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As White House Embraces Dangerous 'Herd Immunity' Strategy, Covid-19 Deaths Predicted to Spike 80% in US by February

Read excess death count.

This number can not be explained away by “faking” the cause as COVID19.


There a huge spike in excess deaths starting with when the US was hit by COVID. This is the same in European Countries hit by COVID. The spike does not occur in Countries that addressed COVID early (New Zealand Vietnam etc)

In the USA the excess death count is now over 300000 since march 2020. That is 330000 more deaths then would have been expected to occur to tall the things you mention and the common flu.


This another look showing the number of deaths that occurred before COVID , expected versus actual. It older as this published in May but it gives an idea of the impact of COVID.

This a graph looking at Countries the World over. Again virtually all saw a spike in excess death rates all starting at the same time.


This can not be due to “bonuses” paid to Hospitals to claim a death “COVID related” . It world wide and those bonuses do not explain the spike in deaths. Note how the Countries that have the lowest per capita deaths due to COVID also saw much less in the way of spikes in excess death count.


Tweetle-Dumb is doing his best to help with your idea:

With any luck he’ll not only significantly reduce the number of 'Poop-Lickens healthy enough to get to the polls for in-person voting on November 3rd, since those attending these rallies are mostly his most rabid supporters he’s drast­ically cutting the number of Proud Boys Arrogant Infants & other wacko “malitia” members who’ll be healthy enough
to harass vote-counters during the few days immediately after the election. The gestation period for the C-19 symp­toms to appear just before the election calls for as many of these Close Encounters of the Turd Kind in the next five
to seven days as possible.  The 'Poop-Licken members of Congress are also doing their best to not only infect their komrades, they’re also exposing DimWit-Rats to the greatest extent possible. With any luck, the Cesspool will soon become a Covid hot-spot, and with so many of the worst ones over the age of sixty (many are even older than I am) the number of serious cases on both sides of the aisle should be considerably higher than the national average.


Sweden went for heard immunity and now
they are “over the hump”.
They now have zero deaths most days and only a few deaths on the rest.


Complete and utter bullshit.
Sweeden opted for what they called “common sense” and let stores etc remain open in the hopes that people would be smart enough to take precautions.
Their government expected, against the advice of their own scientists, that 40% of the capitol’s population would develop protective antibodies. Less than 15% did.
The rates of viral infections, hospitalization and mortality are much higher than those seen in neighboring Scandinavian countries. Note also that the time-course of the epidemic in Sweden is different, with continued persistence of higher infection and mortality well beyond the few critical weeks seen in Denmark, Finland and Norway.
Tracking covid by deaths alone is also stupid in the extreme, and is used to severely downplay the severity of this pandemic. Covid is a combination of HIV and SARS and as such it causes permanent damage to your internal organs. Even if you do survive you may never fully recover.


Have you noticed how no one ever mentions the fact that Covid 19 is a combination of SARS and HIV?
These are two entirely different viral strains. While we have observed different strains of the same virus combining naturally, we have never once observed two entirely different viral strains merging in such a way.
The only place we have actually seen something like this is in a BSL lab.
I won’t say that is impossible (anything is possible) but if this virus occurred naturally it would be the first time we have seen anything like it.
One would think a modern scientific miracle like that would atleast prompt some discussions.


we get herd immunity because the Republican’s base has herd mentality, the Republicans are too lazy to do the work needed to address the problem, and the Democrats too lazy to be an opposition party

it is not like the war on intelligence, scientific understanding, and common sense has not been waged for the last 50 years - virtually unopposed by any of our so called “leaders” in either of the corporate controlled parties–

time to understand that the parties have abandoned us for the money they get from the corporations and have left us to twist in the wind of corporate profits–time to reject the money whores and start to organize a People’s Party(.org)–that is assuming we wish our societies,our countries, our only planet to survive the corporate rape of this world for their short term profits


There’s some similarity in breadth of damage to internal organs – I’ve never seen any virological analysis indicating that SARS2 is in some other family tree, besides that of the so-called “beta” (big-deal) coronaviruses: SARS, MERS, SARS2. I’m no expert myself, so I’d be interested if you’ve heard otherwise than the following – particularly if you can link your source on some theory of SARS-HIV genetic hybridization (as opposed to symptomatic similarities).

From what I’ve been able to grok, my impression is that viruses are little critters – even though they don’t have their own DNA, and even though viruses often facilitate genetic exchange on the part of bacteria seeming to operate subordinately in attacks on various organs. To my ear, to say they’ve crossed a SARS with an HIV is a fabulously extraordinary claim, like saying they’ve crossed an elephant with an ostrich. You never know, but it sounds unlikely enough to dismiss from serious consideration, out of hand.


My source is primarily the french virologist and nobel laureate Luc Montagnie, the man who co-discovered AIDS. I’d suggest you google him and examine his claims and findings for yourself.
There was also an indian study circulating for a time which detailed the various components of covid 19, but it is practically impossible to find anywhere now.
You may find this interview with Professor Francis Boyle interesting:

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There is also increasing evidence that the hoped-for immunity of recovered victims to re-infection is not permanent, and may in fact last only a few weeks.  There have apparently been several cases of victims becoming ill a second time, and usually the second case is more serious, even fatal.   (I sincerely hope that Tweetle-Dumb is soon one of them, whether or not he wins re-election.)

The War on Science is aided and abetted by the downward spiral of our public schools, actively promoted by funny-dementalists such as Mike Pence & Betsy DeVos and the prevailing anti-Commons mentality of the TEA Party.  The widespread dumbing-down of our korporate-controlled entertainment media, especially the so-called “news”, is also much to blame.

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But isn’t the combination of various symptoms the gist of the problem?  IMHO, it doesn’t matter (to a victim, at least, not necessarily an epidemiologist) whether or not C-19 is a hybrid of HIV and SARS, what matters is that there are long-lasting effects such as lung scarring, inflammation of veins & various organs, etc., that affect even the younger victims who never develop life-threatening symptoms (at least the first time they’re infected).


Tarsus…This is the first time I’ve read this SARS/HIV hypothesis and will ask a PhD biologist relative what is known of it.

That said, knowing the United States is the de facto ChristoNazi International and has been so since World War II; knowing also the global Nazi aristocracy has long been scheming the most effective methods of ecogenocide – too bad most of the (co-opted) Left is blinded by the fact our Masters’ murderous schemes have become a Right Wing meme – I cannot doubt for an instant Covid 19 is CBR Warfare intended to reduce the global population by about 90 percent.

Which points to the fact humanity’s deadliest problem is how so few of us escape our rat-maze conditioning enough to dare recognize the extent to which our Masters have embraced Absolute Evil – much less that they are murdering us accordingly, claiming the entire planet for themselves, intending to maintain their obscenely lavish lifestyle by enslaving the few (real) humans who survive.

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“By the time you get to herd immunity,” Fauci said, “you will have killed a lot of people that would’ve been avoidable.”

Gosh, ya think? But then isn’t that the point? We have a republican party that is profoundly hostile to the American people and led by a recognized psychopath. This is exactly the kind of thing Trump and his minions would support. Besides, they seem to think that more deaths mean fewer democrats because republicans are somehow immune, despite strong evidence to the contrary. Trump & the republican party have transitioned from a political party to a death cult.


Close enough for gummint work, Dad.   IMHO, Trump has transformed much of the 'Poop-Lickin party into a death cult.  Unfortunately those maskless MAGA-Morons who attend the mass gatherings will not be his only victims, but hopefully the collateral damage can be kept to a minimum and they’ll kill off mostly just themselves.

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What seems to be utterly ignored in the discussion, here, media, and by MDs who media promote, is:
“Herd immunity” is NOT a strategy.
It is a blind medieval response to plagues. No recognition, mere fantasy as communicable disease rips unchecked through an ignorant population, allowing increased mutation( I can guarantee to you the viruses out evolve us - tens of millions of generations to one), and that mortality incidence so far allows us to predict tens of millions of deaths in the immensely color of US population.
Thus herd immunity - what are we at right now? 5% infected?
Multiply present mortality by 20, then.

Trump admitted in taped conversation that he had understood the gist of the mortality rate, and so willingly abetted the deaths.
Very much like chairman Mao and the great leap into starvation, with his 30 million dead.

The US will remain the world’s COVID reservoir for years, and those dead over that time must be laid at his door. This is very likely already a fait accompli.


If there has ever been a time to repeal the doctrine of forgiving the former president that time is now. Trump needs a prison sentence for the thousands of lives lost on his watch.