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As Warnings Mount of So-Called 'Second Wave' of Covid-19, Trump Says He Won't 'Close the Country' Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/22/warnings-mount-so-called-second-wave-covid-19-trump-says-he-wont-close-country-again

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“We are witnessing the complete breakdown of the United States government,” tweeted Bragman.

Very, very true, but from my perspective what we are witnessing is just the inevitable result of the US illegal war mongering fascist past from the lies of 11/22/63 to Vietnam and 9/11 and the WMD lies of Iraq with no accountability. That is the reality and in my opinion… why Amerika has it’s own Fuehrer.


Trump has to stop mail in voting and he can’t do that unless the lockdowns are lifted. Trump has to pretend the economy is doing well, he can’t do that with folks locked down. Trump will be required to bailout people instead of just the rich if the lockdown continues. Trump wants the virus to continue because it is killing the folks he does not like, POC, poor, old, homeless, etc… Trump is using this pandemic to further the conservative agenda and the bottom line is that agenda is more important to conservatives then the lives of those they dislike.


The Unmasked Marauder

“the “first wave” has not ended, meaning that the idea of a “second” wave of the disease is somewhat inaccurate.“

While it’s a bit disconcerting that Trump is having a problem counting from one to two, anyone who thought Republicans could count hasn’t been paying attention to their deficit hypocrisy.


True. It’s also going to be increasingly killing the other group of people he doesn’t like—his supporters. But, hey!, it’s Trump we’re talking about! He’s a moron.


"We are going to put out the fires,"

And will need to start with you and your enablers.

Of all your many crimes the one that is highlighted is ecocide as this SARS-Cov-2 spreads across nations made worse in US America by your criminal negligence. We know that environmental destruction is responsible in great part for releasing so many of these pathogens and we have known that throughout history.

An interesting book, In The Wake of the Plague, Norman F. Cantor, said that there is much evidence that The Black Death of mid 14 C was caused not only by the “black rat flea” but also anthrax (remember anthrax deaths ?) as more and more of the forested areas in Europe were been cut down for cattle and anthrax comes from cattle. Think about what is happening in Brazil, the Amazon burning/“clearing”, under Trump’s understudy, Bolsonaro.

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The article states that the 2020 deficit is projected to be about $5,000 per household…that’s wrong. The deficit is projected to be about $4 trillion which is about $32,000 per household and about $12,000 per person (including children).

The article states that the national debt will go over 100% of GDP this year but it was over 100% last year. They must mean the public debt which does not count what the govt. “owes itself” (e.g. federal pensions, Social Security trust fund, etc.). That was about 80% of GDP last year.

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Boy, how much do we like having business leaders running the country now that we have trump and so many others?
They are doing what they always said they would. Kill regulation. Stealing our tax dollars was always a given.

When they have spent all of the annual tax dollars they just crank up the printing presses and print funny money.

No, but We the People will absolutely Close the White House.

Or, throw the occupants out.

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If that were the case, then we’d never have annual deficits and have no national debt.

This is not a joke, oftentimes, with flu, the first year is just a “herald wave” for the real epidemic which is in the second year. We should be preparing for it.

It’s a sobering thought that most of the US and the world’s population is still naive to this virus’s effects.

Its also quite horrid how our current healthcare model which is obsessed by extracting as much money as possible out of the people of this country and both the domestic and global economy is totally inappropriate for the 21st century where an illness can travel anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. We need to be refocusing on having a healthcare system (not a wealthcare system) that makes it as easy as possible for people to get top quality care and get it fast. So that people seek care. It should be free. Our current system is a failure in every respect because people are terrified of the cost, with good reasons to be.

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The second wave begins at the beginning of the second flu season, i.e. the fall. In the 1918-1919 flu epidemic it was larger than the one the previous year (the first wave is also called the “herald wave” a term borrowed from tsunami research)

Trunk said, “We’re not going to close the country."

For once, Trump is telling the truth. It’s not his call. This is a decision for the governors.

Well said.

the hysteria is reinforced—while in Europe, Latin America it is the communists and anarchists that protest against covid martial law—in the USA it is the conservatives that most cherish freedom