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As Walker Announces, Wisconsin GOP Moves to Gut Open Records Law


As Walker Announces, Wisconsin GOP Moves to Gut Open Records Law

Brendan Fischer

On the same day that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his run for president, the Wisconsin GOP has proposed a virtual gutting of Wisconsin's open records law, long considered one of the best in the nation. The drastic changes were proposed in a last-minute, anonymous budget motion, with zero public input on the eve of a holiday weekend. The motion will be rolled into the state's massive budget bill and voted on in the coming weeks.


The utter shamelessness with which the Walker posse carries out its backers’ gleefully criminal agenda, leaves little doubt as to how far they will be willing to go. They exhibit zero self-restraint; only grudgingly accept any restraint from law or public opinion; and then immediately hatch fresh brazen schemes to ride roughshod over any such barriers they encounter.

Give him a couple more steps on his career trajectory, and there is no class of crime he will not smilingly oblige his backers in carrying out.

Is there any remaining semblance of honest media in WI that will trumpet this latest skullduggery?


Gradual accommodation to the erosion of Democratic processes takes place through pushing sporadic litmus tests.

As much as New Orleans functioned as the Litmus Test for Disaster Capitalists taking control of formerly state-run programs–like public education, Detroit is serving as Exhibit A for the privatization of water.

Scott Walker is a puppet of ALEC and the Koch Brothers. Their 7-figure lawyers write the legalese and he shamelessly pushes it into place.

What’s particularly galling, if not quasi-satirical is the way that the Right Wing supposedly hates “big government,” and yet by granting government powerbrokers (in this case, the odious Scott Walker) the “right” to suppress all of the evidence that arguably goes into policy-creating, they are giving government (now seamlessly merged with corporations = fascism) enormous unchecked powers.

Note, too, how this new policy protocol–that of NOT telling the public what’s IN the fine print or involved in the agendas being fixed into legal place–has both domestic (Wisconsin, through Walker’s dark example) and international (TPP, TIPP, Fast Track) implications.

Gradual accommodation… keep The People in the dark and then tell them that they wanted it, that WE are all in “this” together.


The right wing hates big government when it is not in their favor. Just like when the Supreme Court rules against something they are for, the court is legislating. They have teams of right wing think tanks that tell them how to disseminate propaganda and they are good. They also control the media, so the truth very seldom comes out.


Ah, so goes Wisconsin so goes the rest of the ALEC led, red states. With Walker running to run the whole country it will be the perfect ending (or beginning) of ALEC’S AGENDA. Walker would have made Orwell’s dream character. Choosing Wisconsin as the proving ground for regressive politics was the perfect place to extract any semblance of democracy. I doubt that Walker will draw the crowds on the campaign trail that Bernie Sanders is doing.


More proof that Walker and all his ilk are evil and communist…No transparency at all yet we can see right thru them…I dont see this assBag becoming president because his state record of criminality will get him skewered by the press…Watch him as he burns to the ground.


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