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As Victims' Families Fight for Justice, Secret Report Details How Israel Used Armed Drone to Kill Gazan Children


As Victims' Families Fight for Justice, Secret Report Details How Israel Used Armed Drone to Kill Gazan Children

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A secret report by the Israeli military police—obtained by The Intercept's Robert Mackeyreveals that a week into Israel's Operation Protective Edge in 2014, "air force, naval, and intelligence officers" mistook four 10- and 11-year-old boys who were playing on a beach in Gaza for Hamas militants and killed them by firing missiles from an armed drone.


This type of thing began in earnest with the Nakbah of 1947-48 and has been ongoing ever since.



Israel, you are a fucking embarrassment to the Jewish people that I have known to be of good character. Die Zionism, die.


Do hasbara trolls get paid to work on sundays?
Probably have to wait until tomorrow to hear how this these evil toddlers deserved it, and that Israel are really just innocent victims in all this.


Since we give Israel so much money, we are accomplices.


I figure it will be how these kids were firing rockets and had to be killed to protect innocent Israelis.


More than an accomplice. The Zionist entity that occupies Palestine is a US/UK/Western imperial agent used to control Mideastern oil, water and impose an imperial neoliberal agenda. It is successful on all accounts, though its sponsors find it tough to control because of Zionist influence throughout the imperial West.

Also, the sponsors mistakenly allowed Israel to develop an extensive nuclear and CBW capacity, threatening not only the region, but the entire biosphere.


It bewilders me to see so much effort by Jews to remember the holocaust and that we should cry for the victims. We do. But from victims of genocide to supporters of genocide. WTF???


THIS institutionalized depravity is what the Israelis so desperately want to continue to conceal from the world! War crimes and violations of International Human Rights Law! Children playing on a beach are murdered by drone attack claimed to be a “mistake” - it was no mistake, it was the product of systemic institutionalized racism in the Israeli armed forces! Palestinians are looked-at as vermin, to be slaughtered and exterminated by the racist extremist murderers…

Palestinian children, journalists, medics, American and international protesters are intentionally targeted and murdered by the zionist entity…inthe case of Americans murdered OUR scum government did NOT stand-up for their rights, just as they did not for the crew odf the USS Lberty!..whether kids on a beach killed by armed drones or a 13 year-old schoolgirl executed by IDF killer that shot her at least 17 times then approached and shot her in her head repeatedly…the depraved murderer "expressed no regret over his actions and said he would have done the same even if the girl was a 3-year-old - or a young medic and journalist, all are intentionally murdered by IDF snipers - fuckin snipers! - killing unarmed people posing NO threat, except a political one, exposing the depraved indifference by Israelis to the lives of all other people! the use of indiscriminate and banned weapons on civilians, civilian infrastructure are war crimes!

Those are “our allies” - depraved racist scum with zero moral conscience or remorse! America has been made accomplis to such atrocities over decades and we can see the insidious influence in our own nation, military and police!

BOYCOTT, SANCTION, DIVEST from the war criminal Israeli war criminal!! BDS!



Well isn’t that just grand. You can add them to the 50 kids we wasted in Yeman the other day.


Every one of us who has voted for a Democrat or Republican is complicit.

Great reason to leave the Duopoly, huh?


enough already. i wonder what would happen if the u.s. and u.s. backed entities stopped bombing-would there be any more war?



Why is it that all the news about Israel I get from Common Dreams but never see it on any other U.S. news source?


This is a little off topic but interrelated. We are an empire w military bases all over the world. We arm Israel so main stream news will not cover this in any legitimate way.


The owners of MSM don’t want people to know about it.

They’re complicit and don’t want their mouthpieces to utter a peep about it.


Summer 2014 - death by the numbers



Never forget how Israel shits upon the memories of those who perished in The Holocaust.


I will always remember how Israel under Benjamin NuttyYahoo continues to shit upon the memories of those who perished in The Holocaust.


How would WW 2 have ended if the Germans had invented drones? Oh silly me, the IzzyNazis are showing us daily----only this time the Holocaust victims are Palestinians. How is it possible that a country that constantly lectures the world to " never forget." shows itself to be completely and insanely INSINCERE! : (