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As We're Giving Thanks, Let's Resolve to Change Our Food System for the Better

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/26/were-giving-thanks-lets-resolve-change-our-food-system-better


Hopefully, in the future, our government will cease to subsidize large factory farms, and instead give those monies to small local farmers utilizing safer more sustainable farming practices.



I have watched documentaries that showed how large conglomerates control those who raise poultry and keep them in an almost serf-like state. The corporation controls the quality of the chicks they send and specifies the conditions to the tee in which the birds must be raised. No exceptions. They are horrific. Bottom line is king. The spreadsheet is the tool of the devil. Many of these poultry farmers end up bankrupt after a few years time with large infrastructure that cannot be used for any other purpose. The corporations know this and exploit such at every turn. Total moral failure.


Happy Thanksgiving to all - and though slightly off topic, a reminder that China’s Chang’e 5 is on day three of its journey to the Moon. There is very little coverage of this, but when I look at the images of the faces of the Chinese Mission Controllers - I see a reason for thanksgiving.

Yuval Harari asserts that there is in fact only one civilization on Earth - and I for one am celebrating and hoping this mission succeeds.

In space exploration everyone speaks the same language, and looks up ~

The plan as I understand it is for Chang’e 6 to try for a landing at the Moon’s south pole, more or less, ca 2023. I wonder if the Shackleton Crater is in their plans ?



If people were serious about changing food production for the better they’d do away with meat production altogether. Meat production is doing more harm to the environment than the whole transportation sector, it’s dangerous to people who process it, it’s bad for human health, and it’s cruel and unfair to animals.

That’s its intent, to offload the costs and risks onto others and keep the profits. Just like politicians today.

Yes, bottom line is king, which explains why everybody lies to all of us.

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