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As West Virginia Rages, 'Tipping Point' in Oklahoma Has Teachers Planning Walkout of Their Own

As West Virginia Rages, 'Tipping Point' in Oklahoma Has Teachers Planning Walkout of Their Own

Julia Conley, staff writer

What is happening in West Virginia may not necessarily stay in West Virginia.

As thousands of teachers in the state occupied the state house on the eighth day of a walkout that has closed every public school in West Virginia, momentum is gathering among teachers in Oklahoma for a potential strike to protest their low pay and high healthcare costs.


Reading a world history textbook last night I noticed that many empires during the past 2500 years have lasted 200-300 years.

The US race to the bottom we have witnessed during the past four decades confirms that the US is rapidly joining that demographic.


In my state the teachers union is one of the strongest in the state, they have considerable financial influence with a private retirement plan and Wall Street has been after that money forever.


Between WV., OK., and the ridiculous “arm the teachers” talk, we might see a national teachers strike. Under normal times this would not be good, but as we know these aren’t normal times.


A little over 42 thousand for someone to shape, mold and fill the brains of our future. To do the job, day in and day out, with few supplies and tools take wits, smarts and courage. How do assess those skill sets? You cannot, all you really can do is support them to the max, which we have not been doing for decades. I encourage all teachers nation wide to consider walking out, they deserve better than what they are getting. Without question!


I have always been advocating for strikes, but I never could have imagined we would have a major strike in the US this soon–and now we’re already up to TWO major strikes! I thought it would take another few years till it happened. Well, I’m glad I have been proven wrong! Time to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty! Go to the Facebook page “Oklahoma Teachers United” for the most accurate updates on the upcoming strike. Also, if you scroll down a little, you can find a link for the Oklahoma strike fund.

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And…sadly…tragically, we keep electing mostly the wrong type of people to lead us. This is true of every level of Government, except in rare cases. We are a society that is proverbially “Lost in the Woods” to borrow a line from Leon Russell.

I think it needs to not only happen. It needs to spread! The “Powers That Be” need a wake-up call in order to learn the difference between reality and ideological fantasy!

Cutting education would help pay for tax cuts.

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I’ve always thought teachers should be paid much more than hedge fund managers. So much education and work and devotion for so little money.

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Also cutting Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid—hell, anything but Pentagon goodies and subsidies to Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Finance. Wasn’t that at least part of the idea behind the tax cuts?