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As Wisconsin Approaches, Sanders Closes in on Clinton


As Wisconsin Approaches, Sanders Closes in on Clinton

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A series of primary wins last week has reinvigorated Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, and he has new polls, donations, and endorsements to back it up.

With Wisconsin's primary on the horizon, Sanders on Monday welcomed the support of the state's former Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton, who said she had "never before felt greater urgency in a political campaign."


No doubt CNN is stockpiling B movies.


If only they'd show B movies instead of their "noose."


It seems likely to be Bernie or Trump. If its Trump the negotiator, maybe progressives can negotiate some things with him.


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Love that version. Pretty good film too.

"What does incompetent mean?"
"What does baffled mean?"

Two great lines aptly describing this election season.


A spider's web of issues here. First, our own modern history shows why it's impossible to save and rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor, and this generation is deep in a class war, middle class vs. the poor. Meanwhile, bottom wage workers are quietly replacing middle class workers at a fraction of the wages, increasing poverty. We forgot all the lessons learned through the 20th century.

As a life-long Wisconsinite (60 yrs.), I've seen how this became a right-wing state over the last 30 years -- and it shows. Most of our middle class manufacturing jobs have been shipped out, our family farms have fallen like dominos. In response, we irrationally became leaders in the war on the poor.

Sen. Sanders has actually needed to step to the right to appeal to today's liberals nation-wide, but has he moved far enough to the right to win WI? He has been playing it safe, carefully avoiding any mention of poverty (much less, mention of his years as a powerful advocate for legit poverty relief programs), but it's very hard to address America's social and economic deterioration without mentioning the consequences -- US poverty.


Yes, excellent points! Thanks.


Everything is going to be fine --- and Sanders is going to win BIG TIME by simply educating the American people that our country is not bad, but is just doing 'bad things' because the current ruling-elite are making America "act like a global Empire abroad" in 'foreign policy', and the same bad-news elite are making it "act like an economic tyranny at home" in 'domestic policy'.

Bernie's "Political Revolution against Empire" is going to stop America from "acting like an Empire abroad" (with all these senseless wars) which will eliminate young radicals attacking the Empire --- and also free-up $trillions, while Bernie's "Political Revolution against Empire" at home will eliminate the corporate/financial crooks from wrecking 'economic tyranny' and also free-up $trillions more for universal health-care, education, and moving to fossil-free new economy.

That's what the bird told Bernie earlier this week.

In fact, the bird may very well have picked-up this truth from the late-great Jewish intellectual, Hannah Arendt, who had tried to warn the German people at a similar point in their history when their country was going off the rails from democracy toward a particularly nasty (but more obvious) Empire:

"Empire abroad entails tyranny at home"

And we certainly have Empire abroad and economic tyranny at home today.


Sanders would be great but Trump will never get the brokered RNC convention nomination.


Sanders has a great chance of winning the nomination regardless of how the corporate media plays up to hillary and the DNC plays favorite with her.


I hate to think of having to choose between Cruz or Hillary.


Trump and Cruz are the reasons the RNC has decided on a brokered convention.


Another good article on Bernie further focusing his "Political Revolution" beginning with him firing a non-violent "Shout heard round the world" to ignite his and our expanded "Political Revolution against Empire" as a full sentence with an 'object' --- Empire



RE: "This election gives us the opportunity to rebuild America’s middle class and restore stability at the core of our democracy," Lawton said in her announcement." AND that is precisely what Wall Street & Puppets, Inc., are horrified about! No more "shoo in" Wall Street candidates!


Sorry, do not delude yourself! Nixon was NOT forced to resign until Democratic Party's own voters booted out the Wall Street fake Ds in 1974 and replaced them with actual democrats! That is when the D's got serious about Nixon's treason. Where are the democrats today if not already behind Bernie who will take treason seriously? Certainly not already in office! If so, name one.


A good article on the subject of ignoring the poor: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/35388-stats-the-democrats-ignore-the-poor-at-their-own-peril


You are correct! The US has been waging non-stop bipartisan war on the poor (and that is the aim of every one of our wars today as well!) since 1980! That war, as you say it most correctly, has grown into war on the middle class by export of middle class jobs to non-taxed US Corporations operating under the fiction they are based in a foreign land. Meanwhile, both parties have been gleefully going along, and HRC has proudly taken up Bill's & Obama's mantle as Wall Street's Warrior in Chief against the Middle & Lower classes, without even blinking an eye, while telling fabricated fairy tales to everyone who will believe it.

Bernie is the last hope for the D Party, for the US, and for the well-being of the planet and all creatures hereupon!


The GOP will move to indict Clinton only after she is nominated and knee deep in the general election campaign with Bernie safely out of the way. The GOP does not want to risk running against Bernie.

If the GOP indictment fails, Clinton has more baggage than the rest of the candidates in this race combined, so the GOP will still be able to walk over her.


It's a bit of a bait and switch with the title--Wisconsin story, national poll. Where's the Wisconsin poll? Is Bernie closing in in Wisconsin? Without it the title is slightly misleading. An update to include a WI poll would be nice.