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As World Busts Heat Records, Study Warns Global Warming Could Be Twice as Bad Climate Models Project

As World Busts Heat Records, Study Warns Global Warming Could Be Twice as Bad Climate Models Project

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As millions of people across the globe face extreme heat advisories, with temperatures even soaring beyond 90 degrees in Siberia last week, a recent study published in the British journal Nature Geoscience warns long-term global warming

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Climate deniers should all be lobotomized.

They clearly aren’t using their brains, so…


You’ll notice that even on so-called liberal news sites such as HuffPo, they report the heat and fires, but don’t mention climate change. The same with BBC in its reporting on the unprecedented heat wave and fires in the UK.

The world media makes a conscious effort to downplay climate change because climate change and many other harms are an inherent part of the petroindustrial world economy all of us are trapped in.

If they told the truth about the anthropogenic mass extinction event our species has created, that 56 BILLION animals a year are tormented and killed to feed non-vegans, and that we’re paving more and more living earth to replace it with asphalt and concrete, and if humans had conscience (most don’t), consumer capitalism and human population growth might slow.

And if that happened, a global mass economic collapse would happen. Our species has gone down a very bad road and there are billions too many of us. We now have to kill the biosphere to sustain our numbers.

What a sad mess. It’s way beyond climate change. And there’s no real way out of it. This is us:


I’ve lived a long and full life of 65 years, have been an environmentalist since I was a teenager, so my carbon footprint is not as big as some, but no matter what you do, you still have a negative impact on an increasingly fragile planet. Many if not most Americans are pretty selfish, not even considering what impact their purchases have on the earth and workers (lots of my so-called “progressive” friends shop at Walmart). Combine that with oil companies and mega-corporations, many based in the US, who are constantly lobbying congress to cut back on environmental regulations. Throw in the orange bag of putrid gas we have as our leader. Add climate change and the fact that most young people are “too busy” to vote. I think I’ve finally realized that there is nothing I can do. We’re doomed. I might as well live high on the hog, forget about trying to make the world a better place, throw my recyclables in the garbage, and eat what I want.

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Congratulations! You have precisely the nihilist mindset needed to be a member of the 1%. Now if only you had their money…(sarcasm alert)

Seriously, I think that these types are furious at the idea of their own mortality, and are taking it out on everybody and everything while they can. Acceptance of one’s own inevitable demise makes planning for the “seventh generation” possible—and indeed imperative.


I won’t be able to live high on the hog with my small teacher’s pension and social security. I avoid the doctor because I can’t afford to get sick, but I will continue to do what I can to make the world a better place. Of course I was just joking about giving up on doing the right thing, but I apologize. Even jokes during this difficult time seem out of place.


Guess what, this is new base line and it will get much worse. At this stage, we are simply witnessing the inevitable collapse with the only question being how long will it take and what will be our role as it unfolds. Modern civilization is a heat engine and is causing its own collapse.


Amazing… like good wine. Thanks WO

I add the complementary work of Jim Lee who has been documenting the history going back to the 1800s as well as current



It looks bad doesn’t it but not all is lost.

Do you want the good news ,we have helpers at hand .
Please check out the book Awaken The Species …

It gives us 16 differences between us a primitive species the toddlers of the universe in reality and Highly Evolved Beings .
We are awakening but will we do it in time ?

Stephen Mills
Humanity’s Team

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In his day I think that is precisely the sort of scenario envisaged by the composer. This is the sort of “art” we need today. whew…

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I know, what an amazing choice of music for that video!!!
I love how the video maker made the symbolic human look and act so demented, arrogant, and cruel.
There’s lots of sick humor in there that most people don’t catch, like shooting the elephant and then playing the ivory piano keys.
I love the scowls on the faces of the aliens as they survey the anthropogenic destruction.

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Fortunately for the right wingers they don’t trust any of this type of information and can go merrily on their way cheering for Trump as he separates children from families and carries out other acts of inhumanity. They can also drive their pickup trucks long distances to NASCAR races, gun shows, and other events without much care except for the price of gas.

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I write to keep my sanity during my remaining days of the 6th mass extinction event we’re all within. I keep my footprint light, and I write more and read. Won’t really help the ‘real’ but it helps me. I give humans a 25% chance of survivability these days. If the frozen methane reserves get released the percentage number drops to almost zero.


If we continue to give 52 percent of our discretionary budget–not Medicare Medicaid and Social Security-- to the Pentagon, you can kiss the planet goodbye.



Loved the video! Here’s another one:

Check out “Nina Paley - The Stork is the Bird of War” from Ram Maloon on Vimeo.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/128404775

If you like this video, make sure you share it, too!

Vimeo is filled with lots of amazing videos. See more at https://vimeo.com.

I just posted this:

A form of “dominion” doctrine has long been shared by the traditional Roman Catholic hierarchy, as well. On Earth Day 1990, New York’s Cardinal John O’Connor admonished his flock to remember that “the earth exists for the human person and not vice-versa.” In 1993 Pope John Paul denounced Catholic feminists in terms eerily reminiscent of the Inquisition. In a story headlined JOHN PAUL CRITICIZES ‘MOTHER EARTH’ RITUALS, the New York Times reported that “senior cardinals have expressed concern about worship of such concepts as the earth goddess by some feminist American Catholics, saying the practice creates an unacceptable blend of Catholicism with animist faith [and] such worship veers toward witchcraft.” Two years later Pope John Paul opposed the democratic election of an ex-Communist in Poland on grounds that he represented a “neo-pagan” philosophy. To be fair, the Pope now decries the “culture of domination” toward the environment. What is missing is a realization of how the Christian tradition has fostered this culture of domination and condemned nature mysticism as sinful or subversive.
The Vatican even panned the movie “Avatar” for its pro-Nature theme because the Vatican assumes that Nature/animals are NOT as important as the “human person,” and objects to the “egalitarian vision of the ‘dignity’ of all living creatures.” According to the Vatican, “Such notions … end up abolishing the distinctiveness and superior role of human beings…" I’m for abolition! How about you? Isn’t it about time we stand up to the challenge?

EVEN NOW, THE NOTION THAT ANIMALS [Nature, Earth, creation] “EXIST FOR OUR SAKE” has strong resonances throughout popular Christianity. It is only right that theologians should now mock “the folly” of this notion, but such belated protests would carry more weight if they were offered in a spirit of some penitence. Folly it must be that sees the whole world as our plaything, but it has also been a grievous folly for those who have had to suffer it. We suffer least the folly inflicted on others when it affects us not at all. No wonder that…Voltaire could claim against Christians that “those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities.” — Andrew Linzey, Christianity and the Rights of Animals, 1989
---------------------------------That’s right: I’d like to see–but don’t expect to see it offered–“a spirit of some penitence”–acts of contrition, humility, voluntary sacrifice. ------------------------------

Homo sapiens possesses an absolutely fabulous ability to deny the truth… And so we come to the ultimate test of the human mind: the salvation of the environment. Can Homo sapiens survive the threat of itself? In light of its capacity for false illusion and its phenomenal capacity for denial, can it even conceive the issues?


You are correct in that we are doomed. We have radically loaded too much industrial carbon in to the atmosphere and are at 7.45 billion parasites. Everything is going to get progressively worse and very fast. Just look at the apocalyptic flooding in Japan! I wouldn’t, however, give up and live like someone who doesn’t care anymore. Maybe that was satire? We’re all going down on a sinking ship together…running ever higher to the remaining decks above. I fear we’re nearing the last proverbial deck. Be civil, love those near you, keep recycling, and die with dignity.


Check out “Nina Paley - The Stork is the Bird of War” from Ram Maloon on Vimeo.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/128404775

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Absolutely brilliant post and thank you for sharing the stork video which to me is as powerfully on point as the “Man” video.
I’ve had to explain over and over on “progressive” websites that every human born is a consumer and polluter that contributes to anthropogenic mass extinction, but humans are so in love with humans that they refuse to admit that we fit into no ecosystems niche and always create a net loss for the biosphere and biodiversity.
I’ll never stop telling the truth, and I chose not to have children, and to be a vegan.
I want free, safe, legal abortions, vasectomies and contraceptives worldwide, which would go a long way to slowing down our specie’s ecocidal death march.