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As World Condemns 'Appalling' Crimes, US Defends Israeli Massacre in Gaza and Blocks Call for UN Probe


As World Condemns 'Appalling' Crimes, US Defends Israeli Massacre in Gaza and Blocks Call for UN Probe

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After making the widely condemned and erroneous assertion that responsibility for Israel's massacre of more than 50 Palestinians "rests squarely with Hamas," the Trump administration on Monday unilaterally blocked a United Nations statement that expressed "outrage" at Israel's killings and demanded "an independent and transparent" investigation.


When will the American people rise up and topple this Regime!


There should be significant limits put on what the 5 permanent members of the UN can veto. A lot of war crimes and criminal behavior goes unchallenged because of the veto. Not even an investigation? And applauding Israel’s “restraint?”


It seems Jewish thugs control US. How else can you explain US action? The answer to every charge of Jewish crimes is to label the accuser, “antisemitic”. Sorry, but that cover needs to be exposed as contemptuous manipulation and intimidation.


Aren’t there some lefty lawyers in the US that can charge people for violence that they commit when they are in charge of the state apparatus? I know next to nothing about the legal system in this regard, it just seems that people in charge of the war machine in this country do this again and again, they kill massive amounts of people, they support coups, dictatorships, and they leave their government job to profit off of what they have done. I mean, John Bolton should be in a prison, with everything he ever valued taken from him, and there he is, giving insane advice to a narcissistic sociopath, and is paid to publish articles in papers calling for insane, violent and destructive policies. It isn’t even an indictment against Bolton, there are always sociopaths like him slithering around. It is an indictment against a political and media system that gives him and his batshit crazy ideas exposure and power, time and time again, and refuses to hold him accountable.

No one takes us seriously when we talk about democracy and human rights. They shouldn’t, we should start to pay for doing and supporting these types of things. Do what these monsters do to other countries where there are governments in power they don’t like. Start to create such huge collective costs for this country to go on like this, and see if people rise up against those in power. Given the mood in the country now, wouldn’t take much.


While some of the Western Nations condemn Israel , those condemnations are merely lip service.

I would contrast the reaction to the alleged Skripal poisoning case in the UK. There was NO evidence of Russian involvement and indeed they have started walking back on those claims in the UK as more evidence comes out. Boris Johnson outright lied when he indicated that the group investigating the incident had concluded there Russian involvement.

West European Countries expelled Russian Diplomats and immediately pushed for more sanctions on Russia.

This incident in Gaza orders of magnitude worse and there NO doubt Israel massacres civilians yet there no call to sanction nor are Israeli Ambassadors being expelled.


Israel is wrong. The U.S. is wrong. Both of them should feel a deep sense of shame at this!

BTW, “Ambassador” Haley, you can stop trying to blame Iran for everything. It is so very obviously a lie, and a classic case of projection.

We must stand up, resist, and protest for Peace before it is too late!


Lawyers in the USA took IRAN to Court over 9/11! A Court in the USA ruled Iran must pay billions in damages to families that lost loved ones on 9/11.

Iran had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. Apparently that it a Muslim country is good enough just as long as that Muslim Country not an ally.


When the Nazis were killed off during WWII, they were reincarnated in the Israeli and American politicians that are advocating Death and Torture to anyone who opposes them.

This Hatred must be returned to the graves it came from.


When they find their backbones, and cease to never again support the lying Duopoly parties, then, and only then, will the American People be ready to demand their resignations.


When you see NIkki Haley up there it is a very hard and bitter pill to swallow. An ACCOUNTANT. I’m not bothered at all that the United States will no longer be pushing it’s philosophy around the world. My heart grieves for all of us. We can not really recover from this administration. And we will spend the rest of our lives cleaning up after it. I told people this about Reagan during the 80’s and mostly they did not listen. My gut says this time they are listening, both denying and grieving over it.


I saw on the news (CNNI) this morning updated casualty and injury results for the Palestinians.

Dead: 60
Injured: 2700+

The last I heard on BBC last night is that NO Israelis had been injured or killed.

Religion and or the belief in a god (any god) has proven to be the the source of such violence and destruction. I’m proud to be a humanist-atheist.


It seems Zionist thugs control US. How else can you explain US action? The answer to every charge of Israeli crimes is to label the accuser, “antisemitic”. Sorry, but that cover needs to be exposed as contemptuous manipulation and intimidation.

There, fixed it for ya.

Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jews. (The most vicious Zionists in the USA are gentiles: Dispensationlist Fundamentalist Evangelicals.) If you want to avoid the label of antisemitism, then don’t conflate Jews and Zionists.

(I’m not saying you’re antisemitic. I’m just giving you advice on how to think and discuss these issues.)


You make a valid and important distinction.


The 30 second MSM sound bite will show Haley’s comment for those walking by a TV, preparing dinner for their children, exercising at the gym or scanning the newspapers headlines at the news stand. That’s sufficient for propagandists.
Unfortunately, for those murdered in cold blood in the ME, it is a disgraceful and obviously salacious final epitaph. And, the band will play on, and on… never missing a beat.
Willful ignorance is easy to sell, like a laxative for the closed American mind, bringing natural overnight relief from the hard work of thinking. A 24/7 news cycle of consumption and defication. Normalized by blaming Iran for all our current indigestion. But never the atrocious diet of junk food and junk news, marketed to us by those special and Predestined Chosen Fews. Who happen to be extremists, Zionists and oil-soaked billionaires, too.


A followup question that should be asked: “So Hamas pays the salaries of those snipers?”.



From the Holocaust Site

Some Jews were deliberately kept alive to assist with the killing process. Formed into Sonderkommandos, or special detachments, they were the ones who told the new arrivals to undress and then led them to the “shower room.”

One of the few members of the Sonderkommandos who survived Auschwitz described the killing site:

"It was surrounded with a fence of sorts, made from piles of logs, two meters high, so you wouldn’t notice a thing from the outside. Around the crematorium was an electric fence. There was an entrance that led to a large yard. The yard was about twenty meters long and it led to the building where the furnaces were. We led the victims to the left side, where there were stairs, and then down to the undressing hall. Over the undressing hall [and gas chamber] there was no other floor. There were just four openings through which the SS men threw in the gas in order to kill the people. To keep air from coming in, they would close the lids above the openings. . . . "

Because the Germans needed the Sonderkommandos to remain physically able, they were granted much less squalid living conditions than other inmates: they slept in their own barracks and were allowed to keep and use various goods such as food, medicines and cigarettes brought into camp by those who were sent to the gas chambers.

Unlike ordinary inmates, they were not normally subject to arbitrary, random killing by guards. Their livelihood and utility was determined by how efficiently they could keep the Nazi death factory running.

Every few months, the Sonderkommandos were themselves murdered and replaced by a new group of prisoners.

May God forgive us our sins. As a Species, we leave a lot to be desired.


A confounding problem is that Israel is an apartheid Jewish state and many elected US officials support Israel’s right to be a Jewish state.

At this point I tend to agree with the idea of separation of church and state. The US cannot tell Israel it shouldn’t be a religious state but it can point out that is contrary to US policy and cut Israel loose to make its own relationships with its own money.

No foreign aid to religious states is a general rule and is not anti Semitic.


"We condemn the appalling, deadly violence in Gaza yesterday during which 58 Palestinians were killed and almost 1,360 demonstrators were injured with live ammunition by Israeli security forces," Colville said. "The rules on the use of force under international law have been repeated many times but appear to have been ignored again and again. It seems anyone is liable to be shot dead or injured: women, children, press personnel, first responders, bystanders, and at almost any point up to 700 meters from the fence."
– Rupert Colville, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights

We are being controlled – and our governments and democratic organizations are
being controlled by criminals/fascists. This can’t even be called the beginning which
happened so long ago, but this clearly predicts the end.


An MSNBC article said polls showed Americans aren’t much concerned about Trump’s Israeli/Palestine, Iran and North Korea doings. Democrats have sold out. Unbelievably, it said the Trumpsters could win again. Fascism is ascendant.

The MSM has US by the balls and American hearts and minds will follow.

Direct Democracy