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As Wealthy Surge, U.S. Poor and Middle Class Incomes Have Gone Backward



Austerity is causing american men to be shorter.

American women are not living so long under austerity.


File under no shxxt.
It gets mich worse if you look back to the early 70's when this started. What Noam said is when they started Phase 2.

At least i haven't gotten any shorter.


Another example that the "trickle down" theory is a lie? All of neoliberalism is a lie.

I like the new neoliberalist concept. Just be an entrepreneur and start a business and you will get the "American Dream." By the way, if that business fails, you either did not work hard enough or it was a bad idea or both. It is all on you entrepreneur and not the systems fault.


The accumulation of vast wealth in this country (and elsewhere) and its ability to evade justice, regulations, control our electoral processes and select candidates, determine elections, and pass favorable legislation. is a clear and present danger to our entire nation and people - except for the wealthiest 1% and their lap-dogs.
The extremes of the inequality is an obscenity anyway you slice it.......

Obscenity? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/quotes


Vote Hillary for incremental Change. No thanks!


Ahhh class warfare...ain't it grand. They just keep killing us and we cower in the dark and think to ourselves, don't speak of violence, be peaceful, protest without the bricks and piss filled balloons and remember the cops will be gentle when they club you if you haven't been violent. People, they are killing us off. They (the bourgeoisie) are killing us with a disease know as the industrial disease. They kill us with chemicals they make into food, they kill us with war they say is just, they kill us in a million different ways and still we sit silent. They kill with despair and depression and guilt because we haven't worked hard enough. They kill us with disinformation and misinformation. But mostly they kill us with heart attacks and cancer and the big one POVERTY. Class warfare is grand when one side doesn't fight back.


So, the old saw " the beatings will continue until the morale improves " is starting to show up in all sorts of different measurements. Just goes to show, beating your head against the wall, trying to figure how to make ends meet, makes no sense if you want to grow up to be tall and strong. I'm eating Wheaties every day, despite the questionable ingredients, because it's the breakfast of champions. After all, look what they did for Bruce Jenner.:wink:


Community victory gardening helps as money not spent. An alternate economy that spawns a new government structure is probably what's going to happen, eventually.


Well if it were not for the fact that those wealthy Americans were even RICHER than they were before, they would have even less money to invest in the creation of new jobs and Americans would be even worse off and that median wage lower yet!!

Yes this sarcasm but I got a feel this a sentiment that would be expressed by many of those defenders of the way things are.


And what is a major cause of the decline of the middle class: LOW WAGES, NO OVERTIME, TEMP JOBS, NO RETIREMENT, NO MEDICAL BENEFITS...Living wages, benefits, retirement, a 40-hour workweek with overtime pay when exceeded, on site safety enforcement and more were ALL fought for and achieved by UNIONS. Corporations have systematically undermined and/or outright eliminated these benefits by outsourcing work, sending jobs to their operations abroad, and breaking the unions with lies, coercion, and any number of underhanded tactics. General Electric, Boeing, Ford, GMC, Chrysler, and any other number of corporations have done their damnedest since Raygun came to office to rape and pillage their workers. Walmart, the largest retail employer in the world has perennially abused their labor force while the family are worth several million$$$ each. All the while the executives' salaries have increased to anywhere from 400 to 600% more than even middle management let alone the line workers WHERE THE PRODUCTS ARE MADE. These self-serving execs take credit for the increase in "productivity" (longer hours, less pay is their way).

Welcome to Haedes!


people are simply not wired to take this kind of risk, which is obviously used as leverage against us and the secret sauce for why elites can steamroll us almost at will.
I've always maintained that all organisms have a profound right to defend themselves, although what constitutes an aggression worthy of that response isn't always so clear.
But to me, it's as clear as it can possibly be these days. I personally think revolution is past the point of justification. But the reality is that people in general can't bring themselves to that conclusion except under the most dire of circumstance (affecting a much larger number of people than we have getting smashed even now). Its' why we're better than they are.
Until people conclude that there's really only one possible response left to save ourselves, then I have to help them find creative ways to achieve their political goals as peacefully as possible. I don't think that will work, mind you. But you can't force someone to head for the hills if they're not ready.


There are three classes in America, the rich, their apologists and the rest of us.


This data would need to be controlled for immigration, as South Americans and Asians tend to not be as tall as Caucasians and African Americans, before I were to be convinced of cause and effect.


Speaking of wealthy . . . .
“We’ve seen repeatedly over and over again, when it comes to the Clintons you have to follow the money,” the narrator says. “You can’t come to any other conclusion than it’s a system of pay to play.”http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/12/clinton-cash-film-hillary-foundation-finances


It's time we choose: the Rule of Law, or corporate rule.


One thing about cops and keeping the law: have you not noticed all the children being killed by cops, all the African Americans being killed by cops? To be clear, this is what a fascist society looks like and trying to talk to people is almost impossible. You might as well start a daycare run by pedophiles, it would be a healthier social environment than ours at this moment.


Bill and Hill are looking at Donald with such love in this link you shared! They appear downright smitten.

Quite a contrast between the look of adoration for the Donald vs. the look of contempt + admonishing finger wag she gave the Greenpeace activist who challenged her on taking money from fossil fuel industry.


Thanks for the video. Depressing . . then infuriating.
How can the 75 % be mobilized for change which is coming whether we (as individuals) direct that change or it is directed for us---by the oligarchy. I see Bernie as a key factor (not a savior) in mobilizing for the greater good.
As an aside:
During my life when personal change happened via the route of "directed FOR me"-----it did not work out well.


We need to mobilize ------what to do besides twitter, FB, blog posts?
Especially if Bernie is not the nominee? What is the plan?

The health of the planet and health of humans is in critical condition----if not on life support.

And then there is "health care":