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As Wells Fargo Joins Banks Rejecting Funding of Arctic Drilling, Pressure Heats Up on Others to 'Do Their Part'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/02/wells-fargo-joins-banks-rejecting-funding-arctic-drilling-pressure-heats-others-do

These drillers don’t have to go to banks. There are hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people who have gotten much richer in the last dozen years.
They have been sitting on much of the money that could be loaned, or invested in these fossil fuel adventures. We have to keep putting up roadblocks.

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One comment on this news after six hours? One (more) bank backing out of the Arctic may not sound like much, but this is big. When McKibben launched his divestment movement just 8 years ago the response was immediate. It did not take long for the Rockefeller interests–the great-grandchildren of the grandfather of oil ("Praise John from whom oil blessings flow)–to announce that they were retrenching from fossil fuels, and the movement has been growing ever since.

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Shell shock and self medicating in preparation for tomorrow maybe?

This is definitely big. And it is part of a chain reaction that is still growing. This is how we need to approach all of the problems.

Rather than follow the money… attack the money should be our mantra now. We see the money… there is little effort to hide it, since money makes the rules.


Yes, well said.

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