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As Workers Ditch Trump, Trumka Slams White House Full of 'Racists' and 'Wall Streeters'


As Workers Ditch Trump, Trumka Slams White House Full of 'Racists' and 'Wall Streeters'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka told a group of reporters on Wednesday that there is little hope for labor unions to find common ground with the Trump administration, with a White House that's divided into two factions: aides who "turned out to be racist," and "Wall Streeters."

"You had one faction that actually had some of the policies that we would have supported on trade and infrastructure but turned out to be racist, and on the other hand, you had people who weren't racist, but they were Wall Street."
—Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO


Boy, it’s good that the White House was not full of Wall Streeters during the Clinton and Obama administrations. It must have been the “Deplorables” who brought them in.


Mr. Trumpka, you literally had to have your head up your ass to think that Mr. Trump would ever fight for workers.

What, exactly what were you thinking?


When people became worried that Trump would lead a fascist revolution, I pointed out that Hitler and Mussolini provided actual benefits to workers and grew their economies during the Great Depression gaining support from the working class and that Trump was not likely to do that. This is a confirmation of that opinion and is good to see.
As you have sardonically pointed out thw WH and the Pentagon has been in the hands of Wall Street for decades. How does your vision and mind stay clear with all the confusing and putrid fog permeating the media atmosphere?


He was thinking of getting a sweet deal on one those resort communities on the islands off the coast of Venezuela. After they overthrew the Maduro regime, of course. Lane Kirkland taught his young minions well. Oil rig and port jobs pay good union wages, even in Venezuela, and especially in S. Texas. Win-win, right?


I guess these blue-collar people who voted for Trump didn’t watch the Republican debates when Marco Rubio repeatedly called Trump a scam artist. Maybe they also didn’t hear about how Trump scammed many people who signed up for Trump U. And maybe they didn’t hear that Trump failed to pay thousands of contractors who worked for him. Well if that is the case I hope they pay more attention to the 2020 election so they realize exactly who they are voting for. Hopefully none of the candidates in that election will be named Donald J. Trump. Now we just have to somehow get by with Trump until that election or maybe the Republicans in Congress can find the courage to finally impeach him…


And then if the Democrats can field a candidate who actually gives a shit about us working folk, we will all be living in high clover. But I ain’t gonna hold my breath, and I’m sure as hell not going to vote for Hillary or any other neolib.


Who said my mind is clear?:rofl:


The AFL-CIO is as corrupt as the corporations they purport to defend workers against. The fact that the police unions are members of the AFL-CIO proves just how lost they have become. The police are cops first and workers second. They will always be on the wrong side of the picket/protest line and facing the protesters while protecting their corporate overlords. Trumpka The Sell-Out is thinking more about the tax cuts he’ll be getting on his bloated salary than about what more corporate hoarding will do to his members.


Nah. We’ll once again be presented with two neo-liberal, war-mongerers that are waist-deep up the ass of Wall Street and the MIC, one super far right and blatant about his/her authoritarianism, and the other one only medium-right and more nuanced about his/her authoritarianism, with the only difference between them being on a few social wedge issues. Both members of the Oligarchy, one wearing a blue lapel pin and one wearing a red lapel pin.