance. No warrant will be required to surveil left wing or Islamic or immigrant terrorist subjects, but any patriotic member of the Republinazi Party suspected of crime must have an approved warrant signed by Herr Trump or a member of the .Republinazi Party before any surveillance is ever allowed to take place.

All patriotic Americans will be repeatedly reminded that we must fear anyone who is not white, conservative, and right wing Christian and rout out these evil terrorists any way that we can to restore America’s greatness. These evil liberals and Islamic terrorists and other evil groups are trying to brainwash us and kill us any way that they can so that they can pervert and indoctrinate our children and destroy our wonderful .American way of life and our sacred traditions. These people are all either liberal perverts, criminals, unamerican traitors or terrorists and we all should be very very afraid of these evil people. We should fear all Muslims because they are all terrorists; and fear all immigrants because they are all drug dealers, gang members, rapists, and violent criminals; we must fear all gay people because they are all abominations that are indoctrinating all of our children in our public schools to become gay perverts. Therefore, all of our children must go to approved for profit evangelical Christian dominionist schools for their own safety, and all unrepentant and unconverted gays that don’t become heterosexual must be executed along with all sex offenders even if their only crime was being seen urinating behind a bush. All other nonwhites will be deported back to whatever country most closely resembles their heritage according to their DNA tests so that we can make America truly safe and white again. Our borders will be closed except to white immigrants from places like Norway, (if we can get any to want to come here which I doubt). We must fear the dangerous unrepentant evil lesbian left wing feminazis who refuse to submit to men because they are really witches that must be tortured until they confess and burned at the stake to set an example for other women. All birth control and abortion, and all sex toys will be banned. Any woman who miscarries will be charged with fetal murder and if any women die from illegal abortions it is exactly what they deserve. The life of the unborn and all fertilized eggs are sacred to God. Unborn life is innocent and free from all sin so that it is much more important than life after birth. If there are problems in any pregnancy due to the will of America’s God then the unborn will be saved as they are innocent and the sinful woman will be sacrificed as all women are just vessels to grow the man’s complete seed because there is no equally important egg component to the human embryo as the lying liberal scientists say. The man’s seed is a complete baby and all women do is nurture it in the womb, they don’t contribute anything to its genetics at all. Any other so called scientific evidence is fake news and false information put out by evil liberals, communists, left wing fascists, and feminazis to try to make men believe that women are equal to men which they obviously are not. The truth will be told to everyone that all females are just sex object female cow servants for men to rule over and who will be brought in line and made to marry a government assigned husband if they are not married, or else be burned at the stake as a rebellious witch. Any women caught in adulterry will be stoned to death, but boys will be boys and anyway anyone who says that any man cheats on his wife or rapes anyone or molests anyone or engages in any sexual misconduct is a liar and will be tortured by well trained students of the Haspel school of torture and made to publically confess that they were lying, because men are too honorable to engage in any sexual misconduct, only evil rebellious women or gays ever engage in sexual misconduct because they are more primitive and animalistic beings, like blacks and Mexicans and Native Americans that need to be under the control of strong evangelical Christian white patriarchal men.

Anyone who is poor or hungry or sick or disabled or homeless or needy or mentally ill are all being punished by God for their sins and no one should interfere with God’s punishment by helping them or feeding them or taking them in in any way or else these bleeding heart criminals will face severe fines or punishment. Only the opioid drug addicts deserve any compassion because they are poor victims of evil pain relieving opioid drugs. No doctor or medical practitioner will ever be allowed to prescribe any opioids for pain anymore whatsoever under any circumstances. This is because all opioids are really heroin, and any doctor who prescribes these very scary and dangerous drugs is a vile drug dealer who victimizes innocent unwary patients and turns them all into drug addicts. These greedy and wicked doctors make their patients into drug fiends against their will to just make money off of them and to make them dependent upon government assistance in order to bankrupt our country and raise our taxes. Any research to the contrary is just liberal lies, fake and corrupt medical practice and bleeding heart propaganda and this fake research must be destroyed. Anyone who suffers with pain is being punished by God for their evil sins and we must not interfere with the will of God, after all America is a nation under God!

The wealthiest and healthiest people must rule this nation because obviously they are favored by God and are very blessed and anointed and they must be doing something right. This is only common sense. Everything that happens to anyone is purely their own fault and there are no other considerations. All people must take full responsibility for everything that happens to them. Compassion is an evil, misguided liberal crime that must be punished by fines and jail time until the offending compassionate person mends their evil ways and becomes respectfully indifferent to the God determined fates of other people and themselves.

Everyone must be sober, not too happy, not too sad. No rock music, rap, or vulgar music or dancing other than folk music and ballroom dancing will be allowed as all entertainment will have to be preapproved by the state. There will be no more gay bars or gay nightclubs allowed. Marijuana and all other drugs will be totally illegal and treated like heroin. Limited amounts of alcohol will be allowed not to exceed one six pack of beer per day per person, or hard liquor equivalent. Only approved, for profit pharmaceutical drugs will be allowed as prescribed by government and corporate approved physicians. All herbs or supplements will be illegal. Any psychoactive garden plants or wild plants or mushrooms found in nature will be destroyed by biological botanical destruction squads that will put many people to work ridding our nation of evil devil plants that were made by Satan, not God.

We will make peace with the heinous slave dictator in North Korea who has nuclear weapons and who has vowed to nuke America, but go to war with Iran, (a moderate Muslim democracy that the American government once used our CIA to assasinate their entire democratically elected government officials and forced a phony Shah puppet dictator made up by the former crown prince upon the Iranian people, a shah whom we put into power for thirty years as a strict right wing dictator under the absolute control of the US state, and then we demonized and lied about them when they got angry about this and took hostages so that we would take away the dictator and allow them to run their own country with their own democracy, and now we have spent almost thirty years falsely accusing these Iranians of having weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and falsely accuse them of funding terrorism based on false and outdated information exactly like we did in Iraq.) So here we go all over again to war with lots more lovely lucrative no bid government contracts for the military industrial complex (MIC) so Herr Trump and his billionaire friends can make lots of money making wonderful bombs and planes and tanks and other military equipment that are as Herr Trump said “made right here in America.” These facts, and all other unapproved information will continue to be kept secret from the American people by the state and corporate approved media. No college professor or library will be allowed to reveal these facts and all background information will be destroyed.

Any unapproved books, movies, videos, music videos, games, or other media or writings that the state determines has been written by evil liberals and unamerican communist fascists will be burned in giant “freedom from lies” bonfires during special weekly events for this purpose every Friday.

Because of the necessity of America’s unending righteous Global War on Terror, and so that all Americans can feel safe from all of these terrible unamerican terrorist evils, all young people after high school will be required to serve in the military, Coast Guard, Natiinal Guard, Government Biological Destruction Squad, or other approved government service for at least two years or as needed due to wartime requirements. They will be required to conform themselves to the highest moral, hygienic and physical standards set forth in the military code written by our beloved leader Herr Trump and the American republican administration. No tattoos, piercings, beards, mustaches, unsightly male or female body hair other than pubic hair or long hair on men will be tolerated. All military establishments will provide the necessary body waxing and epilating services which will be provided free of charge and are mandatory for all military personnel. Women and men will be strictly separated and women will be barred from any combat whatsoever. Any unmarried woman who is caught having sex of any kind, including masturbation or use of any sex toys, will be stoned to death. Any masturbation by men will be severely punished and cameras will be placed in all bathrooms, bedrooms and barracks to ensure compliance. Any transgender people will be summarily executed or deported as these left wing human abominations are an insult to our nation’s God.

Once these programs are in effect we will be well on our way to truly restoring America’s true glory and this will truly make America great again!


Yes, I remember also. Nixon used American burglars and men called plumbers to break into Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building and steal the Democratic strategy for winning the election and to bug the democratic headquarters and also to illegally steal the psychiatric medical record of Nixon’s democratic opponent to use this against him. Trump has used Russians, members of a hostile foreign power, to help him get elected. Trump used Russian burglars to hack into the DNC and DCCC and to steal Mrs. Clinton’s e-mails and give them to WikiLeaks and send them to the Trump campagn, Then, the Russian hackers bought massive amounts of social media ads to demonize Clinton in every slanderous and libelous way possible on every kind of social media and the internet using Russian bots and trolls. In addition, Russian hackers also hacked into at least twenty states voter data rolls and tried to get into the voting machines and change the votes from Clinton to Trump. It is not really known how much damage this did to Clinton’s campaign. Anyway this is much much worse than Watergate because of using Russians, a hostile foreign power! This verges on treason!

There is also evidence that Russians may have hacked into the RNC as well, but they never released this data. Russians and Putin are said to have very embarrassing videotape or tapes of Trump in Moscow with Russian prostitutes engaging in perverted sex acts that they may be able to use to blackmail Trump. All of this, combined with Republican gerrymandering, overly strict voter ID laws, voter roll purges, and voter intimidation and suppression techniques also helped Trump win, perhaps even more than the Russians did. It was subsequently discovered that in three states that Trump won by about 20,000 votes that over 200,000 likely democratic voters in one state and 600,000 voters in another state were turned away from the pols because of a lack of proper ID and other voter suppression techniques.

This means that there are at least three key states that Trump may not actually have won without overly strict voter ID laws. Every time these laws are found unconstitutional, the republicans put new ones writtennslightly differently in place. This is a deliberate effort by republicans to win elections fraudulently! This really should be investigated and there should be a very powerful law against deliberatly rigging elections by any political party with very serious consequences like being barred from public office or government, even as a lobbyist or in any capacity for life. We must clean this up and find a way to create free and fair elections! This is vital to our democracy! This explains the discrepancy between the electoral college and the popular vote where Clinton got at least three million more votes.

All of this seems to indicate to me that Clinton may have actually won the election, if it had not been for all of the massive republican cheating. This means that the polls weren’t wrong as the polls are based on prospective voters, or people who say that they are going to vote. If hundreds of thousands of these voters were turned away from the polls because of overly strict voter ID laws, then Clinton may have actually won most of the votes, but lost due to fraud. This indicates that we drastically need campagn and election reform. We need to determine if an election was won fairly and if one side cheats they ought to be disqualified and the win given to the other candidate or have the election done over. Perhaps all votes ought to be cast on paper and there should be a
second vote cast to check for accuracy. In addition, gerrymandering, overly strict ID laws, and voter roll purges ought to be illegal. Americans should be registered to vote at the DMV and perhaps everyone ought to be required to vote by law and states should have voter registration weeks where all American citizens are registered and given a state issued voter ID card if they don’t drive or have a license, or if a driver’s license is not enough to vote on. Each state should be required to assist people with obtaining the required ID and pay for it if required and find ways to get voters to register to vote and to get to the polls. Some provision must be made to assist out of state college students with voting as well. We must fix our messed up voting system. If we do we could really elect more democrats and this is exactly what republicans are afraid of. I think that republicans actually know that they are really in the minority and that is why they cheat. Electronic voting machines should be illegal because they can be hacked. Today, the simplest system, the old fashioned paper ballots are the best and provide a paper trail to have recounts if needed.

What is infuriating is that republicans are now trying to rig the census which will affect voting and representation and they refuse to spend any money this year to safeguard our elections, despite the threat of Russian interfearance in the elections. Republicans are acting as if they want the Russians to help them rig elections for themselves to win unfairly. It concerns me because I see evidence that many, if not most republicans in Congress appear to be collaborating with Russians themselves to win elections and even to funnel illegal Russian campaign monies into their coffers in many cases. It seems like there is an evil faction of rogue republicans who are attempting to take over our government from within that are in league with Russian oliogharchs who want to take over America from without in some kind of evil fascist oliogharchical coup as if there is an alliance between Russian and American billionaire oliogharchs who want to transform America into a dictatorship so that they can plunder our countries natural resources for themselves and become even more wealthy and powerful. I think that this is actually going on. I think that Mueller is actually finding out about the tip of this iceberg, but he won’t have time to do more than investigate Trump and his administration and whatever Russians he can investigate before Putin covers it up or Putin has witnesses executed and before Mueller must wrap up the investigation because of republicans in Congress. There have already been Russians killed by Putin to cover up the Trump Russia wrong doings.

The other part of this whole thing that angers me is how Trump supporters can actually believe that Trump could possibly be innocent. This is ridiculous because the Russia Investigation was originally about Russians hacking into the DNC and DCCC and into voting machines and voter roll lists. It wasn’t about Trump at all! Right after Trump took office, Comey only told Trump about the dossier, that no one at the time thought was true. The Russia Investigation at that time was only about things that came out because of the hacking into the DNC and the DCCC and because of Mike Flynn’s activities and conversations with Russians about sanctions and his involvement as an unregistered foreign agent for the Turks and the kidnapping scheme about Erdovan’s political opponent.

Anyway, Comey told Trump that he was not being investigated at the time. Comey just wouldn’t come out publically and say so because Trump might have to be investigated later if the evidence led to Trump, but at the time it didn’t. All Trump had to do to stay out of trouble was to do nothing, but Trump couldn’t stop asking Comey to let Flynn go or to pledge loyalty to him because Trump is an idiot and didn’t know any better. Trump thinks that presidents are dictators who can get away with anything. Trump put his foot in cow poop by firing Comey, thinking it would stop the Russia investigation and then he was dumb enough to brag about it in the Oval Office to his Russian friends the day after and then the told Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of “the Russia thing” and let Holt record it and broadcast it on national TV! That is what got Mueller appointed in the first place!

Then Trump has been massively obstructing justice, threatening to fire Mueller and Rosenstein, getting angry at Sessions for recusing himself, dangling pardons, and intimidating witnesses for his entire presidency. Then he has used Nunes and Grassley and Gowdy and Mike Rodgers, and others in the so called Freedom Caucus to do all kinds of underhanded and evil things, to lie and alter documents and prematurely end the
House Intelligence Committee investigation and exhonerate Trump prematurely and not even really investigate witnesses or allow democrats to subpoena documents or witnesses. These republicans are also obstructing justice deliberatly and going on Fox News and making false and misleading statements. It’s bad enough what Trump is doing, but Trump has got many members of Congress including speaker of the House Ryan involved in wrongdoing and lying and lots of bad things that make them look dishonest. Trump also is totally fixated on the Russia investigation and tweets about it all the time and keeps calling it a “witch hunt” and saying over and over “no collusion, no obstruction”. The more he protests and squirms the guiltier I think that he is. Even Lindsey Graham thinks that Trump is acting very guilty. There is a saying about guilt that guilty people go overboard protesting their innocence too much, over and over and obsess about it too much. If Trump were really so innocent then he would just relax. If Trump were innocent he would have no problem talking to Mueller. Trump says he wants to talk to Mueller and then he refuses to talk to Mueller when he gets the chance to do so. He acts guilty every time. He can only get into trouble if he lies or takes the fifth, and he has no need to lie if he is innocent and you only take the fifth if you are guilty. I therefore, think that Trump is very guilty. He does not act innocent and I have seen evidence of at least obstruction of justice, witness intimidation, and serious abuse of power, all are impeachable offenses. The problem is that the Congressional republicans don’t care at all about the rule of law. All they care about is their party and their tribe. They spent four years on Clinton for Benghazi and two years on Clinton for her e-mails and spent over eight million dollars in taxpayer money and got no evidence and now they are complaining after one year even after Mueller has gotten 78 felony counts and twenty or so people indicted for felonies. Republicans cannot say that there is no there there this time, yet they still try to lie and say this! This whole thing is stunning!

In addition, it galls me because I think that Clinton actually won the election except for massive deliberate republican election fraud and now this country has to suffer under the horrible policies of he evil Trump administration and far right Trump appointed lifetime Supreme Court and Federal judges! This is actually illegal even if there is no actual law against it. It amazes me that there are no laws against some of this stuff when ordinary Americans have to suffer under draconian state and federal laws that Congress and the president can get away with murder!

Anyway, thanks for listening! Good comment!


That is exactly right! I agree absolutely! See my response to Mountainmike.


Yes, it is really evil! And if they destroy the earth and kill us all off and all the animals and all of God’s creation, don’t they think that God might really be pretty mad about this?! It says in Revelation that God will come down personally to destroy those men who destroy the earth! They don’t even know their own Bible!

In addition, what if Christians and all of the religions are wrong and there is no God? What if there is a God and he/she is so mad at us that he/she says “too bad you humans, you destroyed the beautiful earth I created for you to live on so now you are on your own.” “I wanted to get rid of you jerks anyway!”

The whole idea is insane! We don’t have to try to force God to come. We could just take better care of this planet and let things happen more naturally in God’s own time, or not, and just let things be. I say that humans are not Homo sapiens the wise ape, but Homo loco, the crazy ape. What do you think?


No, it took many months and even over a year to figure out Watergate. Read All the President’s Men. The cool thing is that WAPO is involved in this again. WAPO is a national treasure! I just reread that book a few weeks ago and it is very similar except this time what Trump has done is much much worse by using Russians, a hostile foreign power, and being a puppet president of Vladimir Putin. If Trump actually cared about America he would step down because he can be blackmailed by Putin easily and he may be being blackmailed right now!