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As White House Declares Summit a Success, Sanders Rips Trump-Putin Presser as 'Embarrassing Spectacle'


As White House Declares Summit a Success, Sanders Rips Trump-Putin Presser as 'Embarrassing Spectacle'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir declared during a joint press conference on Monday that their one-on-one discussion was "successful and useful," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) denounced the two leaders' public appearance as "an embarrassing spectacle" and ripped Trump in particular for failing to "make clear that interference in our elections is unacceptable."


Well, look at the bright side. At least Trump didn’t agree to let Putin annex Alaska. Bet he got Putin’s autograph, though.


Trump typically lies about nearly everything so in that respect it can be added to his lies about climate change, the size of his inauguration crowd, and the many hundreds of his lies that have been well documented by fact checking organizations. But on this one he is committing treason against the United States. It has been clearly demonstrated by US security agencies and several social media companies that Russia interfered with the US election and has attempted with some success to hack into state voting equipment and continues to be generating numerous troll attacks on the US through the internet which constitutes an attack by a foreign power on the US. The US Congress has investigated this situation and found that it occurred. Trump took an oath to follow the US constitution which requires the president to defend the US and he is instead helping a foreign power destroy confidence in US election in order to undermine democracy. But even though Trump is helping a foreign power against the US by denying an attack has occurred he has a cult following of millions of racists who don’t allow Republican politicians to even in any way question Trump without losing their political support. This is not a political base it is a personality cult. It is not clear what Sanders can accomplish except perhaps pull some people into reality on the left who have been claiming like Trump that they don’t see evidence of a cyberattack by Russia on the electoral system. Maybe is Sanders says it strong enough these socialists will finally listen and join the fight against Trump on this.


"and ripped Trump in particular for failing to “make clear that interference in our elections is unacceptable.”

They did a helluva lot more damage than the ALLEGED Russian hackers!!!

ALSO: If you don’t think that the U.S. doesn’t interfere in elections and other countries’ business, like helping remove duly elected leaders, then you have been denying that from yourself during your long “career”!!!


Not sure what is more pathetic. This thoroughly debunked evidence free spectacle, or the fact that it is working.


My GAWD!!! (That’s all I can freely say about your comment without getting flagged!!!)


Bernie, if you think this garbage your spouting is going to get the establishment Democratic Party to not do it’s best to sabotage you in 2020 like they did in 2016 (which happened to be what the Wikileaks revelations were all about) then you are just plain deluded.

But what it is doing is deluding all those Bernie or Busters out here in the nation so that they are as deluded as the Clintonista base.

We are up crap creek without a paddle and the boat’s leaking and there are idiots on the bank shooting at us and now Bernie Sanders is handing them the ammo.

Please, please, let one of these indicted Russians in this latest round be as brave as the one from the last round who sent a lawyer and asked for discovery. Please, please, let Mueller get more egg on his face when it turns out he has no evidence again and doesn’t want anything actually released to the court.

Of course the media won’t report it anymore than they reported Mueller’s shenanigans with the last round. But maybe a few of the deluded populace of cultural liberals might finally see through all this that the DNC Emperor has no clothes on.


So to make your logic consistent, I assume that you believe that the US continue to interfere in other countries governance, because the Russians are doing it here.


LOL! So absurd. Yeah, socialists aren’t occupied with taking on insurance companies, oil companies, drug companies, the types of rotten people you support, the corruption in the system and your party, or the interests domestically that do a billion times more to undermine our democracy. Socialists have bigger fish to fry, and to claim that Russia has anything more than a negligible impact on the policies chosen, who wins or loses elections, or what politicians or the media focus on or articulate relative to a wide range of domestic interests and other countries is nonsense.

Your argument, as to why Clinton was such a better candidate, was that she was so tested. She had to face down right wing attacks for so long, she had been through so much, that she was well-positioned to run against the right wing propaganda machine. Half a year later you were blaming her loss to the most unpopular candidate in history on fucking Russian troll farms.


Bernie is a true politician. First, he gets screwed royally by the DNC, then he jumps on board with the them spewing hypocritical BS about Russian meddling (knowing full well what we’ve done in Iraq, Libya, Venezuela…the list is endless). A real Profile in Courage Bernie. Pathetic.


Yunzer, do you think Russia interferes in our political system and undermines our democracy more than Israel? The Saudis? China? Wall Street? Big oil? Big pharma? Insurance companies?

If so, explain. If not (and I hope you say clearly no, it doesn’t), why do you think there is such an intense focus on Russia and not interests that clearly have a far larger impact? Why is there no similar probe in regards to Israel or Wall Street, for example? I don’t think that the left is largely opposed to the idea that Russian interests tried to have some impact on the election (although what has been shown to this point is relatively small peanuts). I don’t think most would deny Trump’s ties to Russian interests. What the left largely does is compare Russia to other countries and domestic interests, and his business ties to other countries that are pretty strong. Most that push this story refuse to place Russia in a logical context, and that deserves to be discussed and debated. I, personally, think it is absurd to focus on this as a means of critiquing Trump when there are so many policies, that have such a clear negative impact on people, and when the left has such better and more popular policies. However, if I were a Democrat that was opposed to structurally changing the economy, my party or our society, if my donors paid me to oppose policies that might benefit working people, the poor and the environment but required them to sacrifice and to lose power, I might really like placing so much on Russia. That way, I can “oppose” Trump while not really opposing much of anything.


No they didn’t. The Russia-based Trump campaign psychological manipulation program - brainwashing the US public with complete fabrications into believing that Hillary Clinton was guilty of crimes that would have made Nixon blush, rather than just another flawed US politician who nonetheless was far, far preferable to fascist gangster Trump, is what won the election.

And no. Had Bernie Sanders made it to the general election, it is far from certain that he would have won. Don’t you think Trump and he Russian psy-oppers would have concocted all kinds or dirt on Sanders? Heck, maybe they would not have even needed dirt. They would have simply said that “Sanders is a socialist extremist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, will raise your taxes, coddle welfare collectors, and destroy jobs with his global warming hoax” and that would have been enough. It has worked like a charm in every past election.


YES!!! And if you weren’t so damned programmed, you’d do the research and find out for yourself!!!


I used to think you were pretty together and in the past followed you. No longer…


You are engaging in whataboutism. Tthose things are certainly issues - but are not relevant to the discussion. Do you think a murderer telling the judge and jory that “other people commit murder too - and get away with it” would be an effective defense?


You show some fucking studies and evidence that their campaigns brainwashed the damn US public. You think that Russia needed to spend a bunch of money and time to convince people that Clinton was a horrible candidate? The DNC did more to get Trump elected than a fucking Russian bot farm.

Nothing is certain, but every single poll, every one, showed Sanders doing much better than Clinton versus Trump and every other Republican. Every one, and not barely better, much better. He was the most popular politician, the most trusted, and he had a huge amount of enthusiasm behind his campaign, and he was anti-establishment in an era where people want anti-establishment politicians. Could Sanders have lost? Sure, nothing is certain, but realize that any logic you can present about some alternative reality where he won the nomination is far less certain than what we know, the facts, during the primaries. Over the last six months or so of the campaign, when Sanders and Clinton were left, every poll had him doing infinitely better than her versus every single Republican, and there are other reasons (some of which I mentioned) to think this way.


" Trump instead accepted Putin’s denials and cast doubt on the conclusions of our intelligence community…"!!!
It is sad but predictable to see Sanders investing in a bandwagon just when it is clear to all but the deluded that it is a sinking ship.
Let us re-cap briefly for Bernie’s sake: there is no evidence that Russia intervened in the 2016 elections. An enormous amount of money has been spent on an exercise designed to discover such evidence. But so far there is none. The FBI have not examined the DNC’s computers and clearly do not intend to do so. Mueller has not interviewed Julian Assange or even Craig Murray both of whom are ready to provide evidence that there was no ‘hack’.
Mueller has refused to provide one of those named in his previous ‘indictments’ with evidence in discovery. It will be interesting to see what will be done if one of the Russians named in the Friday indictments is cross examined.
Russiagate fans, including the media which has been feeding of this nothingburger for more than two years now are going to have to face facts: there was plenty of foreign interference in the elections, the British and Israeli governments (both of which have been interfering since the nineteen forties) were to the fore but the GCC countries were not far behind.
As to Russia, do some people really have to wait for a court to rule that charges made without evidence are not proofs?


STILL defending Hillary? You have become pathetic from the Yunzer I used to know years ago.


No. Like many leftists, you have drunk the fascist Kool-Aid.


Still defending Trump?