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As Wildfires Rage and Heat Records Broken Worldwide, Corporate Media Urged to Cover Climate Crisis' Link to Extreme Weather

As Wildfires Rage and Heat Records Broken Worldwide, Corporate Media Urged to Cover Climate Crisis' Link to Extreme Weather

Julia Conley, staff writer

Climate scientists sounded alarms on Tuesday as reports circulated of extreme weather and record-breaking high temperatures all over the globe, with dozens of deaths and thousands of hospitalizations reported in some countries—while one journalist with a major platform on corporate cable news admitted the news media's failure to give serious attention to the link between the climate crisis and such events.


Just keep having more children. You’ll be fine. Vote in more resources, then attend seminars on how to succeed with a positive attitude.

Then thoughts and prayers.


Here’s another reason not to like wildfires: they release into the atmosphere all that carbon the trees had sequestered over their lifetimes.

And here’s a suggestion for the day, hopefully not far off, when we get a (non-military) federal jobs program: hire young people to plant trees, hedgerows and hectares of hemp.

With that said, to expect corporate media to report stories that make their advertisers uncomfortable is like expecting organized crime families to report their income to the IRS.


But you re-repeat yourself.


One trick pony, and you don’t even do the trick well. Study the issue instead of constantly spreading ignorance like you do.

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Typing bullshit is easier than studying and trying to learn complex issues. discover can’t even come to terms with the fact that population is an independent variable in regards to the aggregate consumption of resources and the aggregate generation of pollutants.

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Lets face the facts: we dont have real journalism anymore… The News we get are car crashes and opioid nonsense to distract us from the big picture, which they are too dumb to write about. I remember the term Russian Propaganda. Now we are the ones that have it. Let the printed fake news corps die. I will find my news online… as long as that will last…

The most lucrative advertisers to broadcast TV and radio are automobile-related, car sales, insurance, maintenance and repair. Oil companies also buy air time but more for greenwashing than advertisement. Mainstream media won’t bite the hand that feeds it.


There are people and organizations that have been compiling the documentation on weather modification and the skies and consequences demand unity in calling for full disclosure.

Jim Lee is doing society an incredible service with Climate Viewer - a documentation project everyone should be familiar with IMHO.

From 2015


The mainstream media are really in a no win position on this. While there is clear scientific evidence that there is an increasing trend of extreme weather events linked to climate change it is extremely hard to link any given extreme weather event to climate. All of these types of extreme weather events were occurring well before global warming began and will continue with or without global warming. Climate changes tends to increase the risk of these events and increase the intensity. Scientists do study individual extreme weather events and have generally concluded that some can be linked to climate change and some cannot. Basically the failure of mainstream media to claim specific extreme weather events is linked to climate change is being used to bash the mainstream media because of the ownership by private corporations. But regardless of what the mainstream media reports everyone should know climate change is an existential threat and the window of opportunity to address it is just about closed. That is based on the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the rate of emissions of greenhouse gases, the increase in average global temperature, and the dramatic effects of global warming which are particularly evident in the polar regions. Bashing the mainstream media is probably largely a waste of time when it comes to fighting climate change. A more productive use of time would be work to address climate change at the state level and local level and make changes in individual lifestyle. We all contribute to climate change which means we all can take actions to address it.

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Joan is the Roseanne Barr of Commondreams.

LOL! Says the person following up this silly comment with a mental breakdown. You focus on population and not aggregate consumption of resources and aggregate generation of pollutants. Ignorant, dumb, logically unreachable.

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NATURE is now showing us the damage done by Elitism-Patriarchy in its War on Nature after only 300 plus years after taking this land from the Native American …

Damage that our CIA/Corporate-Capitalism “free press” refused to show us because it could cause their downfall and being held accountable –

It was insanity then, it is insanity now –

Presume we have all seen GREECE and the fires raging and the loss of life –

My sister is reporting 108 degree days in her area about two hours South of San Francisco.

My sister in Ireland is reporting a one day break in a 40 day drought across Ireland which has turned Ireland brown – as seen from the air.

Here In NJ, we continue to have long spells of heat though we remain in the mid to high 80’s and warnings of rain/thunderstorms and increasing chance of flooding rain.


A good vision to hold on to, Guild. A few years back I made a large painting of countless people planting trees amongst the post modern ruins. Even if we have total collapse and no Federal program to pick up the slack we can band together and plant trees everywhere because we will do it for free.

My sign for this week’s peace vigil: War On Climate Denial Not On Iran!


Someone just needs to ask Chris Hayes, just how high does the stack of bodies have to be before he and his pitiful network will cover global warming?
good thing this media wasn’t around during WWII. They would have deemed Dachau as “too controversial.” or the crispy bodies of Nagasaki as ratings poison.

While all of this is nice grist for the mill, in the end the global warming ship has sailed. it has crashed into the iceberg and is taking on water as we speak. All the while the Chris Hayes of the world are rearranging the deck chairs. Outstanding!


WOW! Where I live in Northern Vermont the lawns everywhere are brown. Most of my flowers have dried up despite the watering. We have had intermittent rain but nothing substantial apparently. For all of Tump’s shady, self-serving dealing his climate denialism tops the chart of criminality.


Thanks Roseanne.

And the post is hidden by community flags.

That’s hilarious. So basically the world is burning, but if we talk about re arranging the furnishing, that will solve the problem.

Three more babies, three more babies…


Just keep ignoring the underlying problem. I’m sure your kids won’t mind as long as you keep making comments about the dreams of socialism.

Discover, why is it that you never seem to manage to address the overconsumption of resources?