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As Wealth Gap Grows, 60 Percent of Americans Say Lopsided Distribution 'Unfair'


As Wealth Gap Grows, 60 Percent of Americans Say Lopsided Distribution 'Unfair'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As the gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. continues to grow with more and more wealth being held by fewer people, 63 percent of Americans say that this distribution is unfair, according to a new Gallup survey (pdf) published Monday.


“… noting that the 29 percent of Republicans who also backed redistribution is a “not insubstantial” amount.”

The candidate they will end up voting for though, will having nothing of that.


I’m sure binbanned2 meant if Hillary is elected things will change.
If the country needs to move from the right back to the center, we can’t do that by electing a center-right candidate like Hillary. Nope, I’m afraid she’d be just more of the same, and so she’ll never get my vote.
Not, if it’s between her and some other right-wing-nut-job, like any of those candidates already declared in the Republican party, I’ll vote green again.
Now if it’s Bernie who gets the D nomination for POTUS I’d vote for him.
Last chance to take our country back from full blown neo-fascism is 2016, and that can only be done by electing the strongest anti-corporate-rule candidate. So far that is only Bernie Sanders. Read his progressive budget.


I actually think it may stop somewhat. It’s been 35 years in the U.S. and the country simply will not sustain another ten if HRC does not do it. With many of us backing Warren, Robert Reich, and Move On, Hillary will do what she does best-morph. It will either be total change or the end, and women and non-white men are outnumbering the establishment. Not because Hillary or anyone wants to-but taxes WILL go up!


Only 60%?? - the other 39% sleep on in their daze of delusion.


The US is not a neo-fascist nation; the US is a capitalist nation. Capitalism is predicated on the notion that when humans act out of rational self-interest, the invisible hand of the market produces the best outcomes. The problem is that when humans are motivated by self-interest, the result will be “greed is good” (Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street”) and “selfishness is a virtue” (Ayn Rand).

Americans are not neo-fascist because they are capitalists; they are ignorant because they believe Republican mythology:

  1. Supply-side economics: cut taxes on the wealthy and something will trickle down to the rest of us. Mitt Romney stated on “60 Minutes” that he deserved to pay lower taxes because he created jobs.

  2. Social Darwinism: the rich are rich because they are more fit than the poor who are less fit because they are dependent on the government (Romney’s 47%)

So, no matter how much you dislike Hillary Clinton, she, like Barack Obama, rejects both supply-side economics and Social Darwinism.

Voting for a Green Party candidate because this candidate shares your values is like buying a lottery ticket. The probability your ticket will win is the same as the probability a Green candidate will win. If you buy a lottery ticket, you waste your money. If you vote for a Green Party candidate, you waste your vote.


I think that if Bernie can get his message out by media appearances and gain a base then he has as much chance of winning a primary against Hillary as anyone. When it comes to the presidential debates there isn’t a Republican’t that has a prayer. It would be like bringing a plastic knife to a gun fight.


The Supreme Court claims the phrases “In God We Trust” and “One Nation under God” are not endorsing religion. As if God exists outside of religion. It also claims corporations are people. Can corporations get thrown in jail? Don’t think so. There is no need to poll the people the find the reality disconnect. What is really unfair is the distribution of wealth to the creators of wealth. Workers create real wealth, capitalist create surplus wealth. Real wealth make our lives better with goods and services we can use and consume and trade. Surplus wealth creates the need for foreign markets, military aggression, and neoliberal policies to marginalize worker power and eliminate collective bargaining and similar worker organizations. Sure the rich must pay their taxes, but this is no way to equal the wealth and power gap. Empower workers with the political strength of collective bargaining organizations and they will form labor based political parties, ensure environmental sustainability, worker safety and the tax base that is now the 1% will be so small you could drowned them in a bathtub.


That is what I want. Fill that tub with some waste water and dump in the 1% and change the tax structure so that the the more you have, the more taxes you pay—or it’s into that tub of dirty water for you!

I’m just dreaming. Maybe some of that hope and change is still alive deep inside me. The situation is now desperate and I see little chance that the voters will wise up to the point of refusing to vote for ANY democrat or republican. Get ready for really hard times. The dollar is doomed. The crash of our economy (such as it is) is coming soon.


You’re exactly right. Pay no attention to Goofar the resident goofball on Common Dreams. What, a vote for Clinton II or Bush III or any Rethug for that matter wouldn’t be a wasted vote??? Please! A vote for any of them would leave my hands dripping in blood, just as a vote for Obama in 2012 would have done.

I strongly urge you to read a couple of short articles:

  1. rolling stone, Matt Taibbi dated 4/16 “Campaign 2016: Hillary’s Fake Populism is a Hit” - “her idealist porridge is not too hot, not too cold, but just fake enough” She’s planning to raise $2.5 Billion more than Obama and Romney combined, but don’t worry she’s going to be a populist. Matt is a great author and this short article is both comical and hits the nail on the head.

  2. Fire Dog Lake Kevin Gosztola dated 4/13 “Hillary Clinton’s Announcement Paves the Way for Progressives to Abandon Their Principles Much Earlier Than Usual” - “…progressives will begin their quadrennial ritual now of rationalizing their vote, lowering their expectations and engaging in anti-democratic, intellectually dishonest arguments about America’s political system.” Such as: work within the system, accept the inevitable, take whatever crumbs you are lucky enough to get, don’t try to be a spoiler, after all there’s only one possible outcome, blah blah blah

Personally, I’m working for and contributing to Bernie Sanders just to see how well he’ll do within the Democratic party. After all don’t all democrap sycophants always say we should work within the party to make “real change”? We’ll see how the DNCC gives him the total shaft in the end when he tries that approach.

Assuming a miracle doesn’t happen within corpora-Democratic party, then I’m supporting either the Green Party or Socialist Alternative, even if I have to write them in.



There’s an interesting statistic in the chart presented. When the rickety and contrived housing boom bust, notice how the “is fare” went from 27% to 37% and the “evenly distribute” dropped from 68% to 59%. If only wise psychologists, sociologists, and anthropoligists could get in and take a peek around the USAian gringo mind, what utter chaos they might find.


Yea, but that same 60% are sheeple, who will go and vote D or R and wonder why the gap gets bigger. This kind of stupid will not get fixed. Like walking in the rain with a broken umbrella, instead of throwing it away and getting a new one, they complain about getting wet.


You couldn’t be more right. I will vote Bernie all day every day if he stayed IND. I will hold my nose and vote for him if he is a dem. His saving grace is that, he appears, not to care about personal wealth and cares about the country is grand kids will inherit. When you get his age, most will start to think of their legacy and not their wealth.


Clinton hurt usa and mexico with nafta clinton employee of banks ended glass stegal and worst welfare so I will never vote hillary no way. she hob nobs with elites and there fore as a goldwater girl as husband both deserve nothing but scorn. Take back the d from right of center last two incompitent democrats. Vote Bernie Sanders