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As World Busts Heat Records, Study Warns Global Warming Could Be Twice as Bad Climate Models Project


Good luck with them “caring.”


I hadnt seen that video with sir terry pratchett. I saw one where he watched a man with assisted suicide in switzerland. And i hadnt heard of this strain of alzheimers.


The problem IS over population. But I won’t get into an argument on that point. Get a hybrid car? I don’t even own a car - I take public transport. Go solar? I don’t make enough money to even own a home, let alone put solar panels on it.

Go vegan? Already there.

You’re obviously one of the affluent who can afford both of those things. Try viewing life through the lens of the working poor before passing judgment.


We’re already at 2deg warming, if you take into account the fact that half excess heat is being screened out by the aerosols that we are emitting. Sulfate from burning coal and the “asian brown cloud” are actually a form of unintentional geoengineering that we’re already engaged in.


You obviously already know you’re wrong, since you’re airing your views on a discussion page but don’t want to discuss them. Clearly the problem is mostly not our numbers, since if we magically eliminated the poorest 6 billion people we would still have 80% of the problem left to solve some other way, but if the richest 20% disappeared the problem would be essentially over–unless someone started living like the richest few again.

And both your post and your life also strongly suggests you know the proximal problem is how the rich live. (The ultimate problem, that causes how they live, is psychological.) You obviously know that impact comes from income. Why not take the next step and understand that personal changes aren’t going to make any difference in how the rich live, so will have virtually no effect on climate catastrophe? Only political change that makes everyone live like they have a low income will change the outcome. We need to work on that rather than misdiagnose the problem and blame people who cause almost none of it.


It’s good that we have so many articles about sea level rise by the year 2100. But I think we need more articles about worldwide famines by 2030, the resulting collapse of civilization by 2040, and the resulting extinction of the human race by 2050. Once that has happened, sea level rise by 2100 doesn’t really matter to me.


I will believe in natural justice when I see the American west burn to the ground and the American coastline sink into the ocean. That nation as single handedly caused the most environmental damage over the last century, to the point of supplying fully 25% of all air pollution on Earth. Now the so called “leadership” in that country won’t even acknowledge that the earth has a major problem or do anything about it!