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As Victims' Families Fight for Justice, Secret Report Details How Israel Used Armed Drone to Kill Gazan Children


Always good to remember the USA complicity in such crimes. The US history is far longer and vicious than Israel’s with its theft of indigenous lands and the genocide of most of the First Nations People. Then it also kidnapped, enslaved and dragged the Africans across the “Ocean Blue” to slave away for generations to enrich the white invaders of both South and North.


It is unfounded and inflammatory propaganda like this, meant only to incite tensions even further, that is the embarrassment. Palestinians are literally sending their own children to the front lines of riot scenes to get killed and injured and teach them to construct incendiary Kite and balloon bombs into the backyards of Israeli homes and schools. Those kite-bombs are nothing other or less than environmental terrorism that has set flame to thousands of acres of fields, forests and crops–which will result in increased deprivation for Palestinian, as well as Israeli, children. You people should be ashamed of the fact that you are literally enabling massive and systemic Palestinian child exploitation and abuse–all for the sake of glorifying your own prejudices which you celebrate under the politically correct banner of “Anti-Zionism.”


Get back to me when you are personally blockaded from obtaining goods and services required for sustenance.


Clinton set the example for the world. At a time when only we had the killer drone, Clinton illegally acted as prosecutor and executioner of American citizens overseas. Subsequently, he recklessly enlarged the role of killer drones, before a proper command and control system was in place, while incentivizing private contractors, sort of a modern day bounty hunting.

For now on, expect extrajudicial drone killings to become the accepted norm globally. Thank you Nobel peace winner Clinton.


And then we sold them to other countries such as Saudi Arabia so they could do the same. By the way, I don’t think Clinton ever won the Nobel peace prize.


I don’t know if there would be no more war, but I will say there would be a hellovalot less, and peacekeepers would have a better chance of doing their jobs and getting back home alive.
*Just remembering the news we got years ago, with film of the UN Peacekeepers in their white trucks and uniforms and blue helmets driving a convoy between battle lines, to force the dispute to the conference table.
*Nowadays, some drones and a few fighter-bombers would take out those “interfering busybodies” so the killing could continue until there was no one left.
*I’m glad I’m an old fart and won’t be around for most of what I see coming.
*I was born before WW-II and remember what this nation was then. Not perfect, of course, but well intentioned, helpful and generous.
*God, what a maggot eaten foul monster we have turned into since then, largely due to nuclear weaponry.


Hey nettinflokyou! you are absolutely as EVIL as HITLER!


…brought to you by your Department of Redundancy Department…


I don’t think anyone should ever hear back from this bigoted, bloodthirsty so called human. But it is educational to know that such people actually exist and earnestly spew this inhuman trash.


Did you mean Clinton or Obama? Obama was the Drone King from hell…just sayin’…


I think he confused Clinton with Obama…


Oops. Sorry, a major slip. Obama, who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for nothing.


If Israel bombed New York, criticizing it would be ANTI-SEMITIC. Oh, i forgot, they already did that.


JFK tried to halt Israeli nukes. Contributing to the assassination. War mongers all CIA/MIC/MOSSAD/ and the zionist controlled media in the U.S. AIPAC owns every politician as well as POTUS. So enjoy Amerika !!


The fun part is that a good chunk of the bribe money employed by Israel to subvert America’s government comes from American taxpayers.


I think it would be a hoot to resurrect the first continental congress for a discussion of what our government has become. Would they think all their effort was worth it?


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