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As With Any Animal That Is Rabid: Bobby Rush Is Really Not Down With Steve King Or White Supremacy

As With Any Animal That Is Rabid: Bobby Rush Is Really Not Down With Steve King Or White Supremacy

We're glad that after 27,624 racist remarks over nine terms in Congress, Steve King's GOP colleagues finally noticed he's scum and stripped him of power. Still, their disingenuous claim of having "no tolerance for such positions" is put to shame by fire-and-brimstone former Black Panther and Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush, whose language on King's "despicable comments" is as radical as you can get within Congress' genteel confines: "As with any animal that is rabid, Steve King should be set aside and isolated.”

Sixteen or twelve years this guberment offical has been serving his constituents without any complaints? Is this true ? Or has he recently ramped up his despicable rhetoric ? Or is the pushback one of the effects of our new congressional representatives? What I mean are the old white men starting to feel like they need to show Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Barbara Lee, Jahana Hayes, Lauren Underwood and Sheila Jackson Lee, Rashida Tlaib and etc that they have (something)?


Love the use of speciesism to condemn racism, makes sense. #NOT

Condemning the deeply entrenched structural racism in the US that keeps the wealthy white class in power, is not “speciesism” whatever the hell that neurotic neologism means.

I see that you just joined here to troll. Go away.


Actually, you don’t isolate a rabid animal - you kill them as quickly as possible, then you use extreme care and full biohazard PPE’s, while making sure your prophylactic rabies vaccine is up to date, quickly remove and dispose of the dead animal.


McConnell sez:
He “has no tolerance for such positions".

I’ve always felt McConman was better qualified for his previous job posting: Dean of the Hypocrisy Department at Trump University.


Bobby rush got off to good start on King.

Now it’s time for Rashida to drop a muthaF-Bomb on the muthafucka.

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Alberto, define “specieism” and tell us why you just signed on to post.

Hmmmm well let’s see : Steve King has a brain that is a cantaloupe and just as seedy. And he’s got calf muscles the size of gunboats for carrying all that polluted water for all those CEOs and corporations. Sadly he fancies that his last name ,"King, " makes him one—NOT!

it is interesting to note that in the 1700s, laws were introduced to keep the white indentured slaves from fraternizing with the african-american slaves. before that, these people had mingled freely, and even intermarried but the elite class (landowners/slave owners) were concerned that the blacks might unite with the white slaves and revolt and demand better working conditions, even payment (!!!), etc. so strict segregation laws were introduced. read Howard Zinn’s, The People’s History. a real eye opener.