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As Wall Street Vultures Circle, Demands for Immediate Puerto Rico Debt Relief


As Wall Street Vultures Circle, Demands for Immediate Puerto Rico Debt Relief

devastation in puerto rico

"Washington must abandon its austerity agenda and support the removal of all manmade obstacles to Puerto Rico's recovery and reconstruction."


Will someone please shoot those Vultures?


Truly disgusting behavior on the part of the Vultures. But do we call it criminal?? NO, of course not. But taking a knee during the SSB should cost people their jobs. Screwed up priorities…


The US government has treated Puerto Rico as second class citizens. For example they don’t get medicaid and other social programs. They have to pay extra for any shipping. The electric utility gets none of the advantages of the us utilities such as stimulus for building generation. This disaster will put them in bankruptcy but no they cannot declare bankruptcy. Perhaps they can borrow money from the Russians like Trump does. Trump surely has a history of not treating Puerto Ricans fairly in New York same as any other minority.


Oh, no–that would be socialism cry the capitalists, where will it stop? Greed is good, profit is everything–as if you could take it all to the grave!

LIFE is what matters, not things. Human decency is what would truly enrich us all and make living a blessing and not the hell the capitalists are creating.

Socialism or barbarism–the choice is clear.


Not having any representation in Congress puts Puerto Rico in a difficult position. This is what happens when a place is a US territory and not a state. Puerto Rico has voted against independence so it remains in this gray area. Trump once again illustrated his lack of any human decency with his comments about the debt. Perhaps in Trump’s world human decency is part of political correctness. The pattern goes on and on. He never apologizes for hurting people with insults or actions. He supports torture much worse than waterboarding. I don’t think it should have been unexpected for Trump to bring up the financial problems of Puerto Rico at this time. It is very much in character for Trump. A fiction writer would be hard pressed to create such an awful human being for a novel. And the character would not be believable. No human could be that uncaring, that self-centered, that nasty, etc, readers would think. But he is that bad and he is praised by the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. He brought out the worst in the voters and they responded on election day.


Exactly. Thank You for naming the beast (and its alternative). This latest bit of “disaster capitalism” is not an aberration, but a systemic and defining feature of capitalism itself.


Well put, Giovanna! Why is the word “socialism” automatically, reflexively maligned in this country?
It is totally illogical to dismiss an idea out of hand, especially one that’s never been completely tried or implemented. For the past 100 years, Americans have been brainwashed into believing that Socialism is inherently evil, by people who are so afraid of losing some of their wealth and/or power.

Personally, I really don’t see that 90% of us have anything to lose, and nothing to fear from Socialism, especially a democratic Socialism. It’s becoming ever more evident that our current trajectory cannot continue much longer.


someone might ask drumpf how much the failure of his golf course cost the Puerto Rican taxpayers. It was a very large chunk, and if the PR taxpayers had to eat that, why shouldn’t the present bondholders have to eat their bonds? And given how many times drumpf has declared bankruptcy and the thousands of suits against him for failing to pay his debts, he’s in no position to talk about PR’s debt problem.

Some people just aren’t worth the oxygen they use.

Here’s the amount that drumpf’s golf course bankruptcy cost PR taxpayers. ““His role in the bankruptcy of the company, which ended up costing Puerto Rican taxpayers $32.6 million…”

Maybe he should reimburse them.


To give proper credit, “Socialism or barbarism” is a paraphrasing of Rosa Luxemburgs: “Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism.”


Thank you. It was true in Rosa’s time. It is true today.


Humanity is no longer placed before profits.


Apparently only 25% of PR debt is owned by hedge funds. The rest owned by pension funds and individuals who purchased bonds. Personally i have zero exposure, so by all means, cancel the debt.


The latest update on relief efforts from the Department of Defense that is coordinating agencies.


Hey Trump —you want to really win the hearts and minds of people----cancel the debt, promise and do rebuild better than before.

This is a real issue and needs to be discussed----but what also needs to be discussed is how this debt reached 80B???I don’t see the people of Puerto Rico living the high life----WHERE DID ALL THIS MONEY GO???


Today It takes a comedian rundown from 2016 to approach the scope of history of federal marginalization by predatory corporate colonization that renders the reality today:


Hello nineteen50, Humanity is now sacrificed on the alter of profits!!!


US law is clear that Puerto Rico owes nothing for illegitimate debts signed onto by a corrupt government buying things from crony capitalist crooks.

That is the exact reason the US gave for not honoring the debts owed by Puerto Rico when it won its war of independence from Spain and was immediately conquered and colonized by the US military.


Wow! Thank you. The take away: “Hey, Puerto Rico, F… you, now pay me.” Lin-Manuel Miranda is brilliant.


Thank you Old Goat for the brilliant history!