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As Workers' Wages Continue to Fall Under Trump, Analysis Shows CEO Pay Is Way Higher Than Typically Reported


As Workers' Wages Continue to Fall Under Trump, Analysis Shows CEO Pay Is Way Higher Than Typically Reported

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As wages for most American workers continue to steadily decline following the passage of President Donald Trump's massive corporate tax cuts at the end of last year, a new analysis of federal data by Axios found that the pay of some of America's top CEOs is even hig


Unfortunately, this article is based on a misunderstanding of the way compensation is reported.

The compensation shown as “listed pay” is the compensation that is credited for a given year. So, for example, if Mr. Dimon is granted $20 million in stock in 2018, regardless of whether it is earned immediately or over time, $20 million is the number reported. The realized compensation includes:

  1. Money received outright
  2. Equity that vests in the year (which would already partially been reported in other years)
  3. Stock options which may have been granted any time in the last 10 years (and which also would have been at least partially reported in other years).

So, what they’re showing is actually compensation that a) may have been earned over a period of up to 10 years previously; and b) has, to some extent, already been recognized in prior filings.

Consequently, an “apples and oranges” comparison. Interestingly though, buried in the report was the note “Compensation based on ARG was higher 53% of the time”. So, in effect, those executives who actually ended up earning less than reported almost exactly offset those earning more…


It must be tough on them which is why so much of their money is pushed offshore. I hate to see them suffer so.

Regarding the excessive and lopsided distribution of the country’s wealth, well we have to thank Susan Sarandon, Jill Stein, Putin and Bernie for getting Trump elected. If Clinton had been allowed to defeat the game show host she would probably be down on Wall Street right now telling them to “cut it out.” And, I am sure they would have listened and changed their ways for sure. Yep.


Stats can be fun things to study. Most, if interpreted correctly, can tell the true story, which is the case in this situation.
A standard method when evaluating numbers is to first eliminate the abhorrent numbers at both ends of the scale that may be scewing the overall findings. In this case one should eliminate the top1% of wage earners and the bottom 1% as well. Since the top 1% are currently collecting nearly 30% of America’s overall wages, and the bottom 1% make nothing, that means that 30% of the compensation being counted must be erased before you divide in order to compute a truer average income household number. When that 30% of the money is removed, the average Household doesn’t make the nearly 59 thousand a year this article states. By that standard the average household only makes about 42 thousand.
It has also been stated just last year that the top 17% of wage earners are now making 83% of the compensation, while conversely the bottom 83% are making only 17%. If we were to apply a more reasonable statistical model, eliminating say the top 10% and bottom 10% and only counted the compensation data from the middle 80% the dark truth of modern gilded age America is revealed.
In truth, the average American houshold is living below the poverty level. And the rate of poverty is accelerating. By almost any measure we have become a banana republic. A 21st century feudal fiefdom.


The day Hillary sees a dollar she doesn’t want as her own…


From 2015 onward there was never any question that the 2016 election would be won by either an actual “outsider” or a faux “outsider”.

Although the benefits Trump has always accrued from swamp culture is second to none, he sold himself as an outsider while Clinton wore her insider credentials as a badge of honor.


As the pigs at the trough stuff their pockets the 99% make less and will pay higher hidden taxes and fees to make-up the shortfall!

This evil regime serves wealth and exploitation, usury and financial fraud, environmental rape, pollution, and species extinction! They are the sworn enemy of all life on earth and a sustainable future!