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As Wisconsin Called for Biden, Trump Campaign Baselessly Cries 'Irregularities' and Demands Recount

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/wisconsin-called-biden-trump-campaign-baselessly-cries-irregularities-and-demands


Only in America we are having such a close race between two buffoons. Everyone is screaming to me that Biden should be “blowing Trump right out of the water”. Ahh, but how short is thy memory. Biden never offered ANY policies. Just sat back and expected our votes. Sheesh…only in America. The three WORST senate people got re-elected in these horrible trying times. The turtle, Miss Maine and sweetie pie Lindsey. Can’t wait to hear ol’ Nancy’s excuse of why the election is so close. The Dims actually thought that they did not have to put ANY work into winning over the people and trying to win the election. Unbelievable.


I really appreciate this site. Please start to run articles that are critical of Biden and those like him. The left cannot give weak opposition, that it has to fight him like it does any other far right politician, which he is, if he wins.


I can see why Biden’s campaign would be feeling good. They crushed the Left insurgency in their party, lost ground with historic Democratic constituencies, promised virtually nothing in the way of policy, put forth the weakest candidates, and still appear to have won. They and their key donors will keep getting richer, for a little while, no matter what happens in the election.

Democratic voters, on the other hand, should be absolutely terrified and looking for a new strategy. A Biden Administration, especially if the Senate stays Republican, will accomplish nothing of material benefit to the population. Americans will grow increasingly desperate, and a party which has no coherent message for anyone other than affluent, college-educated voters will continue to cede political ground to the far Right.


Michigan has over 70,000 spoiled ballots.
I would want each inspected carefully with a republican and democrat citizen seated side by side (masked). Detroit {Wayne County} = grow up already!!
No need for lawyers to be involved.

meanwhile, Biden has 270 pledged delegates to the electoral convention in December.
He gets Michigan and Nevada.

The Georgia, North Carolina, PA can still go to el trumpo.


What happens when you run a Democratic candidate with as much charisma as a sun-dried turd of a constipated warthog and a Republican sociopathic sac of human fecal matter… An inedible giant sized shit sandwich.
A ‘democratic’ Plutocracy moves inexorably towards Fascism due to senators and representatives from both recent parties, Republican malignant and Republican lite, who are bought and paid for by that ‘democratic’ Plutocracy, aided and abetted by an ignorant and mournfully stupid electorate.
The world watches the steady decline of America with a mixture of sadness, trepidation, disgust and contempt. RIP.


This tight race (shouldn’t have been) will be Bidens excuse to pull the same crap that Obama did - “we can do _____ (fill in what ever) because we don’t have the Republicans on board with it” His Republican heavy, Progressive absent, cabinet (if projections are correct) will make sure he moves Reich.

Plan on a further shift to the right


I’m not sure what the point in Trump fighting to stop vote counting would be at this point. If you freeze where we are, he loses (he’s likely to lose by more but what’s the difference). The current Biden lead states (top 3) give him 270 as @oldie has said. Hard to say if PA will eventually flip or not. From what I hear about NV in terms of where the remaining 13% of the vote is, Biden seems safe there. He’s safe in Michigan too. I haven’t heard anything good or bad in Arizona - I will be keeping an eye on that one.

# EV State % Reporting % Biden (B1) % Trump (T1) %B2-T2 for Biden to win
11 Arizona 84.7 51.0 47.6 -18.8
16 Michigan 97.9 49.8 48.6 -55.9
6 Nevada 87.2 49.3 48.7 -4.1
3 Alaska 50.1 32.4 63.6 31.3
16 Georgia 95.3 48.6 50.2 32.4
20 Pennsylvania 85.4 46.7 52.1 31.6
15 North Carolina 97.6 48.7 50.1 56.9

The experiment when replicated after four years once again produced an unpalatable sandwich. Must it be replicated a 3rd time to be conclusive? Or should the DNC cooks finally be fired for what they have been serving up to us for the past 30 years.


I would remind everyone that many critical numbers are pure speculation at this point. My state (NC) will not even count its late ballots until at least Nov. 12, per the Supremes’ ruling last week that said that NO late ballots in PA can be counted. The fact that the USA has no national election laws significantly increases opportunities for monkey business, which both parties to the duopoly relish.


Rudy G and Eric Trump on fox claiming there is a lot of cheating going on----as fox interupts and gives Michigan to Biden------and Fox has given Arizona to Biden-------all he needs is Nevada and all hell will break loose. Biden could have it tonight. Biden 264 —fox


How much do you ignore to arrive at such an opinion? Certainly, Biden is no progressive panacea, but haven’t you been paying attention these last four years to Trump’s idiocy, hatefulness, criminality, racism, divisiveness, cruelty, and the entirety of Trump’s unfitness for office?
Under a president Biden we on the left will have to work hard to get our wishes heard. But under Trump we have no chance at all.


Very true, but not by Biden!


With a Rep Senate next to nothing will get done-----no fixing the court —no raising of min wage—no public option-----I think there could be immigration reform------and no ss increase----

Pelosi and Shummer need to GO—they failed BIG TIME!

How did Collins win in Maine???


Agreed. Heard that Charlie Baker (MA-governor, Pilgrim Health CEO) is up for cabinet position of Health, Human Services…so much for Medicare for all…and more Privatized Health Insurance. …


I agree but am willing to take my chances with Biden.


I agree. I have no use for Biden, but compared to Trump, this year he is the LOTE. And Kamala compared to Pence… is an angel…


My country has taken a terrible turn rightward, though our govt has been leaning corporate for decades, if not even longer.
One plays the hand one is dealt frankly, and right now that is a choice between a conservative democrat and an insane would be demagogue.

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This race will be called this week…they will not count remaining uncounted ballots…they will come up with an excuse that xx won already by enough of a margin… this election process is a fraud… another distraction to keep people’s mind off the most critical issues of the day.


It is funny how Fox is pissing Trump off----- they called Arizona early—Biden might win with just 270----wonder how Trump will handle all this----all Biden needs is Nevada