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As Wave of Teacher Strikes Slated to Continue, GOP State Lawmakers Aim to Jail Protesters

As Wave of Teacher Strikes Slated to Continue, GOP State Lawmakers Aim to Jail Protesters

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While teachers in Arizona and Colorado plan to demonstrate late this week to demand higher salaries and greater government investment in the public education system, GOP state lawmakers are aiming to punish protesters, even as new polling shows the majority of Americ


Let the mouth breathing Colorado troglodytes fill up their jails with teachers and see how it works for them.


This could be the start of real actions against the machine. May it spread.

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Difficult to believe these bullying clowns are so inept at their jobs. But they’re Trumpistas, and moronic bullying seems to be the name of the game anymore.

Didn’t we deal with “strike breaking” in the last century? Didn’t we do away with it? What is this in Colorado? Some sort of Zombie?

The Conservative movement to do away with 100 years of social and economic progress is not acceptable in 21st century America. Anyone who supports it should be forced to live in late 19th/early 20th century conditions. Poor sanitation; death from easily treatable medical conditions; soot and smoke everywhere; bad water; little or no refrigeration; rickety cars on dirt roads; no commercial air travel; etc. etc. etc.

And no corporate funding for political campaigns!

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The poll demonstrates that even though the Democratic Party establishment is mired in corruption ordinary Democrats are still good and generous people. Republicans, not so much.

That was then but St. Ron The Communicator decreed that unions were interfering with the profitability of airports and broke the Air Traffic Controllers Strike. He did this after being a union president himself. There is no understanding the Republican’t aberration.

Next we will see the police, who boast a powerful union, used as strikebreakers or the National Guard called to quell this “unjustified” unrest.

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“Two GOP state senators have responded by introducing a bill that attempts to bar teachers from striking, and threatens to fire, fine, or even jail those who do.”

Then can we jail legislators who don’t do their jobs? I.e., representing the actual VOTERS?

Fair is fair.

They might refuse. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for that.

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The teachers need the raises. The students need the school funding. Most American citizens support both raises and funding. So that outs everyone attempting to counter the strikes as working for an entirely different group of people. Vote them all out!

I’ve had it with republicans, period. They are nothing but greedy, power hungry, professional assholes. They are the exact opposite of what Christ taught to be moral behavior (don’t get me wrong, dims like Chuck Schumer, Diana Feinstein, both Clinton’s, Obama, et al are really not different other that trying to present themselves as non-assholes) but republicans, aptly referred to as repukes take great pride in who can out asshole the other. Piss on em.

THROW THEM ALL IN JAIL, and see how long the politicians last when the parents take to the streets when they have to look after their own kids.

Trumpery in America, suppressing citizens’ rights and ignoring the will of the people. The Masters of War fully support Secretary Betsy over their constituents.