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As 'Working Class Revolt' Topples Kentucky's Trump-Backed Governor, a Warning to McConnell: 'You're Next'

I am sure that there are many good, smart people in the state of Kentucky.

My comment was in some way trying to understand how the voters in Kentucky kept Mitchell McConnell in the position he’s currently in for as long as he has been in it.

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Trumpty Dumpty sat on a call, Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. All of the kings apologists couldn’t defend or mend and thank god they couldn’t put that fat fuck together again. Trumpty Dumpty.

The only way to counter GOP gerrymandering is to turn out independent voters who usually sit out elections. Better still, a concerted effort must be made to turn out disillusioned Republican voters to reject the t.rump crime family. The Red states’ gerrymandering efforts are further propped up with contributons (most likely illegal) that are funnelled throught criminal organizations, such as the NRA.

If the swing states nad the “fly-over states” are ignored by the Democrats, the GOP will steal the election, no matter how many more votes the Democrats get above the number of GOP votes. The Electoral College has been rigged in favor of the GOP, and it is all “signed in blood” legal.

I am originally from Virginia. I was very happy to see it go totally blue. North Carolina is still a problem as the GOP are happy to be illegal and still own some power. I think Trump is not going to last that long and he will damage the GOP. I want better for my Grandchildren. I do not care what party or how it happens. They deserve better.