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As We Gape at Trump's Sideshow, Corporations Are Picking Our Pockets

As We Gape at Trump's Sideshow, Corporations Are Picking Our Pockets

Jim Hightower

As America rapidly urbanized in the 1920s and '30s, nearly every burgeoning city gave rise to a jumbled, boisterous side of town that lay somewhere between exciting and dangerous. One such place in my state, known as "Deep Ellum," was a stretch of Elm Street in East Dallas. A predominantly African American community, it also hosted a freewheeling mix of immigrant laborers, rural migrants, musicians, saloonkeepers, preachers, fortune-tellers and assorted hustlers. It was both bedazzling and dicey — the sort of place where the blues lay in wait for innocents.

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Hightower sez:
“Rather than seeking favors from government officials, corporate interests have now largely become the government.”

There’s a word for that. An ‘F’ word, to be precise.


Jim Hightower, good man, good writer, reminds me of Mark Twain. More people, writers, like him would be wonderful, that said, wondering if the human race , or is it the human race to the bottom, is going to last much longer?

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Capitalism, Colonialism and Corporatism , the three C’s of eCONomic theory and all linked to one another are always about and have always been about STEALING.


It will bring great pleasure voting back 92% Marginals in 2022…Time to end the billionaire class forever…


Nobody deserves or needs to make that kind of money!


I don’t if they are “making” it as much as sitting back and “collecting” it. To me, workers make money.


Russiagate was one big sideshow, thanks Democrats and Liberal media! The “inauthentic opposition!”


I thought that was the purpose of inheritance taxes, to prevent family dynasty’s. Our anti-corporate dynasty, (monopoly), isn’t functioning either.
We are no longer a nation of laws, we are now a nation of law breakers, with little law enforcement or reasoned punishments.

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Hightower’s entertaining, but the simplification here is not an unserious distortion. Incrementalism has not only been present but incrementalizing in the same direction at least since 1980 and Ronald Reagan’s probably CIA-directed presidency.

The incrementing has only gained momentum since, with the conditions of each administration worse than the prior regardless of campaign personae or the razzamataz of publicly campaigned ideology.

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Like blood, money needs to circulate through the system to be of value. ‘Sitting’ on billions does nothing but rot and cause a lot of trouble.


And – ironically – it is the President’s duty to ensure that our laws are carried out
with the intent and spirit with which Congress passed them.
Kinda of comical, isn’t it?

This entire administration needs to be impeached and overturned -

Suspira –

Think you can add “Christianity” to that trio – though it’s not an economic
system itself, it invented Capitalism.

“Christianity” underpins Elite-Patriarchy – it’s the “god says so” for male-supremacy
and the myth of female interiority.

And “Christianity” supplied Elites with the licenses to exploit Nature, Animal Life,
Natural Resources, and even other human beings according to various myths of
inferiority – the very basis of the genocide against the native people on this land.
More “god says so” in Manifest Destiny and Man’s Dominion Over nature

Good add . When it became apparent that the New World and other places the European Colonists deemed theirs by right and which they wanted to Colonize, the Catholic Chruch came up with the Doctrine of Discovery, to divide the New World . They claimed since the peoples living there were heathens God could not have made those lands for them.

They also used the Church to justify stealing lands away from those they deemed not Christian. Even with all of their wars in Europe over land holdings by the 1400s one Country seizing the lands of another Country inside of Europe was frowned upon by the Church as “Un-Christian”. On the other hand they were giving the blessing of the Church to invade and seize any other lands justifying it by claiming it was gods work to spread his word.

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Having worked for the federal government in Washington, where I worked closely with multiple federal regulatory agencies, I confirm and applaud Mr. Hightower’s assessment.

Welcome Linda!

I agree –
Basically “Christianity” and Elite-Patriarchy are the same thing.
One underpins the other.
Which is why we see such huge panic over the churches going down.