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As World Condemns 'Appalling' Crimes, US Defends Israeli Massacre in Gaza and Blocks Call for UN Probe


Nikki Haley blaming Gaza for its ills is rich. Spin, spin, spin. While we’re at it Let’s blame all 9th century Skandinavian villages for the Vikings attacking.


More likely it’s the other way around – Israel and US are one in regard to
Palestine, but US FUNDS Israel (think it’s at minimum $3 BILLION every year) …
also providing them weapons.

Israel (imo) was the US’s first real foothold in Middle East from which US has
done a great deal of damage.


I agree with your statements. A long time ago I used to think that the people would, and could, rise up and take their country back - for real, not merely through electing some phony politician filled with slogans. At this point, however, there is just too widespread and deep-seated brainwashing to believe that could happen, and at any rate, the powers that be are prepared to utterly squash any and all revolt. Look what happened at Standing Rock, where unarmed protesters were also attacked by goons in service to the “state.”


When the headline says, U.S. defends, i guess it is referring to the zionist media which controls the news. The six major media outlets are all zionist owned. Naturally the truth is obscured, like 911, and the masses buy in. Sad. Until the last Palestinian is driven out we will witness more genocide by the Israelis. Chosen people indeed. Love God, love your neighbor as yourself. Israel makes a mockery of these admonitions.


Mossad and CIA did 911.


The right in Israel and the US have been disturbingly effective in indoctrinating the populations into dehumanizing Palestinians. A recent poll, by Tel Aviv University, found that some 83% of Israeli Jews back the present slaughter of Palestinians. Another poll, by Gallup, found that the majority of US citizens back Israel in the conflict with Palestinians. The popularity of the IDF and low support for groups such as Breaking the Silence, indicate that young Israelis in the military are quite willing to participate in slaughtering Palestinian men, women, and children.


I hear where you are coming from, but the country supports the policies of the left on almost every major issue. The fact is, this political system, and the Democratic Party, make it so that those ideas rarely are on the menu. People on the left within the Democratic Party have the decks stacked against them, thanks to corrupt politicians that don’t want the system to change. It is the Democrats that are instrumental in defeating the left. The right wing simply couldn’t, their bullshit would be called out and the contrast between their policies and the left’s would be too obvious. The propaganda hasn’t worked to get people to agree with the right/status quo. The political system, however, makes it so that those sentiments never actually become policy.


Trump is trying to build his own support coalition and he has gone after the white racist vote due to their backlash against Barrack Obama. Then there are the rich individual Americans and our richest corporations. And now it seems he is going after the Jewish voters with his obvious current direction being war with Iran. He is currently abandoning the diplomacy with Iran of the past, such as Obama’s treaty that got Iran’s cooperation with keeping track of nuclear materials, wastes to they would not fall into the hands of terrorists, who would then nuke enemy cities, towns and villages.Trump repealed that treaty and offered absolutely no alternative of his own other than war with Iran.


True, apparently. But guess what else is ascendant – socialism and progressivism. What an irony! What a pending conflagration!


Think you left the extreme racist evangelical Christians out of the mix there…otherwise you’re pretty much spot on.


Most obvious time was McCarthy Era – but Hollywood was very quickly shut down.
It was backed by the COLD WAR tensions and Truman’s Loyalty Oaths.
And our free press was pretty much gone Mockingbird.



When the Nazis were killed off during WWII, they were reincarnated in the Israeli and American politicians that are advocating Death and Torture to anyone who opposes them.

This Hatred must be returned to the graves it came from.

And who were the enemies of the Nazis reincarnated as?

But you might be right — I think reincarnation is likely but maybe someone has to
play the bad guys?


 When will the American people rise up and topple this Regime!

Recent examples of uprisings from Egypt to Syria are dismal. US steps in and poof … gone.

All that’s left is a lot of dead bodies and US occupied land.


When they find their backbones, and cease to never again support the lying Duopoly parties, then, and only then, will the American People be ready to demand their resignations.

Predictions for right wing Rep. Leonard Lance/NJ being out next turn are strong.
But if voters went for Third Party candidate (Greens) that could leave him in office.

Meanwhile, I’m arguing against my own argument as I want to do everything I can
to avoid voting for any Dem.


You sound conflicted Greenwich.


Trump follows the money. Whatever makes him the most.


Trump isn’t going after Jewish voters except for Orfhodox Jews who represent perhaps 10% of American Jews. The large majority of American Jews are going to vote for Democrats and certainly would be strongly opposed to a war with Iran. Most don’t consider Israel to be a high priority issue when voting. It would be pretty far down the list. Trump probably is playing to his Evangelical supporters with any suggestion of a war with Iran. They are strong Republican voters and Trump got 80% of their votes in the general election.


" Trump probably is playing to his Evangelical supporters …" . Well, thanks Captain Obvious. Did you see the Senators ( Republican ) and listen to the Evangelical preachers at the Jerusalem ceremony?
While Democratic Congress Critters can be Biblically and Religiously over-crazed about Jewish Holysmoke Blowers of the Rear End Traditions; the Republicans’ Religious Holytail Inhalers make them look like Bill Clinton. Ya’ know, they guy who put his lips on it, but didn’t actually inhale.
All our effin’ MIC knows how to do is build bombs, blow things up and follow orders; as in, religious orders from religious fanatics and people who claim to speak in tongues. Maybe The Alphabets should drop foreign language requirements and add; must be able to understand Uniparty Politicians who speak in tongues, helpful if you can read and interpret maps drawn before the 16th Century. Flat Earth Natural Science Degrees will be given special considerations.


These events clearly demonstrate that, judging by government actions, Israel and the US are uncivilized countries led by immoral leaders.


Nikki Haley is a monster representing a monstrous regime.


Sure am …

Would love to see Rep. Leonard Lance/NJ GOP out – !!


This seems to be more “blaming the victim”. An 8-month-old baby is killed because she allegedly was a Haspel double in an earlier life? Doesn’t seem right.