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As VW Scandal Unfolds, Ripple Effect Extends through Entire Auto Industry



Manufactures like Mercedes-Benz use the injection of uric acid into the exhaust to control diesel emissions much better than this VW engine.

Big diesel trucks have had uric acid injection for some time.

Even some VWs use this system. But one does have to purchase a couple of hundred dollars of uric acid after driving the car 10,000 miles.

Gasoline engines pollute much less than diesels.


Thanks Jay,

I didn't know that.



Wow, somebody needs to get to the bottom of this quickly.


Actually, it is urea, not uric acid.


Corporations by their very nature are sociopathic in that they need growth or increased profit to gain their stock and are typically amoral in the method used to achieve these ends. Their actions are almost always selfish and narcissistic; almost in a juvenile manner. In fact, corporations PR departments are really giant selfies of ego bound pathology.

Time to rethink the legitimacy that corporations have acquired over their history. If their mendacious ways cannot be curbed (and who here thinks they will?) they should be legislated into oblivion!


We are now in the urgent situation where the worst pollutant a car emits by far is the gigatons of CO2 which gets emitted no matter how "clean burning" the engine is. So all this fuss about a car that the through guile, emitted a bit more particulates or NOx than the regulations allow, frankly does not interest me very much.

In fact, I regard it as a full-blown tempest in a teapot...or arranging the deck furniture on the Titanic - pick your metaphor.

The internal-combustion engine itself HAS GOT TO GO! And considering all the other issues - crash hazards, social atomization, vast resource waste - the car itself has got to follow right behind it!


Yes, they should all who might have reported the crime should get massive fines, equal to three times the cost of cleaning up their mess! AND they should go to jail for the murder of thousands of people who are harmed and now have shorter lives because of their crimes.

And let's not forget the EPA has NOT BEEN DOING ITS JOB FOR SIX YEARS for that to have gotten by them,

Oh, yes, is there a single US Regulatory agency that does its job?

Is there any chance the Department of Justice will stop giving passes to corporate crime as they have been doing as far back as there are records?

Is there any chance in hell Hillary or Jeb or anyone running will actually hold anybody accountable? Because we know Obama lacks the spine to do that. He never has heard of a corporate criminal he didn't get off with a smile and a wink.


Electric cars, like the Nissan Leaf and Tesla don't pollute. Period.


urea? a couple of hundred dollars? couldn't just piss into it?


Would not urea oxidise to some compound of ammonia that would not be overly good to breath; or to an oxide of nitrogen that then might then produce nitric acid, also not overly benefical to one's lungs?


We invented them to help us, we can uninvent them to help us as well! As soon as we start voting in out own interests instead of guessing where the herd will go, we'll get our government back.


Careful, a "Piss on diesels" campaign could get rowdy.


The EPA didn't discover anything. The EPA, like most of the US Federal government, is completely incompetent. No one at the EPA could find their own ass with either hand if you gave them a map and a GPS device. This problem was discovered by an industry group (the International Council on Clean Transportation) teamed up with West Virginia University. They were trying to prove that diesel engines really were "clean". They actually knew what they were doing and actually measured the emissions (gasp!) rather than taking the easier approach of just reading the computer outputs. When this team reported what they had found to the EPA, that's when the clue bird hit the government that they'd been duped.


Does this mean GM execs are the last corporate criminals to escape penalties for killing so many people for profit?

Yes, I know, GM execs simply covered up a faulty ignition switch while pentagon war mongers set out to design new ways kill enemies de jour. Even so, either way, citizens are killed for profit by corporations that get away with the crime.


Bingo!! and it did not start with Tobacco or pharmaceutical it runs rampant in all profit and even non profits driven industries. NO ONE IS EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE IF THEY HAVE LOADS OF MONEY, if not they are held accountable.

We need criminal prosecution for corporations and their officers who allowed, we need criminal prosecution for politicians.



Interesting, I'd thought them them same, but you are right.


Only if the Leaf or Tesla, etc is running on electricity generated from non-poluting sources.

So there's no "period" about anything you claimed.


Profitability and stock value are at the heart of all evil done to the planet's environment and resources. Corporations by their very nature are destructive entities, their sole aim being profit driven without consideration for collateral damage incurred to others in the process of making the shareholders richer. Global capitalism is inherently flawed and must be discarded.


Your piss isn't concentrated enough.

And it's an old joke?

You can find the Car Talk guys blogging about it from 2007.