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As White House Cracks Down on Press, Calls Grow for Journalists to Fight Back


As White House Cracks Down on Press, Calls Grow for Journalists to Fight Back

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This is not how an elected government behaves in a true democracy."
—Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause


As far as “You can only talk to a bully so long before you have to act” goes, the real reaction, metaphorically speaking in this case, is to give the bully a bloody nose and black eye! The lying pathological SB trump has gotten away with murder (literally as well as figuratively and constantly works on more either directly or thru his cabinet appointees) - there must be people of integrity and conscience willing to stand up to his BS, stand up for the 99% and our future, even if it means some political or social or business discomfort!

The more a bully is tolerated or allowed to continue their abuse, the worse it will get…


This is not surprising, it’s actually expected coming from an authoritarian president and his ignorant followers.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42832”]“There’s a darkness spreading over Washington these days, and it might be time for everyone in the news media who cares about democracy to confront it,” Zurawik wrote.  “You can only talk to a bully so long be- fore you have to act.  Maybe it’s time for such collective action again in taking an administration to school.”[/quote] Hell with takin’ 'em to school – take 'em out behind the woodshed and tan their asses good!

Tweetle-Dumb and his treasonous minions are clearly in violation of the First Amendment.

“They HANG Traitors, Don’t They?”


Tell it like it is Fes!


[quote=“Emphyrio, post:5, topic:42832, full:true”]“Tell it like it is, Fes!”[/quote] Okey-Dokey . . .

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42832”]“This is not how an elected government behaves in a true democracy,” concluded Common Cause presi- dent Karen Hobert Flynn.  “Hiding behind the bully pulpit is a cowardly act far beneath the dignity of the office of the president.”[/quote]There hasn’t been much dignity – much less any honesty – in the Office of the Presiduncy for several decades now.  Tweetle-Dumb is just taking things to the next level by eliminating the pretense.


Bannon is orgasmic with power…Breitbart stock just went up…he, the puppet master with his hand up DJT’s hoo-ha pulling strings, is managing to make his wet dream of dismantling our government and destroying our democracy come true one emission at a time. (Notice how his dark, foreboding, smirking visage is always lurking in the background of all DJT photos? The sweet whispers in the oaf’s ears come before and after.) His witless marionette, DJT just gobbles up Bannon’s spew and waves his golden sceptre for the crowds (gathered together in advance by the walking deadman himself - Bannon who knows all to well when to arrange for the emperor’s adulation fix that will take place somewhere in the Midwest). A dance of the demons here on Earth…a real life horror film playing right in front of our faces.

The storm clouds harboring the evil of evils started gathering the first week in November and gathers more power since Jan 20 when the diabolical demagogue commandeered the throne.


You are so right, they are emboldened by the toleration of their brutal malfeasance.


The American press demonstrate the ease with which oligarchs consolidate power.

Same as it ever was.


The process is simple – sue Trump and seek a TRO pending an injunction. If you don’t get the TRO you know the court does not consider it likely that you will win on the merits. I’m pretty sure that the administration cannot ban the press from doing its job, even if the press does not do its job voluntarily.


How about a total black out including a ban on the twittering idiots tweets. Tweets are for Twits. Like 70 year old farts.


The press has long since been captured by avarice and corporate America. Few free range press left, maybe BBC and Washington post and possibly the CBC? FOX, MSNBC CBS, ABC are bought and paid for by Viagra. We are just too lazy and tired to read. Isn’t Wall Street Journal owned by FOX? They feed us what we know, which is whatever poop they want to sell. Huffington post? Gone corporate. Waiting for “CommonDreams” to slide into the same septic system.


It is not exactly a well kept secret that Trump is a fascist. If it is not clear inside the Beltway that Trump is trying to destroy democracy then it is certainly outside the beltway. Trump believes in a law and order society. He views the US as too chaotic. He wants to impose law and order by instilling fear. To maintain a democracy when a fascist has been elected president requires the people who do not support fascism to go all out to defend the press. Without a free press we will be left with only the government’s version of events. The US will become a country like Russia. And because the US has large minority populations that Trump’s backers would like to subjugate it could become even worse than Russia. Not only journalist must fight back but the people must take on that fight as well.


Trump cracking down on the MSM doesn’t bother me. The MSM is hardly the “free press,” but instead is the propaganda arm of the oligarchy. When Trump cracks down on the independent media, the actual free press, the way that Hillary was planning on doing, then I will be much more worried. Trump is far less of a fascist than Bush-Cheney or Hillary for that matter, but he is still a Republican who plans on taking from the poor and middle class and giving to the rich, and destroying the environment in the process, so of course he still should be opposed, just like the corporatist Dems should be opposed.


Does it bother you that Trump is a white supremacist and has brought Steve Bannon into the White House? Does it bother you that he advocates torture much worse than waterboarding? Does it bother you that he praises foreign dictators? And do you ever wonder why so many Democrats have 100% voting records on environmental issues or close to 100% whereas Republicans generally score less than 20%? Do you ever question left wing talking points? Have you ever tried.


If you are looking for signs of fervor for democracy among the corporate press conglomerates, you might as well look for it in a barrel full of dead fish.
Their boards of directors are comprised of the same people, who themselves or their friends are on the boards of big pharma, the health insurance companies, the military/industrial complex or the big Wall Street banks.

And if you are looking for reporters ‘with a spine’, you are looking at people with families to feed, mortgages to pay and who are concerned about their company health insurance for themselves and their families. If they lose their job for the “wrong” reason, they will never find another one with similar pay and benefits.


Can someone please point me to the clause in the Constitution that mandates a daily, televised live, press briefing. I’ll even take a federal law stipulating the same? When this kerfuffle started, one of the aggrieved reporters said (and I’m paraphrasing) “if I can’t be on film asking my question, what’s the point?”

Are the reporters more concerned about getting information, which is being provided, or about self-aggrandizement?


Today CNN and the PBS Newshour reported on Trumps first fundraiser for the 2020 election.This is two years ahead of any other sitting president. Trump is only six months in and has started his re-election bid. This fund raiser being held the Washington DC hotel he has stolen from the American people. To attend this dinner-fundraiser costs $35,000. $35,000 for a dinner----half the people in this country don’t make this amount in one year. PBS did better reporting on this but both left out the critical information.The critical information is who are the people paying for this influence. CNN said that no cameras would be allowed–OK----so stand outside and report who goes in----hey how about some investigative reporting.WHY DO THE MEDIA SHIELD THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE PAYING OFF THE POLITICIANS.


Come on. Virtually no one is completely honest. It isn’t just the last decades. It’s human history. We all lie, and for so many reasons. But Trump lies with virtually every breath. It actually is different.


When was Trumps last news conference? One morning MSNBC was reporting that Trump would be holding a news conference-----they were reporting this for a few days----this was a meeting with another foreign leader and they might take two questions----a recent one there were no questions----how can this pass as a news conference.