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As Washington Inflames Tensions in Syria, Turkey Launches Airstrikes Against U.S.-Backed Kurdish Forces


As Washington Inflames Tensions in Syria, Turkey Launches Airstrikes Against U.S.-Backed Kurdish Forces

Julia Conley, staff writer
More than 100 targets were bombed Saturday, days after Turkey threatened attacks unless U.S. withdrew support for Kurdish forces


Here is analysis by Moon of Alabama:


My take is that Tillerson, you know, the adult in the room, is way over his head.



Just days ago Syria warned it would shoot down any Turkish planes attacking Kurds in Syrian territory; that threat has proved empty. The Kurds were used against Daesh (ISIS) forces but are being betrayed in their quest for a state of their own yet again. Turkey is and will be allowed to attack Kurdish forces with impunity, and clearly with US (and Syrian) complicity…surely Israel has also a hand in this betrayal.

The Kurds should by now know they are alone and are being sold-out by the trump regime and others that see a Kurdish state of any sort as a threat…

https://www.algemeiner.com/2017/11/29/worlds-betrayal-of-the-kurds-is-a-warning-sign-for-israel/ “The Kurdish people have an inalienable right to national self-determination, just like any other nation. The Kurds, who number some 30 million people, are the largest national group in the world to have no state of their own. The international community is obligated to see to it that they are done historic justice by supporting their dream of being a free nation in their own land.”


Terror army? Yes, so true!


What a strange screwed up world for the Kurdish people. There are few more compelling causes that the cause of Kurdish freedom and self-determination, a poeple who by cultural genetics promote libertarian-socialism and gender equalty. But by accident of geography, they cause has always been used as a cheap tool for superpower ambition - to be literally discarded (massacred) by Iraq Turkey, and Syria when the US is done with them.


Agree. I’ve wondered myself why other countries don’t retaliate against what the USA is doing. My only thought is that they are afraid of what would happen to them because of all the firepower the USA has.


The area between the Levant and the Caucasus, extending eastward to roughly the India-Pakistan border has been called “The Graveyard of Empires”. The American Empire will be no exception.


More MidEast hotspots than the US can handle.

And I saw a Frank Luntz focus group on ViceNews the other night featuring Trump supporters who cited our victory in Syria as one of Trump’s great achievements. But Assad is still in power, Russia, the Kurds, Hezbollah and Iran did the hefty lifting against ISIS, and now the Kurds are being hung out to dry again.

Trump’s victory in Syria is just like our victory in Afghanistan. It doesn’t exist.


Evil means Money in the pockets of those without Ethics or Morals.

Removing “those” Subhumans from existence any way We can, is the only hope for Humanity.


More “Fake News” from our “Fake” President and his “I’ll Believe Any Fake News” following.


Most Trump and GOP supporters don’t “believe any fake news”. For at least the past two decades they love it when the GOP, faux news, and since the start of the birther movement, Trump all get away with ever more outlandish fake news, irrespective of how the fake news negatively impacts those supporters.

Its a tribal thing.


When the U. S. starts chopping up established national boundaries to create a Kurdistan, that is a prescription for chaos. Look what happened with the creation of the state of Israel. I don’t see a statesman or woman capable of bringing justice to the Kurdish people.


The rapture crowd must be ecstatic with Turkey’s actions, hoping we are one step closer to WW3 and the rapture.


The boundaries were set after WWII in many areas separating ethnic groups into minorities of a bigger nation by the West to facilitate future interference. Make A Separate Kurdistan means Let’s Rumble!

Turkey wants a piece of Syria. Some other countries not necessary to name want a pipeline through Syria’s northeast. It ain’t over.

Blaming Assad at this point, I don’t understand. Blame belongs in many many directions.


Not so sure about this as the nations of Europe and beyond certainly were aware of the anti-Jewish rhetoric of the Nazis and when they came into power they were more appeasers at first. I suspect that Europe and Russia were secretly glad of this extermination campaign given their own history of anti-Jewish sentiments protests not withstanding.


OK. That is true. Thanks.


One more thing, though. Look at recent improvement attempts in North Africa and the Middle East. Consider the two countries of Libya and Iraq. They were stable and functioning. We invaded and destroyed them. We killed their leaders. What is left of these countries? Nothing. They are nonfunctional. Syria is still functional. Leave their leader alone.


The U.S. would rather level the entirety of the Middle East into being completely nonfunctional than allow any countries there to function outside of U.S. jurisdiction. Which is why Syria is targeted and Iran is next on the list of countries to be ‘liberated’.


I agree wholeheartedly, Geezer, but a big part of the problem, and perhaps the reason why the world’s other nations don’t band together to stop the US death-machine, is that the Murcans already have their tentacles wrapped around a good part of the globe, and a great many powerful people in other countries have their own personal interests wrapped up in the functioning of that Empire. Indeed the American generals and pols of the Fourth Reich have military footholds of a sort and quantity that the Nazis could only dream about in smoke-filled back rooms.

I think it’s going to take the American people to bring down the evil empire at home–in an internal coup, revolution, collapse, you name it. We get to pick our poison. It’s just too risky for everyone else.


Interesting - including the meanderings of the preying mattis