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As White House Ramps Up Attacks on Free Press, NRA Issues Warning to New York Times


As White House Ramps Up Attacks on Free Press, NRA Issues Warning to New York Times

Julia Conley, staff writer

The National Rifle Association (NRA) drew attention this weekend after its newest ad went viral.

The New York Times was the focus of the video, which was released weeks after an ad that showed images of protesters and left-leaning cities including New York and Chicago, as the narrator warned viewers against liberal indoctrination by public school system, the news media, and other institutions.


We have a very precarious political situation because people who identify with the Republican Party have been fed lies for so many years they can no longer tell up from down and can be easily manipulated. Many of these lies involve stories about their tax money is being used to help minorities only. Of course there are such lies as rather than global warming occurring there is really global cooling and before that there lies about the ozone hole being caused by volcanoes rather than chemicals used for refrigeration. There were a whole series of lies about criminal behavior involving Bill and Hillary Clinton, concluding claims that there were involved in at least one murder. There were lies about Barack Obama such as he was not born in the US and is actually not a Christian but a Muslim. The Republican Party;s political support now is based almost entirely on lies. They elected a president who lies constantly. The NY Times has documented a long list of these lies. Democracy cannot function under these circumstances. And we can see it crumbling slowly every day. With the Democratic Party seriously divided it is difficult to mount a serious challenge to all the lies.


Twisted. Hideous. Dangerous.

I recall a piece on Vice News aired the summer of 2016 when they visited Lima, Ohio, to meet a gun rights/Trump meeting. One respondent assert that if Clinton were elected, he was ready for civil war. Well, Clinton didn’t win, and it sounds as though that faction in the NRA still wants a civil war.

The whole pitch does not jibe with customary NRA gun mantras like “self-defense”, “sportsman”, “tradition”, or “collector.” This sounds like a militia call to war. It foments domestic terrorism.


So get on board with the much needed clean-up of the Democratic Party. Please stop covering and apologizing for H. Clinton and the rest of the money loving fat cat old timers in that party. Catch a new wave.


You mean the timid corporate press? it is not fake news and it does not address climate change, corporate greed, workers rights, chemical poisoning of the nations rivers/streams and oceans. Analysis, connnecting the dots of policies and what actually took place. Have tons of storage of radio, videos, digital that could tell the real story but do they connect the dot for the people. No. but what good would it be now, because they are labeled fake news by the fake news people and they are winning that battle all because for so long they’ve let lies lay and let truth die.


It seems to me that most Democratic voters are okay with the established Democrats. The proof is in the pudding and Clinton defeated Sanders in just about every closed primary. I don’t think the majority of Democrats are that put off by corporate campaign contributions. They are more focused on the voting records and pretty much like what they see. In the Republican Party it is completely the opposite. The voters rejected a whole bunch of the establishment Republicans in their primary. They feel the Republicans are not delivering. I think the the primaries next year should give us a better idea where things stand. I would not count out the establishment Democrats. They are very good a co-opting issues from people on their left and winning primaries. The test for the left wing of the party will come in the primaries. Money will be needed to be competitive in a large number of primaries at the federal and state levels.


Still, you cannot deny that the Millennials, three of whom are my daughters, are much more progressive on environmental, educational, and urban issues than the old guard, yet they are NOT voting for yesterday’s Democrats. What sort of messaging will bring them back to the voting booths? Certainly not "It’s Her Turn. "


Conservatives have all the guns to defend themselves from liberals, progressives, environmentalists, poor people, black people, brown people, women, gays, other religions and political systems and more. They live in fear. haunted by the fear of death. Guns are their security blankets.

Conservatives want dictators to keep them safe by building walls, excluding, imprisoning, attacking, bombing, impoverishing, torturing, threatening, stealing resources, hoarding wealth and murdering people. They enjoy macho posturing armed to the teeth, but behind their guns, most are cowards who avoid military service but readily send somebody else’s son or daughter to fight and die for some industrialists.


Gun and ammo sales are down. that happens when Republicans control government.

Thus, the lobbyist/marketing arm for the gun industry–otherwise known as the NRA–has to work harder to gin up paranoia. This is a pathetically transparent call out to their customers, some of whom will accidentally shoot themselves, commit suicide with their home protection systems, and suddenly shift from responsible/goodguy with a gun to drunk, jealous perp in a hares’ breath…all just in the span of this week.

On a brighter note, opioid ODs have passed gunshots as a leading cause of death. woo hoo.


One of your all-time great posts. Bravo.


The NRA is getting crazier by the minute. I can’t believe that they are encouraging violence just to sell more guns and ammo. There’s something else going on here, something dark and dangerous!


Absolutely amazing. I listen to this screech-owl rant and rave on and on with some “professional-wrestling” -like tone of voice about this old gray maven and such. And the part about, “we’re coming for you”? Really? What over? True-this piece never reveals exactly what the NRA is all shook up about, just that they seem to be in full flower in the Trump age of cocky swagger and in-your-face bullying tactics. Truly sad and almost comical.


Yes-dark and dangerous, and probably encouraged by the ultra-right-wing/“guns are God” types who support Trump and his Swastika wearing brethren.


The tests for establishment Dems have happened before our very eyes. Let’s see:

1000 seats in state government, lost.
House and Senate, lost.
A gimme against Trump, lost.

But we should take comfort because “It seems to me that most Democratic voters are okay with the established Democrats.”

Did it occur to you that “Democratic voters” are becoming a dwindling cadre of dead-enders?

But as always, I encourage you to Stay the Course: Cuomo/Harris 2020!

PS-I asked you directly a few day back, and I ask politely once more: Do you trust the US National Security agencies?


The trouble is, the NRA fascists will attack the “cleaned up” (i.e. actually left of center) Democrats with even greater savagery.


It’s a reminiscent of the kind of stuff the right-wing in Venezuela started doing a couple years ago - they have, of course since moved into full violent-overthrow-of-the-government mode. The totally inept and corrupt Maduro has not helped thing much either…




So, if the Ds are going to be attacked regardless, why wouldn’t they fight the NRA full throttle?

Oh, I know. Because that would endanger their three-decade shift to the right.

That’s been going well, heaven knows…


Don’t insult the misnamed screech owls by comparing one to this woman. Their nighttime tremolo sounds (eastern screech owl) quite pleasant outside at night…


The problem is, the capitalists completely control the discourse and memes and that problem goes way beyond party electoral politics.

All the recently fallen or about to fall leftist leaders in Latin America attacked or are attacking their capitalist adversaries full throttle - it didn’t help.