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As Wealthiest Amass Another $1 Trillion in 2017, Calls for a 'Strike Back' Against Oligarchy


As Wealthiest Amass Another $1 Trillion in 2017, Calls for a 'Strike Back' Against Oligarchy

Julia Conley, staff writer

"We can have a world where everyone has a decent home, the chance for an education, and access to healthcare. Or we can have billionaires. We can't have both."


Greed is an addiction AND a disease for which there is currently no known cure.
Intervention is suggested but, as all addiction counselors know: The addict must WANT to quit. I don’t see that happening in this case.


Can’t wait to see the billionaires get theirs!


No, it is not commendable. These thieves of labor and lives would rather throw chump change at us to alleviate their guilt because of the inequality they have created all while claiming a Judeo-Christian ethos instead of getting the hell out of the way. Change is coming…


Charity is well and good but workers are still getting royally screwed. The new tax scam has given the wealthy ruling class another, at least, $1.5 trillion. What the hell? Money, fiat money that is, is superfluous, really what good does it do them? Half the world starves, Earth is crying for all the plunder, and still they want f**king more! Jeezzz, what will it take to get some relief? Today I got a call that I owe my oxygen supplier $140.00, I thought Medicare covered it but no, I now have to pay 20%!!?? Last summer I called them and they said my balance was zero so I quit calling. But today, as Gomer Pyle would say, “surprise, surprise, surprise!; you owe us because we cut Medicare”. Oh yeah, they cut it again for 2018 by another $25B. I want to scream. I’m so pissed I can’t even read my book so I’m writing instead to lessen the stress this causes. I guess Trump and his rich buddies can smoke even more Cubans, have more lobster in caviar and laugh at us peons. I just received a book on insurrection, my next read. I’ll look tomorrow to see if others are as incensed as I. I’ll try to get by and my cat is doing fine now for the one good spot in my life.


Indeed change IS coming, perhaps even in my lifetime. My cancer report is good for another year, so we’ll see.


If you go here you can read the graph’s and then you can puke on your shoes…Buzzflash had this up earlier but took it down, I’m glad I saved it for you all to see it in black and blue…


I wonder when concerted strategies to hit the capitalists in their pocketbooks will be ramped up to more significant effects. A super BDS. On the flip side substantial expansion of the alternative economics championed by such communities as Solidarity Economy, The Next System, and BALLE will hasen the transformation.


Olhippy, I wish there were something I could do or say to improve your lot. I am like you though, burning inside with rage and too damn old to do anything about it. But remember, we did stop a war and no one has ever done that before. So maybe, if they’ll get off the couch and into the streets things will change. Don’t hold your breath but dream of that eternal stream of Hope. Dream that impossible dream.


Think those “commendable” “good intentions” by some exploitocrats (which one would be well advised to take with a sea’s worth of salt) might have something to do with their “concern” over killing their golden goose?


Our leaders have already made their opinions known regarding wealth inequality. As bad as wealth inequality is in the United States, it will become worse once the Trump tax cuts kick in next year.


Oh, change is coming and not even the wealthiest will escape. This is far more than a moral or social justice issue, though it is certainly all of that. It is now down to a survival issue for our species. Billionaires came game their political and economic systems, all they want, but they can’t game the environment, which, thanks to the capitalist systems they use to fuel their greed, is becoming ever more hostile to the human species. You can’t buy off, make a deal or bribe Mother Earth. The clock is ticking.


Love your comment…


Bill Gates & Warren Buffett: We don’t want your charity. We want you to pay taxes at a level that we don’t need charity. Also, we - the people - need to decide what our needs and priorities are - not you when you give your money.

And people - stop believing that people giving charity are so wonderful. We have given up our common power to tax and allocate resources as a community - not rich people deciding for us what we need and using money that should have been taxed to fund it and along with it all of their PR spin telling us how great they are.

Oh, and corporations - we don’t need you to buy the naming rights for our stadiums and auditoriums. We need you to pay taxes to the level that we don’t need you to have your name on everything. We don’t need every venue named after a corporation trying to make money. Can we get back to a place where the people and communities had control not politicians and their corporate benefactors.


Like George Carlin said - they don’t give a damn about us!


Well - sometimes that addict has to be thrown out of the house for the sake of the family and its sanity. In this case, I think we need to clean house - the congress - as they are addicted to campaign contributions and will do anything to get their fix - even steal from the national family. Time for sanity has come!


Corporations that buy naming rights to stadiums and other superfluous expenditures are really using “our” money to do so.


I want to point out that the Kochs, Waltons, Mercers, Adelsons spend massive amounts of money to control the world, to subvert our democracy, our planet, with no regard to decency. And meanwhile, Gates, Buffet, and Soros proceed with minuscule charitable efforts that disguise their acceptance of all that is being done to destroy our government, life on the planet, and on and on. Money rules and they don’t seem to feel accountable for countering the obvious evil right-wing power players.


maybe the Democrats can reuse their twat hats for this next phase of the McResistance?

Liberals still trying to figure out if that’s their a&& or a hole in the ground after all.


COMPLETELY agree but don’t see it happening given the “Sheep Factor”.