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As World Burns, Richest Nations Can't Decide When to End Fossil Fuel Handouts


As World Burns, Richest Nations Can't Decide When to End Fossil Fuel Handouts

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The world's richest nations have failed to agree on a deadline to phase out fossil fuels subsidies—a commitment energy ministers made in 2009—stirring new fears over the impact of the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars that go toward keeping dirty energy afloat every year.


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The rulers of the world are killing the world!

This miraculous, most beautiful world, the sole (soul) light of blue and green in our entire solar system...

is being snuffed out into dark ash by a mere 1% of humans -- who care only about themselves and right now.


Once again, the U.S. government rigs the system -- and urgently needed action is blocked or delayed.


Can't or Won't!


There is only one way to actually, "do" anything on climate change that may.... or may not, have any effect. That is for as many people as possible to just drop out of the system, the system that perpetuates climate change. How? Well, if you think about it, it means stop buying almost everything you buy, accept food. But buy as much food as you can, that is sustainably produced... and try to grow as much of your own as you can. Yes, do anything else you can in the way of changing your diet etc.
Stop participating in stupid co2 producing activities..... LIKE FIRE WORKS.... how many people will go to an event like this this week end.... and the more we all participate in it, the MORE DEMAND FOR THEM TO BE PRODUCED.... just think, if almost no one showed up for fireworks, then demand would go down and there fore production.... ALL OF THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES... of our ridiculous system and all that it has within it that is extremely luxury oriented.
Yes, I know this computer is part of the problem... but, if I stop using it, and do not buy any more, but everyone else, still does.. well, that isn't accomplishing anything.... WE WOULD ALL HAVE TO GIVE IT UP.... MANY HERE WILL SAY ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS MAKE RENEWABLE POWER....
that is not all we have to do.... this is not something that as a simple fix. It has to do with WHO WE ARE and WHAT OUR EXPECTATIONS ARE .... AND OUR BEHAVIORS.
We are ( some of us much more than others)... very spoiled... I mean, are we really GOING TO WAIT FOR THE PWTB... to stop talking and DO SOMETHING?..... or are we just going to change ourselves... we can still keep pushing them but, if we do not decided to stop being spoiled brats.. .than nothing they do will make a difference...
How many people still fly... especially for silly reasons... how many people go to professional sports events... how many people have jobs that are killing the planet because of what they make or do?... I know switching a job if you have a family isn't that easy..... That is why I thought the gov should come in with programs... and help people transition.... like handing out small plots of say 5 acres for millions of people to become organic farmers... they'd get a huge break on mortgage or maybe even a free tiny house... we'd need hundreds of organic farms in even just small towns... also, people raising sheep for wool etc... people could go back to cottage industry... seemtress, taylors, bakers, etc...
someone could make a business on selling used things, especially used jewelry so that NO ONE would have to buy a NEW GOLD RING OR DIAMOND RING.... why are we still doing that?...
I guess I have my point across.... WHETHER IT IS TOO LATE AT THIS POINT I DO NOT KNOW... I kinda think it is... but, it would be a better life for every one... to work and live by those you love, your friends... etc... no rushing and clawing and hyper life style ... no worrying about paying off a new car.... people could share one car within a "tribe"... just a thought... for as long as there might be some left over gasoline.... BUT OVER TIME,,,, we wouldn't need it....
Then I snap back to reality.... people do not want to live like that... they do not want to do manual work. Oh, and who would MAN THE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS.?


It's not that they "can't" decide, it's that they haven't a clue what to do. Reorganizing the entire industrial-financial- chemically driven-globally distributed food-consumer goods-communication unsystematic so-called "system" into something clean, green, fair, and sustainable is a daunting task. Where to even begin? Transportation? Gas and diesel machines are the biggest single source of greenhouse gasses, but how to stop? Wait for affordable electric vehicles to become extensively and affordably available? Hope that enough people will see the light (at the end of the tunnel) and change on their own, making all the right changes, with everything falling effortlessly into the right places? Who will choose and choose fairly and wisely which journeys need to be taken, what crops deserve to be cultivated, what habits are too squanderous of resources not to just say no to?

The elite either in who are now vying for high positions are even more clueless than I am what to do about anything. They won't admit that, of course, but will continue presenting themselves as being able to put Humpty Earth back together again though they can't say exactly how.

Survival of more than a scattered few of us is going to take leadership -- an inspiring kind of leadership that only shows itself in political campaign commercials, never after offices have been assumed. It will require people who can come across as leading the way through darkness and chaos. for everybody. People individually or as parts of who are made to feel that they aren't included, that they and folks like them are somehow being left out, will drag their feet and resist participation, and that will fatally halt whatever progress is underway It will take leaders who not only do not seem to be acting just to advance their own personal ambitions, but truly are working for the good of everyone.

Are there any people out there who have what it takes to lead humankind that way? Is there a "Green Jesus" alive somewhere now who is ready to start showing us all the way?


The "western world" has created - or allowed to be by those that control vast wealth and power - mechanisms that sustain the global oligarchy, and the truth is they cannot dismantle them, including gifting big-oil & gas $444 Billion in annual "subsidies", or their entire house of cards will come down - including the careers of politicians we depend on to honestly guide us.

"Subsidies" for oil & gas takes/robs resources from the public/taxpayers to gift a polluting, destructive cartel that has been made central to western life - energy. Like funding the war-machine, or bankers printing their own wealth, oil & gas subsidies are a theft from a sustainable future.

Instead of leaders acting with vision and integrity to build new sources of energy, green/sustainable/non-polluting, they maintain the mechanisms of the past and serve those who profit from them - failure and corruption on a scale perhaps never seen before.

All the COP 21 talk of "combating global warming" in Paris was just rubbish talking - all the players beholden to the mechanisms of wealth and existing constructs, not any notion of creating a sustainable paradigm, only serving what has been.....and wealth for the few. The push to pass the TPP and TTIP to consolidate and cement global domination and derail any real reforms/changes is are threats of vast proportions.

The rule of money and profits above all else calls the tune, not science or sustainability, or a society that values a clean healthy environment, only maintaining past mechanisms of wealth........and politicians serving those who control the wealth, not the 99%.

The only breath of fresh air that received great support was/is the activism led by Bernie Sanders and also championed by Jill Stein, who both recognize the need to act without delay - the public so easily manipulated and diverted by the profiteers, they will lap-up any lie or deception that will eventually, inevitably lead to unforeseen destruction and/or continued servitude.........


Well, let me see if I can cheer you guys up. The way I see it, we are looking at three Global Emergencies all at the same time:

  1. Imminent World War (with flash points of Eastern Ukraine and the South China Sea) which, because of the development of tactical nukes (which Hillary will probably use since she's unstable) and rumored Uranium MOAB's could quite possibly be a nuclear war. Leaked emails from General BreedLove this month make it clear the nut was trying to push Obama into a NATO war with the Russians. I guess the dickhead was ready to seal off the base and issue the go-code to protect his bodily fluids.

  2. Global Fukushima Fallout from the triple meltdown which is spreading to all 10 reactors at Daiichi. Management at TEPCO just admitted they covered up the meltdowns and everything is out of control. Massive 10 becquerels per cubic sea meter in two big plumes are hitting both Canada and NorCal. www.fairewinds.org There's rumored nuke plant crisis in the Ukraine as well.

  3. A Global Warming Thermal Runaway.

Number One is the worst, since the number one user of fossil fuels is the MIC, and World War will heat up the globe like nothing else. Number 2 has probably contributed to the die off off much ocean life in the Pacific and the reported rotting corpses of sea life on the West Coast. Obama, not qualified to be president, hid all of this from us. There was enough spent fuel there (which is laced with Pu-239) to kill all life on this planet. Stay tuned to see if we survive it.

But number 3 could turn this place into Venus, our sister planet, where the temp is 800 degrees F in the shade.

The only guy who has addressed any of these things is Bernard Sanders. There's now a number of lawsuits by Sanders supporters from what I can tell:


So there is hope. I just thought I would try to cheer you guys up. :grimacing:



So frustrating that those asses can liberally shower each other with our money and we are obligated to be good little work units paying our debts on time (plus usurious interest), abiding by their laws, obeying their henchmen (or risk being assaulted)...it's become a medieval nightmare set in the 21st century.


It sure sounds nice to think that there is a "clean sustainable" form of energy....that we could just switch out to. That would mean we could all just relax and watch them dig up the earth for rareearths... mega amounts of ore for steel for manufacturing renewables...and Lithium? ...wow, for all those batteries...
Why is it people do not understand that even building BILLIONS OF SETS OF RENEWABLES....is NOT SUSTAINALBE... GET REAL FOLKS.... We are in the SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION.... because we are destroying habitat....for ourselves and other species.....IF you want to survive... do as the other animals do... and go without electricity.....


One of the simplest things for the governments to do is campaign for Vegetarian/Vegan diets as "meat"-eating
creates Global Warming. China is doing it. Why won't the US? Because our government is dedicated to
supporting Capitalism and its exploitations in every area.

Next, government at every level has to move to mass transportation AND converting cars to electric/solar
energy. We can also ensure that all the energy we use is renewable -- solar panels on every rooftop so that
we have no need to burn fossil fuels.

The enemy within is Capitalism and those private interests who have control over our natural resources.

And from the very first, our Founders/Constitution created an Elite patriarchy and gave it immense
influence over our government, our nation's wealth and natural resources.

Quote -- Energy ministers from the Group of 20 (G20) met in Beijing on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss bringing those subsidies to a close after the Group of 7 (G7), the world's seven wealthiest economies, last month committed to eliminate "inefficient" fossil fuel handouts by 2025. A report published in 2015 by the climate group Oil Change International found that the combined G20 subsidies for oil, gas, and coal production amounts to roughly **$444 billion a year.**


Really, that is your response to what I said..??? Humans lived for thousands and thousands of years with out electricity.... .Breeding... really was only an issue for women ... who ended up with pregnancies they weren't prepared for.... but ...as far as population... that really became a problem, once we started using fossil fuels... starting with coal. The day we could grow grains in massive amounts... and then store them... began the trajectory toward over population.... We can do better?... yes... if our species didn't have the flaw of those who seize power... and money... and abuse it... hoard resources... away from others.... and manipulate popluations... and governments.... I think we generally agree... but, as far as HOW, we do better, we need to think outside the box... in a really big way...


The CFC (Freon) crisis that created the ozone hole could only be stopped by quitting the release because there is no way to get it out of the atmosphere. The 6 trillion tons of CO2 that has been added to the air since 1950 can be removed by sequestering it. There are 7 billion unemployed and underemployed people (half of them slaves) that are pretty good at planting things. Trees, kelp, sod, grapevines, sagebrush. moss, lichens, etc. all sequester carbon. The CO2 didn't all come from burning fossil fuel but from burning the rain forest and lately from brush and forest fires caused by global warming. The carbon credit market is so tiny it's a joke but a tax of 0.5% on the financial markets which have all the overseas money that Bernie talks about would supply a payroll of $3.3 trillion a year to plant stuff. It would also stop a lot of wars and migrations that are driven by a lack of jobs and money even here.