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As White House Embraces Dangerous 'Herd Immunity' Strategy, Covid-19 Deaths Predicted to Spike 80% in US by February

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/16/white-house-embraces-dangerous-herd-immunity-strategy-covid-19-deaths-predicted


We’re not exactly doing that great over here in Europe either:



we the people need the moral courage to remove Trump, the Republican leadership and the Democrats leadership completely, along with the politics of the Supreme court. Do this and America will save itself


November 3rd can’t come quick enough. His disregard for human life is totally repugnant. People suffer and die as he is completely fixated on his own selfish desires. Say what you will of a Biden administration not being progressive enough… we can’t survive another four years of this merciless tyrant.


i hate to say this, but i have concluded that the fate of mammalian life hinges on the willingness of white American “progressives” to stand up to - even fight, in some cases - their neo-nazi brethren.

The US’s nuclear arsenal means that it can continue to strong-arm other countries into continuing to deal with it. POC in the united states are (and forever will) be repressed ruthlessly by the state.

It’s time for white people to actually be the “saviors” that they’ve always played themselves up as when they’d try to justify colonialism.


The Trump “brand” has forever become the Trump "curse."

Only with a complete whitewash of this White House can we ever return to any state of normalcy.

Perhaps a Rainbow of Colors would brighten up that dreary basic white, and represent all of the people, not just the pale faces.


The billboard is a wonderful directional marker for the Thundering Herd.

Their herd mentality should enable them to find the Superspreader Event.

“Right this way, the Snake Oil Salesman is about to go on.”


387,000 dead in one year. What a record, about 550,000 Americans died in WWII but that took four years with three major industrial nations, Germany, Italy and Japan, doing it on purpose.

To use the phrase that “important” people only care about; Trump is a major national security threat.


In what universe do we find ourselves where one man and his political enablers be responsible for this much death, and nobody takes the initiative to permanently remove the head of the snake before disposal of the rest of the body?


Herd immunity does not give an end to the virus as talk may be infering. After herd immunity levels of infection have been achieved, the infection will SLOWLY drop, likely as they have risen, in the end doubling the amount of infections.


When Trump first made noises about entering the political arena, I thought to myself, " The rattlesnake is on its way into the lodge and must be crushed before he enters completely." Time after time, he did and said things that normal people who have compassion and empathy would have immediately removed him from the election process.
But Trump has tapped the Shadow of American Exceptionalism, our long history of genocide and chattel slavery, making people lose their humanity. We have thousands of examples in history, so this is nothing new. Now it’s our turn to either crush the rattlesnake so he’ll never return, or realize he’s here, he’s now, and he represents what we are at this point in history.
Just read today that Proud Boys are recruiting members from law enforcement and the military. No surprise there. They’re following their ancestors’s rangers, militias, paterollers, Indian killers.
Continue to wear the mask, social distance, and isolate. Don’t become part of the herd that has to die to protect Trump, Koch, and the rest of them.


I have to agree. I have no use for Biden…but if Trump and his organized, fascist, thugs are reelected we could see the end of what is left of ( which isn’t much) American, Democracy.


Do you think people could use their own brains - if they have one?

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Yes, ever since Trump endorsed the Proud Boys, by saying:" STAND BACK; STAND BY;" ( THEY HAVE EVEN ADOPTED THAT TRUMP ENDORSEMENT AS THEIR LOGO!) their recruitment numbers have taken a quantum leap.


and that doesn’t take into account that even in its best incarnation, you’ve largely had to throw your most vulnerable under a very big bus to achieve it. I want no part of a society that thinks it’s weakest are human shields for every crisis that comes along.


And never forget that the DLC and Hillary pushed for Trump to be the Republican candidate in 2016 “because he would be so easy to beat”. So if you like Trump, thank the Democrats.

And here in Maine in 2020, the Maine Democratic Party is erecting “Trump -Collins” signs to tie the two candidates together. But of course every Republican yard already show this connection - so that they are actually just advertising Trump while every Biden sign in sight is torn into pieces by the Trump Nazis supporters.


I know what you mean.
I went to the Biden store to look for the official “Biden nose plugs” but I could not find any. (I guess that they must be sold out.)

I had to use an ordinary clothespin while I marked my ballot for Biden.


Better though but more to the point of WHY any rightwing authoritarian organization put pride over their own safety? Rich have doctors on call. The rest of us just get worse until it’s too late. Denial of global warming is a declaration of war with the same grisly results. California burns because it’s a Blue state people of color and enough rednecks to stand back and stand by with their motto “Shoot first and ask questions later.”


Well at least you did not puke!


Seeing the same in my neck of the woods. White on white terrorism, SMH