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As Workers See Crumbs, Biggest Wall Street Banks Have Already Pocketed $2.5 Billion From Trump Tax Scam


As Workers See Crumbs, Biggest Wall Street Banks Have Already Pocketed $2.5 Billion From Trump Tax Scam

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As most Americans report that they have seen little to no paycheck boost thanks to the Trump-GOP tax cuts, the very biggest Wall Street banks are reporting quite the opposite: record profits.


This is what “reality democracy” looks like.


From the new Blue Collar Review


One worker said to the other workers
Hey, my pay went up ten dollars
With the new tax break; another worker
Said, mine only nine dollars and a stray
Thirty-seven cents. The plant
CEO whose stock options grew
Two million in value, and whose
End of the year tax bite decreased
Two hundred fifty-two thousand
And a stray on hundred ninety
Dollars, did not hear the workers’ conversation,
But had been depending on it all along.

Now, the CEO has multiple guesses
At what the workers will say
When social security is slashed
To fill the budget hole.
Work longer, and thanks for the incentive?

   Ken Poyner


Reminds me of “So long and thanks for the fish!” from A Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


Reminds me of Yip Harburg/Jay Gorney’s 1932 “Buddy Can you Spare a Dime”, performed by musicians from Bing Crosby to Jesse Colin Young…“once I built a railroad, and now its done, hey buddy can you spare a dime?”.

Also reminds me of Bozz Skaggs 1960’s hit “Somebody Loan me a Dime”.


I just prepared taxes for someone who works just shy of 40 hr/wk made about $17000 last year as a single man. His take home after taxes is about 14k he gets a federal return of a measly $125 dollars. Trump and the thieves in Congress has stolen the life out of hard working no benefits poor workers by taking away earned income credit. Just heart wrenching no sick time no vacation time no health care just hard fucking work for peanuts. This man pays 700 to rent a room in a house and tries tolive with 300 a month. I am sure there are millions out there like him.


With the help of many Democrats? make that: them dem o rats!


The rich would call him a taker because he should be making more.


What a bunch of scum. Who will be left when hardly anyone else is working? Shows what narcissism out of control can do.


Paul Ryan says he won’t seek a 3rd term. Who n the hell voted this son of a bitch in? Those fucking Ohio rich monsters.


According to Paul Ryan and his den of tax thieves, the answer is simple: HE NEEDS TO GET A SECOND JOB!


It’s not like the public had any say in this other than the congressmen they let the corporations and oligarchs elect.


This is what failing Empires look like. The richest grab all they can before the collapse. Yes, it’s coming and soon too, the only real question will be how bad it will be. I’m thinking Soviet Union size but I may be off one side or the other. It will be as bad as the Great Depression, at least.


Yeah, he will leave Congress and make some “real money” now.


I get your point but before we can have an empire the republic has to fail and that is what is happening now. Empire is next.


Multiple millions. They are completely ignored and no one much gives a crap. It is ugly out there, ugly, cold, heartless, uncaring and hostile, all just for being poor.


And, the rest of the world will be ecstatic, and rightly so. Wake up, America. You (we) are not going to know what hit you, and you (we) will be completely dumbfounded. Post collapse, maybe a few will decide to become more aware and involved. Probably not.


No worries, it will be trickling down…any day now…

Meanwhile the working class is running up their debt TO that same 1 percent just trying to make ends meet. If the trickle ever occurs , it goes right back to the guys at the top in the way of interest payments and the like.


The government aka the long arm of the law worships the accumulation of wealth. No higher calling exists than to grab all they can get. The whole treasonous lot of them have little concern outside of personal enrichment.


The trickle NEVER occurs. It never has. It is a lie I do remember hearing from Reagan, and I know it never comes.