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As White House Narrative Unravels, Calls Grow for Independent Probe of 'Cover-Up'


As White House Narrative Unravels, Calls Grow for Independent Probe of 'Cover-Up'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As President Donald Trump's story about James Comey's firing continued to unravel, people nationwide held protests Wednesday amplifying calls for an independent investigation into Trump's ties to Russia—and describing


"The only way to find out what really happened, wrote Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) in a Wednesday op-ed, is to appoint an "independent prosecutor, or 'special counsel,' of unimpeachable integrity.""

But that won't stop D-Party apologists from trotting out every imaginable conspiracy theory in the meantime.

After all, if your goal is to deflect blame from your inept candidates, Republican-lite positions, and overall corporate servitude, Russia and Comey make handy scapegoats.

Oh wait, sorry: the D-Party apologists hated Comey in a different lifetime...now he's a tragic victim of a cover-up.


As bad as Nixon was; in my view, DJT makes Nixon look like a choir boy!


Not being in the USA, an 'independent' investigation or prosecutor sounds about as likely as two bullets hitting nose-to-nose and cancelling each other out.


The US government has become a corporatist enemy of democracy, humanity and Earth and for this reason it will fall.

Will good people be able salvage and save something from inevitable US collapse?

Only time will tell. "The U.S. Air Force is running out of ordinary bombs, smart bombs, and in some cases missiles." The world is too big even for the US to bomb into submission.


Russia gate is the opposite of Watergate. With Watergate, Nixon illegally sent of a team of so-called White House "plumbers" to break into the DNC offices inside the Watergate hotel to try to find information that would damage his presidential rival George McGovern. Nixon then used the CIA to try to cover all of this up.

With the current Russia gate, however, Trump is the victim of the illegal activity, not the perpetrator. The CIA is so afraid that Trump might follow through on his campaign pledge to achieve better relations with Russia that it has taken it upon itself to sabotage his every move in that direction. This includes the acquisition of obviously false dossiers on Trump, illicitly recording phone conversation of his top aids. and forcing his chosen national security officials to resign or remove their names from consideration. The CIA then attempts to skew public opinion into believing the Trump is the villain, through their numerous anonymous leaks. Whenever anyone asks for hard evidence, the CIA always hides behind its cloak of secrecy.


The Democratic party has been strategically inept to be sure, but that has nothing to do with the actual fact that Russia is run by right-wing gangsters who are engaging in psychological manipulation in elections throughout the west in efforts to get right-wing fascists in power. They succeeded in the USA, but fortunately, Europeans are better educated so that their efforts failed miserably in France.

Go here - and no, the Telegraph of London has no connections to the US Democratic Party:


You realize that the Hillary campaign paid hired-gun trolls to hijack comments sections and post blogs all over the internet, right Yunzer? You realize that her Podesta-connected email leaks provided clear evidence of dirty tricks, right? You realize that she'd been blaming Bernie Bros and other sexists for her dropping poll numbers prior to glomming onto the Russian angle, right?

And try to wrap your mind around this: Hillary was a terrible candidate in all three of the races she ran, never rising from her starting point in the polls in any of them, and she was distrusted even by members of her own party. In fact, she had the second-lowest favorables of any candidate to run for president--yet couldn't be bothered to campaign in the states she needed to actually beat the only candidate with worse favorables than herself, despite being begged to visit by D-Party stalwarts in those very states.

"Strategically inept?" Try abjectly stupid.

But go ahead, blame the Russians.


I was wondering when the drump apologists would show up
Of course this is all about Hillary, talk about a red herring

Not sure you should start your appeal which inept candidates, cause Hillary Makes frump look like a fire hydrant with the associated dog on three legs

But of course forget manafort that vacuum cleaner for slush funds from under the table

And of course Comey should have been fired long ago
Just not when he finds the dirt on comb over clown

And why didn't you drag out that tired old "move on move on nothing here"
Of course if nothing is here to discover why is the rump having such a problem closing it down

Pretty sure this is where "abjectly stupid" comes in.

Forget the Hillary and Dems diversion that is quite desperate now

Stick with the Nixon truth "Follow the Money"


One doesn't have to be a hypocrite to understand that Trump is up to his scalp in corruption, and that Comey's firing has everything to do with a cover-up. That he is deep inside networks of Russian corrupt business dealings is highly likely.

I don't hesitate to call out corruption whichever party affiliation, or country of origin.

Trump is so obviously the epitome of that corrupt ilk, with a huge dose of fascism to boot.


Good summary. The left wing conspiracy theorists are of course at it again trying to make the Democratic Party look bad but there are now so many things pointing to a coverup of connections with Russia that I think only the most extreme left wingers can hang in there and try to pin everything on the Democrats. Sometimes the Democrats aren't responsible. Is that so hard for people to understand?


I'm not trying to make the D-Party look bad.

They manage that on their own, as their 6-year losing streak in elections makes clear.

But I suppose that Russia is responsible for your party losing over 900 seats in state legislatures.


Trump was involved in corruption throughout his career, long before he ran for office.

His ties to Russia were never hidden--he openly called on Russia to release any hacked Clinton emails they had.

He bragged on tape about pussy grabbing. He made overtly racist and sexist assertions.

He's made one outrageous statement after another during the primaries, the general election campaign, and now as President.

Yet he crushed his Republican primary opponents, beat the supposedly inevitable Hillary Clinton, and remains beloved by a lot of your fellow Americans.

I believe he's the worst President ever. I believe he's self-destructing. But this is what a duopoly gets you: a cast of political insiders so abhorrent that the public can be swayed toward an "outsider" like Trump.

One last thing: if you're wishing Hillary was President, you don't get it.


Think you have me cornered with your last stupid rhetorical remark?

You don't get it.


Nevertheless, we are experiencing a national crisis and we need nonpartisan investigatory approach to clear the air. Patriots of any party can see that.


Is that a reason to abandon efforts to enlist however many professionals we can vet in order to implement at least a modicum of nonpartisan clarity?


Pertinent points re worship of military.
The way to solve problems is to start somewhere and work outward logically from that starting point. Buckshot doesn't seem viable at this juncture. That's the Trumpian distract/deflect approach and leads to ineffectual loss of focus. Best to find the chink in this falsity fortress and start methodically prying the bricks loose one by one.


It's true DJT is a useful idiot; however, he is an opportunistic and willing instrument. Trump is not merely venal; he is up to his ears in victimizing the vulnerable. In fact, I doubt he would, if pushed, put any limits on manner and degree of victimization he would be party to for personal gain and even pleasure. His prevarication is a well worn road. Cover ups are de/rigour in his business model. Idiot he is, but victim he IS NOT.


Corner you? Don't flatter yourself.


So you don't think it interesting that the US might be running out of bombs and needing to rob the Asian bomb stocks to bolster the mid east bomb inventory?

What if it's true the military empire is pushing for more wars and is at the same time running out of bombs?

I don't know if it's true but the idea of not enough bombs makes me laugh out loud.