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As Women Send Coat Hangers in Bulk, Ad Blitz to Demand Susan Collins Defend Abortion Rights


As Women Send Coat Hangers in Bulk, Ad Blitz to Demand Susan Collins Defend Abortion Rights

Julia Conley, staff writer

With the news that President Donald Trump has interviewed four anti-choice judges as potential nominees to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court, women's rights advocates are turning their attention to Sen.


These are weasel words. This is not a statement that she would only vote for someone who will affirmatively say that they will vote to uphold Roe v Wade, only that they have not said (or in the hearing refuse to say) that they oppose Roe v Wade. And any nominee will hold to the long held standard that a nominee shouldn’t/can’t say anything about what they will do on a future case. Anybody that thinks otherwise should share what they’re smoking with the rest of us.


Forget about it, people. This is a done deal that is being inflated to distract us yet again. There is not a thing the Democrats can do about this. Not. One. Thing. Roe v. Wade is history.

In addition to shaming Trump officials, it’s time to call open-season for shaming Evangelicals and Catholics wherever we encounter them. This is all on them.


I don’t think otherwise, but I’ll still share what I’m smoking…


You must be neither a woman nor a poor woman.


If we can’t get to pack the Supreme Court this will tragically affect poor women of all colors and not the wealthy women. And, tragically, the is almost no support system for them if they do give birth. If these will be children of color their prospects for adoption are not very promising and many will wind up being institutionalized to keep the money flowing in the sick “foster care system”.

This is not a culture of Life but of death. If we gave a damn about the children yet to be born we would have a strong support system in place for the mother and child–we do not.

I will find some way to aid my younger sisters. Solidarity with all my sisters and brothers who give a damn.


Time to occupy Collins’ Maine and DC offices…perhaps build coat hanger entanglements to block them the way WWII soldiers built barbed wire entanglements allegedly to thwart fascism that has now taken over Murka from within.


Good idea. I hope we all reach critical mass soon and take up some effective actions to hurt them where they will feel it.


Not sure what the quorum number is for the senate, but if it’s more than 50%, they could walk out of the chamber, and refuse a quorum for the vote.


You can shame me all you like. At the end of my life, I don’t answer to you or any other person who favors killing the unborn en utero because they are an inconvenience.

You would do better to worry how you are going to stand in front of the risen Jesus Christ, God of gods, and answer for your support for killing the most innocent among us.

But - since you want to shame me…here I am…have at it, pal.


So your answer to a rotten system is not to change the system, nor to work in it personally to help those in need (how much have you done personally to help those in need?) but rather to kill off the unborn as a nuisance.

Kinda reminds me of another country and another people who found a certain class of people to be a nuisance and decided that herding them into ovens was a great answer for the problem they caused.


Awwwwwwwwwwwww…you are afraid you won’t be allowed to murder the unborn, so now we are a “fascist country.”

If you ever saw real fascism at work in this country, you would be running for the hills. Aren’t you glad you got to be born?


The rules says “majority” which to me means one more than half. The current makeup is 51 Rs and 49 Ds and Is. So I think if the Ds and Is stuck together they could deny a quorum – in theory.

Unfortunately, it seems it’s not that simple. Here is an interesting article on the topic: https://www.vox.com/mischiefs-of-faction/2018/7/3/17518824/democrats-shut-down-senate-supreme-court-quorum-breaking

Besides, knowing how the Republican behave, they would likely modify the rules so that they can move forward with no quorum. There really is no limit to the parliamentarian mischief they could do and, no doubt, would do.


The time to stop this appointment was 2016. That’s just reality. Republicans have been waiting for this moment since Ronald Reagan—they have it now. The rules are meaningless, Trump will get his pick.

That said, the time to stop any additional appointments is 2018. That is in our control. Vote.


It’s a fact of life; Totalitarian dictatorships are run by perverted weirdos who want to control the infinite unfolding bloom of Cosmos.

Do not look to government or social media as the seat of tomorrow’s autonomous democracy.

Make it happen and keep it away from governments which are 100% pedal to the metal, floored out for the abyss of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Autonomous democracy will tell governments what to do when it is ready to speak. Survival of Life on Earth depends on this happening sooner than later.


Prove to me that your Jesus Christ, God of Gods is anything more then a Roman Aristocracy creation, appeasement. Without preaching thousands of years old desert stories. Like they make a damn bit of difference today. Dr. Jane Goodall learned that there are good chimpanzees, and there are bad chimpanzees as demonstrated in her ground breaking book,"In the Shadow of Man,"and in the film, “Jane.” Creating, and utilization of tools is a charastistic of man. If not the case then man has to be redefined, Dr Leakey. Guess what? No bible required, and no Jesus Christ, or God of Gods to appease in the animal kingdom to include chimpanzees.


No, we’re afraid you’ll impose your value system on our wives and daughters – a hallmark of facism.

We are seeing real fascism at work in this country. As I posted here:

What we’re seeing is the real thing.

But I’m not running for the hills, I’m standing and resisting you and your fascist ilk.

By the way, if you hadn’t figured it out – you’re in bullet number 4, perhaps others as well.


I personally do not want to pay for the problems of an unborn baby. How many children have you adopted.? The rich do not care because they will get their abortions. This will create an extra burden on society if all these unwanted babies are born. These same politicians are all a bunch of hypocrites who do not mind endless wars which kill many children. Madeline ALbright under the clintons said it was okay that 500,000 children were killed in Iraq during sanctions. Anyway U.S. has a populaltion of about 330 million right now if Roe vs Wade was not in place since 1973 this country would probably have close to 600 million.


Since you do not know me I will simply respond that you are completely off-base. You presume way too much. Goodbye.


You know, Steven, if the US truly was a caring society abortion would not be a question. It certainly would have strong safety nets or support systems in place. Instead we have self righteous men (mostly, interestingly) who think they have the right to impose their morality on others who happen to be women who actually bear these children. _ And seek all kinds of ways to make it nearly impossible for them to actually raise these children. This is an issue between the woman and her “god”_. Also, they presume everyone is either Christian or should be so. Finally, all one needs to do is to find out just how many children are not wanted and languishing in foster care .